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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C57

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C57: The Characters


Dreschord Territory

Chris Dreschord

Gender: Male

Formerly Japanese, Chris is the third son of the Viscount of Dreschord. He has been under Yulis’s spartan education since he was a child, so he is excellent, but a little twisted.


Yulis Hart

Gender: Female

The head maid of the Dreschord family. She has actually been in charge of the political affairs of the Dreschord family, and is the most powerful person in the Dreschord family. She is a beautiful woman with shining silver hair that is held tightly in place with a hair clip.

She is the youngest person ever to graduate from the academy, and has high specs in both martial arts and academic knowledge. However, due to her dominant personality, the only family that accepted her was the Dreschord family.


Hal Hart

Gender: Male

The second son of Viscount Hart. He has a great talent for political affairs and used to be a civil servant for the royal family, but he became tired of the power struggle in the royal court, so he accepted Yulis’ invitation and became a civil servant for the Dreschord family. He has silver hair and a stubble beard, which often makes him look older than he is. He is a hard worker.


Zion Hart

Gender: Male

The third son of Viscount Hart. A genius young engineer with a wide range of construction and flood control skills. He is tired of listening to his boss’s orders even though he is better than his boss, so he accepts Yulis’ invitation to join the Dreschord family. He has silver hair, a small body, and a baby face. He loves architecture and flood control, but neglects everything else.



Gender: Male

The head squire of the Dreschord family. He is a fresh-looking man with long blond hair, but he is large and has strong muscles. He is in charge of the Viscount’s army and undergoes Spartan training from Yulis every day.



Gender: Female

She used to be the head of a workshop in the royal capital, but due to the harassment of other workshops, the works she produced did not sell well, and she became unable to pay her debts, so she was forced halfway to the Dreschord family. She is a tall, vivacious woman with big breasts.



Gender: Female

Assistant manager of Hazuki’s workshop.


Village Head

Gender: Male

The chief of a village in the Dreschord territory. He is old, but muscular. He is wise and knows a lot of things.


Royal family

Americia Gumodo

Gender: Female

The second princess of the dying kingdom of Gumodo. Her nickname is Alice. She is a beautiful girl with silky blonde hair, long eyelashes, a clear nose, and red, well-shaped lips. She has many disappointing aspects.


The Three Great Noble Families

Mist Piazon

Gender: Female

The third daughter of the Count of Piazon, a large noble family adjacent to the Dreschord family. She is a beautiful girl with cherry-red hair, gentle and beautiful eyes, and large twin hills. She loves to compete and make fun of others.


Clare Alcala

Gender: Female

The eldest daughter of the Marquise Alcala, a large noble family adjacent to the Dreschord family. She is tall for a woman and beautiful, with glossy black hair that reaches her shoulders. She excels in the martial arts to the extent that she is renowned for her prowess at a young age. She is outspoken and confident, but has zero tolerance for love.


Alfred Orrard

Gender: Male

The eldest son of the Duke of Orrard, a large noble family adjacent to the Dreschord family. He is overweight and short in stature. Possesses an arrogant personality.



Viscount Hart

The current head of the Hart family. He is a silver-haired man in his fifties or sixties, with slitted eyes and an elegantly trimmed beard. He is one of the exceptions to the Hart family, and is a brilliant, shrewd and generous old man.


Yakult Wald

A prince of another country. Brown-skinned and muscular. He was temporarily banished for refusing to fight despite the constant warfare.

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