I was sold at the lowest price C253

I was sold at the lowest price C253

I was sold at the lowest price C253: The Top of the Mountain


The enemy forces, noticing the movement of Sister Muzie’s Ride Hover, tried to stop it. However, the Ride Hover is being escorted by one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters and her disciples. The approaching enemy machines are sliced in half by the sword of Kiku Ichimonji.

Since most of the enemies were distracted by Excalibur, the Ride Hover was able to break through a portion of the blockade. There were also troops posted on the road to the top of the mountain, but Kiyone and the others would be able to handle them.

Even after the ride hover broke through, I stayed behind and fought to prevent a follow-up attack, but I was getting close to my limit. The enemy’s main force seemed to be on the move, and it would be difficult to escape at this rate. Before it was too late, I too started moving towards the top of the mountain.

I climbed up the mountain, slashing down the enemies. A large number of magicrafts were chasing Excalibur. Just as I was beginning to worry about whether it would be safe to take this huge army up to the main temple, countless lights appeared at the top of the mountain. The light rained down on the Valkyrie army that was chasing me.

The true nature of the light was an Arrow attack. And it wasn’t just any arrow, it was an incredibly powerful one. The magic machines of the Valkyrie army that were chasing me were destroyed by the pillars of light one after another.

After receiving the Arrow’s attack, the Valkyrie army gave up the pursuit of Excalibur. They retreated directly to the foot of the mountain. Witnessing this, I slowly made my way to the top of the mountain.

The main building of Alice Abbey was like a stone palace. Around it, numerous magicrafts were vigilantly monitoring the foot of the mountain and many of the magic machines were equipped with large guns. The attack earlier must have been launched by them.

“Lord Rider of the White Magicraft, that was a splendid battle!”

A vermillion-colored magicraft approached Excalibur and spoke to me.

“This is not a good place to talk, so please come on in.”

With that, I was ushered into the main temple. Inside the large main sanctuary, I saw Sister Muzie’s ride hover. I also spotted Kiku Ichimonji, Onimaru Kunitsuna, and Toratetsu. It seems that everyone has arrived safely.

“Yuta! That was a splendid display of strength!”

Tris said happily when he saw my face.

“You fought as well as the Grand Master.”

Brünnhilde said, but Kiyone has harsh words for me.

“You are still pushing too hard. If you keep fighting like that, you won’t last long.”

Aside from Brünnhilde and the others, Kiyone’s eyes were still impossible to deceive. She reminded me that I had indeed been forceful and crude.

“Sister Muzie!”

At the sound of a loud voice, all of us looked in the same direction. There was a tall, beautiful woman with blue hair standing there. She was wearing the same kind of monk’s uniform as Sister Muzie, but she had a certain rank of nobility about her. She was probably Sister Muzie superior.

“I’m so sorry, Mother Maysa…….”

“It’s a good thing you’re okay, but what if something happened to you?”

It seems that Sister Muzie has run away from the main temple on her own and her boss, who was worried about her, is angry.

“Mother Maysa, thanks to the food that Sister Muzie brought back, we can last for another six months. That should give us some hope.”

The person who called out to me was the rider of the vermillion-colored magicraft, who I believe is called Dalaim, spoke.

“Indeed, in six months, we might be able to inform the entire continent of the Valkyrie Empire’s tyranny and ask for their help…….Sister Muzie……Although it is not good to disobey orders. I have to thank you for the results.”

“No, no. I couldn’t have gotten back here by myself. If you want to thank someone, you should thank them for bringing me back here.”

Hearing Sister Muzie’s words, Mother Maysa bowed deeply to us.

“Thank you for risking your life to help us, Alice Abbey. We pray for the blessings of the Holy Mother Alice to be upon you.”

When I was thanked in a formal manner, I felt a sense of relief. It looks like we’re okay here for now. All that’s left is for us to get out of here.

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