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I was sold at the lowest price C255

I was sold at the lowest price C255: Search and Rescue / Nagisa


If Linnecarlo was class 4, I was curious about the others, so I asked.

“In addition to Linnecarlo, Nanami is class 4, Alana and Emina are class 5, and Farma, Lorgo and Arthur are class 6. It’s no wonder the Iron Knights are so strong. They’re all pretty good.”

“I’m not convinced!  How can Nanami and I be equal? I’m Linnecarlo, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters!”

“Class 4 is the highest class in the ancient civilizations…….The odds of the two of you being in the same organization is like a miracle.”

“If class 4 is the highest class, then what about my class 3?”

“The legendary class……is what the ancient civilizations called class 3. I knew class 3 riders from that time, and they were all as strong as the heroes in the legends.”

“Do you think I could be like them?”

“If you work hard and don’t neglect your Ludia training, I’m sure you’ll reach that level.”

If that happens, I can help everyone. I’m used to working out in aikido. I promised myself that I would become stronger.

“Nagisa, it doesn’t matter if you’re in class 3 or not. I’ll always outperform you! I’ll prove to you that dimension class doesn’t matter.”

After the morning workout, we all had breakfast together and then began the search for Yuta. We went to the cave where Arleo’s cockpit was found and examined the vicinity.

“There are signs of life in this cave. Maybe he stayed here for a while.”

Nodding to Jean’s words, Emina also remarked on what she had noticed.

“There’s also a large camp nearby, so maybe there’s a chance that some group might have picked him up…”

“I see. If that’s the case, then it makes sense that the penniless Yuta moved away from this place.”

“It is possible that there is someone nearby who knows who the people who stayed here are. It is possible that they may have come into contact with each other while shopping for food, etc. Let’s do some canvassing in the nearby villages.”

Alana’s prediction had been correct. Asking the people in the surrounding villages, she soon found out the name of the group that was staying near that cave.

“The Sword Clan! No way, that’s the……strongest mercenary group led by the Sword Saint.”

“That’s right, the Sword Saint is very fond of that cave and sometimes goes there to train with his sword.”

I didn’t know what the Swordsmen were, but I understood that they were famous, since Jean, Alana, as well as Emina and Linnecarlo, seemed to know them well.

“So do you know where the Sword Clan went?”

“I don’t know. They’re mercenaries. Maybe they went to war in some other country.”

That seemed to be all the information we could get from the villagers. However, we managed to obtain some important clues. Rather than searching for Yuta in the dark, it would be many times easier to find the location of a famous mercenary group.

“So we’ll look for the Sword Clan?”

“That’s all I can think of at the moment.”

“But what if you’re wrong? We don’t know for sure that Yuta will be there, do we?”

“Well, yes, but……Nagisa, what do you think?”

I thought about it when Jean asked me that. When Yuta was found by those swordsmen, what would he do? An image of them getting along and working together comes to mind…….Yeah. No doubt about it. I have a feeling that Yuta will be with those people.

“I have a feeling that Yuta is with the Sword Clan.”

“Okay, then we’ll track down the Sword Clan.”

Jean made that decision. Everyone agreed with his decision, as they believed my words. It was a very important prediction, but no matter how many times I imagined it, all I could think of was the image of Yuta being in the Sword Clan. No doubt about it. I’m sure Yuta will be there.

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