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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C15

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C15: Weapon shops and guilds

Sorry for not updating this novel until now but I was sick and I barely managed to maintain updates for the other series. I’m felling better now so I’ll try to post all 5 chapters for this week until Sunday.

We came to the weapon shop near the armor shop. It’s an old brick building with a “sword” symbol on the sign. I guess it’s the mark of a weapon shop, like in games. Brünnhilde and I quickly entered the store.


“Sensei. I will sort out the available weapons. Permission requested.”

“Oh, okay.”

I was impressed by the weapon shop as it was in line with my fantasy. Swords with sheaths stuck in barrels, axes and spears hanging on the walls. There were expensive looking swords displayed in display cases, as well as chain sickles and clubs.

The sword I gave to Brunnhilde was broken, so maybe I should buy a sword for self-defense as well as for Brunnhilde. The only weapon I have is a knife for dismantling…….

The owner of the store is a bearded man who works at the counter. He’s probably not that much older than the owner of the armor store. Now, Brunnhilde doesn’t move a muscle even though she says she’s going to look at the weapons.

“………search complete. Number of weapons with enough durability for me to use, three.”


Apparently, she was searching the entire weapons store. This kind of thing is out of the ordinary. I’d rather hold the weapon in my hand and look at it…….

I followed Brünnhilde as she finally started to move. The first thing she picked up was a weapon with a long handle and a blade at the end, a pole axe, I believe.

“What about this, Sensei?”

Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever had Brunnhilde ask me a question before.

“An axe…….Hmm, I think a sword would suit you better. I mean, it’s inconvenient to carry around.”

“Sword, then.”

“Oh, wow. It’s so easy…….”

The next thing she picked up was a light-looking shortsword hanging on the wall.

“How about this sword, Sensei? It’s made of titanium alloy and is clear in strength, perfect in length and weight.”

“Chi, titanium alloy, there’s titanium alloy in another world?

“I don’t understand what you mean, Sensei.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realize I said something about another world…….The price is……50 gold coins!”

A titanium alloy shortsword for 50 gold coins. It’s expensive……but I have 200 gold coins……good!

“Okay, I’ll buy that one. By the way, what’s your last choice?”

“This one.”

Brünnhilde took a black sheathed sword from the barrel. I took it and pulled it out of its sheath.

“Oh……this is…”

“This is a single-edged sword made of steel. It’s not as strong as you might think, but it’s pretty sharp.”

It looked like a Japanese sword. It was a long, thin, single-edged shortsword, but from where I stood, it looked like a Japanese sword. The price was 10 gold coins…….Alright, I’ll buy this one. I took the two swords and paid the bill at the counter.

“Oh, you’re buying these swords?”

“Yes, I like them.”

“Hahaha, you and your sister are very discerning. These iron swords are first class, forged from rare metals. It’s a rare metal sword that can be stepped on by a king ogre without breaking. The thin one is forged from a mixture of iron ore and high-purity hagane ore, and its best feature is its sharpness! It can cut a person in half just by touching the blade. It’s not very popular with adventurers, though, because it’s a pain to clean.

He explained it so well. Brünnhilde’s sword is the “Metal Sword” and my self-defense sword has no name. When I paid the gold coin, the shopkeeper offered me a belt for hanging. I took it without hesitation and lowered the sword to my waist. Brünnhilde put hers on her waist as well.

“Thank you very much.”

“Oh, thank you!”


The adventurer’s guild is here. The building is made of brick…….I mean, the only building in town made of brick. The entrance was wide and many people were coming and going.

“Now, let’s register as adventurers. It’ll make it easier to find out about the situation in this world and the Kingdom of Ostrode. Besides, there might be a request to investigate ruins or something.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

I’m thrilled beyond my years. I mean, we’re adventurers in a different world, right? If we’re adventurers, it’s not unnatural for us to ask about the Kingdom of Ostrode. And even though we have plenty of gold, more money is always better than less.

First, I need to get a firm foothold and prepare. I can’t just let my emotions get the better of me and go back to the Ostrode Kingdom. They will not do anything rashly since the students have incredible cheats.

All I can do is gather as much information about this world as I can. Then, while raising the level of my cheat, I’ll investigate the ruins and strengthen Brunnhilde. If it comes to a battle, Brunnhilde can handle it.

There is always the possibility that the entire kingdom of Ostrode will be turned against me……. I must always keep my eyes open for the worst possibility. Follow the humble but sure route and return to Japan with all of my students. This is not a game where I press the restart button, I must make no mistakes and proceed without fail.

Being an adventurer is the first step towards that.

