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I was sold at the lowest price C256

I was sold at the lowest price C256 – Be strong, not afraid


After successfully accomplishing Sister Muzie’s request and sending her back to the main temple, we were thinking of breaking through the siege again and getting out of here.

“I’ve just broken through the siege, so it seems that the other side is also very wary.”

“I’m not sure if Brünnhilde and Tris will be able to keep up.”

“I still think we should wait until their guard is down.”

We didn’t intend to stay that long, but for our own safety, we decided to stay here in the main sanctuary of Alice Abbey for a while. Sister Muzie and Mother Maysa welcomed our decision.

“If you could stay here for a little while, that would be very reassuring. I would be happy to repay you for what you have just done.”

“Yes, Sister Muzie. Why don’t we take everyone to the sacred spring?”

“That’s a good idea, Mother Maysa. Come on, you must be tired. This way, please.”

Sister Muzie then led us to a place. She said something about a holy spring, but I don’t know what it is.

She led us to a large bath in the basement of the main temple. It was like a large pool filled with hot water in a magnificent underground space made of stone, reminiscent of a Greek temple. From the rising steam, I could predict that the water was just right.

“Thanks to Alice’s guidance, there is an abundance of hot spring water. These hot springs are very effective in relieving fatigue, so please come and relax after your journey.”

Maybe it’s because I’m Japanese, but I love hot springs. I thought about asking permission to enter……

“Um, Sister Muzie. Is it possible that this is a mixed bath?”

Brünnhilde, who had the same question as me, asked.

“Yes. We don’t usually have men here, so we don’t have a concept of gender segregation.”

If there are usually no men, then there is no need to create separate bathrooms for men and women.

“Then let’s take turns going in. Tris and I will wait outside, so Kiyone and Brunnhilde can go in first.”

“Thank you, Yuta. Brunnhilde, we’ll accept the invitation and go in first.”

“Yes, Master!”

Apparently, Brunnhilde also liked hot springs, and she replied happily.

Tris and I were sitting in a room at the entrance to the underground hot spring, drinking tea with Sister Muzie and waiting for Kiyone and the others to come out of the hot spring. I don’t know if it’s the tea or the hot spring, but Tris is a little grumpy.

“What’s the matter, Tris? You don’t like hot springs?”

“No…….I just think that if Yuta hadn’t said what he did, we would have been able to go to the hot springs with Master…….”

I was surprised at the more evil reason than I expected.

“No, Kiyone didn’t like it when we asked her to come in with us.”

“You don’t know that! In this situation, she might have had no choice but to come in!”

Kiyone would even slash her own father with a sword if he just invited her to take a bath. You shouldn’t think about that if you want to keep your life…….

“Yuta-san, may I ask you a few questions?”

Suddenly, Sister Muzie said to me,

“Yes. If it’s something I can answer.”

”Kiyone-sama is one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, Sword Emperor Kiyone-sama, right?”


“I knew it…….So, Yuta, are you and your friends from the Sword Clan?”

“No, I’m not. But Tris is a former member of the Swordsmen.”

“Former, that means……”

“The Sword Clan has been disbanded.”

“Oh, no!”

Sister Muzie was so surprised.

“What’s the matter? You look so surprised.”

“I’m thinking of approaching the countries of the continent in order to deal with the arrogant Valkyria Empire, but after all, they are one of the three powerful countries. There are only a limited number of countries that can help us both militarily and diplomatically. That’s why I was thinking of asking for help not only from the state, but also from stateless organizations that do not fear the three powerful countries. Of these, the one I relied on the most was the Swordsmen.”

It’s true that if it was my dad, he wouldn’t be afraid of the Valkyria Empire, and if he received a request for help from Alice Abbey, he might not have turned it down.

“Other than the Sword Clan, the only other group that can compete with the three strongest nations that isn’t a nation is the Radol Company, right?”

Tris, who was listening to the conversation, said so.

“The Radol Company is a completely neutral force. They will not work for any other organization unless they are harmed. After all, a mercenary company that is not afraid of the Valkyria Empire and has strong power is ideal.”

“There is no such mercenary group except for the Swordsmen.”

Tris denied it completely, but I had one idea of such a mercenary group.

“There is one mercenary group I know of that fits the bill and is just as good as the Sword Clan.”

“Really? What group?”

Sister Muzzy pounced on me.

“The Iron Knights, the mercenary group I belong to.”

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