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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C19

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C19: Verifying [Repair]

Chapter 5/5 for the week, finally caught up 🙂

Wade and the others ran away.

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

“Wade, let’s get out of here, they’re monsters.”


“Let’s go!”

Wade runs off without picking up his missing arms. Berg, who was holding Michelle, whose face had been crushed in his right arm, and Meena, who had torn off her nearly shredded right arm.

Brünnhilde, who was standing there, didn’t seem interested in them. I couldn’t take my eyes off Brünnhilde any more than Wade and the others. Brünnhilde and I were left in an empty space.

“Are you hurt, sensei?”


I grabbed the hand that was offered to me and stood up. Her hand was very cold. I pick up the abandoned bag and sword, and hand them to Brunnhilde. I have a lot to think about.

” Sensei, I’ve finished my homework, and I’d like to turn it in.”


On the notepad that I handed to Brunnhilde, this is what was written.

Humans greet each other.

Humans are excellent at food culture.

Humans bond with each other.

Humans have an emotion called friendship.

Humans have intercourse and produce children.

Humans are intoxicated by alcohol consumption.

Humans say and do incomprehensible things when they sleep.

Humans are very curious.

Humans are very fragile.

Humans are betrayers, they trick the people closest to them.

I see. It was the result of observing me, Wade and the others.

I was curious about what Brunnhilde said about the reason why the War Maiden type was created. How did betrayal become the reason, what happened in the past, and why did humans create androids to destroy other androids?

I don’t know the answer, but I shouldn’t ask the current Brunnhilde. I felt that way. I mean, I really don’t want her to get involved in sexual intercourse or intoxicated by alcohol. I chose to be Brunnhilde’s “sensei” as I checked her homework.

“Hey, what is this incomprehensible behavior during sleep?”

“Yes. When you sleep, you grind your teeth together and make strange noises and say incomprehensible things like ‘curry and rice——‘.”

“———is that so?”

It’s true that I haven’t eaten curry since I came to this world, but——that’s okay. Anyway, Brünnhilde’s homework is complete. I have to say something.



“Thank you for saving my life.”

When people are helped, they say thank you. This is also an important thing.


I’m sorry about Wade and the others, I can’t help but regret it. There is sadness, and there is anger at being cheated. But I felt a little better when I saw the way Brunnhilde had beaten them.

I saw Wade cut arms, the end of Berg’s mangled left arm, and Meena’s arm, also mangled and sewn to the wall. They might not be able to start up again as adventurers. I thought about leaving, but I didn’t want to think about Wade and the others, so I decided to continue my investigation.

“Well, let’s continue our investigation. Brünnhilde, what do you see in this room?”

“Sir, this room is the entrance to the facility. There is a slight radio signal. It is possible that if you touch the wall and activate “Repair” the entrance will open.”

“Okay, let’s try——”

My cheat, “Repair”.


[Name] Seiji Aizawa


“Repair” Level 1: Able to repair broken objects.

War Maiden type Android code04 Brunnhilde


Verification 1.

Grip your right hand, open it, grip it, open it. I held up my hand and concentrated, but nothing happened. Next, touch the wall on the other side of the passage and concentrate.

[CODE authentication. Access.]


The wall spoke. A man’s voice echoed through the room, and a light like an electronic circuit lit up the entire wall. Then the part I touched cracked vertically, and a passage appeared further in.

The results of the first verification are that “Repair” only works on things I touch.

“Sensei. The facility has been repaired and is now operational. It is, after all, a manufacturing facility for androids.”

“A manufacturing facility? What were they making?”

“Yes. This is the manufacturing plant for the mass-produced android Type-Jack.”


“Yes. It is the most widely mass-produced android sharpshooter. It is a versatile mass-produced soldier that can be reconfigured to suit any battlefield. However, it is inexpensive and durable, and its AI is at the old generation level. It has a weakness that makes it difficult to execute complex commands.”

So it’s a mass-produced small fry robot.

What I have here is not human equipment. But well, maybe there’s something I can use. Besides, this time the purpose is to verify my cheat. Anyway, let’s move on.

“Brünnhilde, is it safe to proceed?”

“No problem at the moment.”

“——Okay, let’s go. Let me know if there’s anything I can use. I’d like to try out my Repair, maybe it’ll raise my level.”

“Yes, sensei.”

Brunnhilde and I stepped into the android production factory.


At the end of the passageway was a series of detailed rooms that were littered with what looked like unidentifiable parts. There’s a robot-like object lying around. It’s made of something like aluminum, and it’s badly corroded. There is no sign of movement.

The shape of the robot is simple, not particularly ornate. There are no toes on its feet, five firm fingers on its hands, eyes like camera lenses on its face, and no mouth or ears. It looks like a very low-cost robot.

“The facility is up and running, but Type-JACK is not. It appears that the only thing that has been restored is the power supply.”

“I see——”

I checked each of the small rooms, but there were only rusty parts on the workbench-like tables. And there was a broken robot lying on the floor. The robot was only a torso with no limbs, and the head was open as if the lid had been vacated. The head was opened, and the whole body was badly rusted.

Okay, verification two. I touched the broken robot and concentrated. The parts that had fallen around the robot were attracted to it.

“I see, it’s like playing backwards. Besides, the parts lying around——have been attached and repaired, but the rust and damage to the parts are still there. And it doesn’t mean that the missing parts will be created. So if I have——parts, I can fix them, but the missing parts remain the same——”

Looking at the robot, I ask Brunnhilde a question.