“Let’s go, Brunnhilde.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

I walked into the Adventurer’s Guild. The inside of the guild is very spacious, and I can see different scenes just by moving my face: groups of adventurers equipped with weapons and armor, teams having a party in the eating area, and residents making requests at the reception counter.

First, go to the reception counter……….


Brünnhilde is getting a lot of attention after all. She’s an incredibly beautiful girl, so it can’t be helped, but I feel uncomfortable that not only Brünnhilde but I’m also being the center of attention. I should just go to the reception counter.

Brünnhilde and I headed to an empty counter. The person in charge was a young woman.

“Hello! What can I do for you today?”

“I want to become an adventurer…….”

“If you want to register as an adventurer please fill out this form.”

“Yes. Brünnhilde, you too.”

“Yes, sensei.”

I looked at the form that was presented to me. Incidentally, I can read and understand the language and letters of this world as usual. I can even write some letters, which seems to be another effect of the transfer to another world.

On the form, it seems that you have to fill in your name, occupation, age, and any cheats you own. My name is Sage. Occupation? Teacher. My age is 28, and I own the cheat——Do I have to write this? Well, that’s okay. Brunnhilde’s hand stopped, so I made her write it like I said. Then I returned the written paper to the receptionist.

“I’ll check with you then. Your name is Sage, your occupation is teacher, teacher? Well, your age is 28, and your cheats are “Repair”……Your daughter’s name is Brunnhilde, her occupation is swordsman, her age is 16, and she has no cheats.”

“Yes. That……occupation, is it bad to be a teacher?”

“No, no. By profession, I mean occupation, and I’m referring to the fighting professions of swordsman and mage…….”

“Uh……well, I’m a teacher.”

“Yes, yes. Well, Sage, you are a ring-bearer, right? Then I’ll take the Ring of Possibility.”


“Uh, let me explain. A “ring bearer” is a person who has a cheat. A cheat always has a Ring of Possibility, so adventurers call them ‘ring-bearers’.”

“Huh~……I see.”

There’s so much I don’t know. I wrote Brunnhilde’s “swordsman” on the spur of the moment, and it was the right choice. I couldn’t have written “android” or “warrior maiden”. I’m not sure about my “teacher” either. Anyway, I gave her the ring as she asked.

“Then the adventurer registration fee is one silver coin, two for two.”


“I’ll take that for you. Please wait a moment.”

The receptionist went to the back with my ring in her hand and came back in about three minutes. There was a tray in her hand with my ring and the recognition slip on it.

“I’ve registered you as an adventurer with the Ring of Possibility, so I’ll return it to you. This certificate will serve as proof of your adventurer status, so please keep it with you.”

“Thank you very much. Uh……”

“Let me explain. First of all, please note that a new item has been added to your Ring of Possibility.”


I invoked the cheat screen and an unusual screen appeared.


Name: Sage

Occupation: Teacher

Cheat: Repair Level 1

Adventurer Grade: G-class


“Oh, what is this?”

“This is proof that you are an adventurer. You can erase the cheat, so remember to do so.”

“……Oh, it’s gone.”

“This is a special item for the Ring of Possibility, and simply showing it to someone is a sign of being an adventurer.”

“I see…….”

Brünnhilde wears a recognition slip around her neck. According to the explanation, the color of the recognition slip indicates the grade. Brünnhilde’s recognition card is red, which means she is a G-class adventurer who has just become one.

“This concludes the adventurer registration. Do you have any questions?”

“What kind of……requests do you have?”

“There are various types of requests, such as killing monsters, gathering herbs, cleaning the town, fixing leaks, investigating ruins, escorting people, etc.”

“……Are there any ruins around here?”

“Yes. It’s the Temple of Pholus, east of the town of Ledar. However, you must be an F-level adventurer or higher to enter the temple.”


“Sage and Brunnhilde are G-class adventurers, so you should first learn about adventuring while completing the requests in town. Also, it’s a good idea to form a party with older adventurers!”


That’s what the owner of the armor shop said. There are ruins……but they’re off-limits to all but F-class and above adventurers. I guess I’ll have to raise my adventurer grade first.

If I investigate the ruins, I might be able to find something ancient again. Besides, it’s a chance to verify my cheat. I thanked the receptionist and headed with Brunnhilde to the bulletin board where the requests were posted.

“Well, Brünnhilde. Now we’re adventurers.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

“There are ruins nearby, but they can only be accessed by F-class adventurers or higher, so we’ll accept some requests to raise our grade.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

“I want to say……right away, but I’m tired today…….We’ll start tomorrow.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

After thinking about it, I realized that I’ve only been in this town for half a day. It’s important to get some rest, so let’s go back to the inn.

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