“‘Brünnhilde, what did you mean when you said I fixed you?”

Sensei repaired the nanopod, which had stopped functioning. The power supply to the pods had been interrupted, and Sensei “Repair” fixed them.

“So my cheat can also provide power?”

Results of verification 2.

  • If parts are available, repair is possible.
  • Missing or broken parts are not repaired.
  • The missing parts cannot be created.
  • It is possible to supply power to facilities that do not have power.

“Hmmm——is kind of subtle. Can I get more variety if I level up?”

Currently, I can’t repair anything without parts.

The scattered parts of the broken robot have been repaired, but the rusting is still there, and the power has not been restored. In Brünnhilde’s case, I fixed the pod she was sleeping in. Or, more accurately, I powered it up, so the pod worked, and Brunnhilde was repaired. And the pod itself was clean.

I tried to repair the robots lying around the small room, but none of them started working. The fallen parts were assembled into robots to be repaired. But if a rusty part broke during the repair process, the part just fell off.

Although I went around to all the small rooms and used “Repair” a lot, I didn’t get any level up and the robots were only halfway repaired.

“Oh dear, what a half-assed cheat.”

“Sensei, the room in the back is a production factory.”

I walked through the corridors of the small room and headed for the back room, where I found myself in a factory of unbelievable size. There were a number of conveyor belts lined up with unfamiliar machines, and a number of broken robots were lying in the corridor.

On top of the conveyors, there were many parts of the robot I had seen in the small room lying around. Apparently, Type-JACK is this simple robot. A robot building a robot, what an incredible sight.

“As I thought, the power supply is the only thing keeping the equipment running. If we can repair the equipment one by one with Sensei’s Repair, we can get the plant up and running.”

“No I won’t. This is the robot that was Brunnhilde’s enemy, right?”

“Yes. It seems that this is a factory for the production of elementary bodies. I’m sure the equipment is manufactured in a different factory.”

“Hmmm——doesn’t seem to have much to offer.”

I walked around, repairing the robots lying at my feet, and came to the control room in the center of the production plant.

The control panel was lit up, probably because the power was already supplied. The 3D image projected in the air showed error codes, and to my surprise, they were in English.

“This is the control room——”

“Power is restored.”

“No, no, no, I’m not moving it. What if it explodes?”

There are a few broken robots lying around here, too. I don’t know if anyone has ever seen——such a large factory before. I touch the robot propped up on the control panel and activate “Repair”.

“Oh dear, such a half-finished job——-”


[Name] Seiji Aizawa


“Repair” Level 2

○ Able to repair broken objects.

○ Able to repair missing parts.←NEW

“Rust Removal” Level 1←NEW

○ Removes rust

War Maiden type Android code04 Brunnhilde


“Repair” has been upgraded.


Leveled up. But——-

“I’m going to get the rust off———–”

This new cheat can remove rust! To test it out, I touched a rusty robot and activated the cheat. The rust fell from the spot I touched, and was absorbed by my right hand. The robot was originally made of grayish iron, but after the rust was removed, it shined like new.

I chuckled and let out a sigh, then turned around to look at Brunnhilde. Brünnhilde was tinkering with some junk on the control panel. She wasn’t particularly impressed with the robot I removed the rust from.

“——-What are you doing?”

“Sensei, you need to see this.”


To me, it looked like a rusty piece of junk, but to Brünnhilde, it didn’t look like that.

“Sensei, this is a human-developed AI-powered reconnaissance aircraft, called Holacty. It was probably captured by androids and analyzed for data that could be used to develop androids.”

“Wow——is in pieces, though.”

“Yes. But the AI is still alive. Please fix it with your ‘Repair’ and ‘Rust Removal’.”

“Oh, I see.”

I applied “Rust Removal” to the dismembered parts to remove the rust, and then reassembled the parts with “Repair”. With the effect of Level 2, the broken and cracked parts were restored. Then, like a reverse playback, the parts were put together and a small owl was completed.

“———Is this an owl?”

“This is the AI-powered reconnaissance aircraft, Holacty. Sensei put this on your wrist.”

Brünnhilde handed me a wristband-like thing that came with the parts. When I put the band on as I was told, a sound streamed from the band.

“New registration complete. Activating reconnaissance aircraft No. 985.”


Then the robot owl flew like a real bird and perched on my shoulder.

“Sensei, Holacty is free to move at your command. Please refer to the manual on the band-type device for instructions.”

“Oh, oh——”

When I touched the band with my finger, a projected image appeared in the air. It seems to be a touch panel. I found the manual section and touched it, and a series of instructions in Japanese were displayed. I don’t have time to read all this. At first, I only found out that voice input was possible, so I tried to command it.

“For now, just fly through this room.”

Holacty floated up softly on its mechanical wings, then it flew in circles around the room.

“Okay, land on my shoulder.”

It landed as ordered. It’s pretty cute, isn’t it? It seems to have a variety of other functions——Okay, I’ll read the manual carefully later.

“This is interesting. It’s going to be very useful.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

“Now that I’ve tested my cheat and got some good stuff, let’s get out of here.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

The harvest was the level up of my cheat and the acquisition of a reconnaissance plane. I’m going to try some things with this thing right away. There are a few things I’m curious about.

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