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I was sold at the lowest price C257

I was sold at the lowest price C257: Information Network


“I’ve been told that they are a group with high fighting power, but I didn’t expect them to be as strong as the Swordsmen.”

It was no wonder that they had survived on their information network alone. They knew about the Iron Knights, who should not be very well known. If they have the ability to gather that much information, maybe they can get in touch with the Iron Knights? If they could do that, I wouldn’t have to go all the way to Amuria to meet up with them.

“Sister Muzie. How is the abbey getting so much information?”

“Our system is designed to collect information from agents operating throughout the continent.”

“If you have agents all over the continent, could it be possible for you to get in touch with the Iron Knights? Actually, I’ve been separated from them for some reason, and I’d like to join up with my friends, but I’ve been having trouble getting in touch with them directly.”

“So you are right. As it turns out, it is possible. However, it will take some time to find out their current whereabouts. In addition, we use our own means of communication. Therefore, it is not possible for us to talk directly to them through the spirit box. I can give them a short message, but what would you like me to do?”

It helps to be able to give a short message. I asked Sister Muzie to deliver the message, “Come to the main temple of Alice Abbey, from Yuta.”

“Very well, sir. I’ll make sure the message gets through. So, Yuta-sama. At the same time as this message, I would like to request the Iron Knights to come to the aid of Alice Abbey, is that alright with you?”

“That’s fine. Since I’m the one who told them to come here, I’m sure they’ll take the offer.”

“Thank you very much.”

Just as I finished requesting a message to the Iron Knights, Kiyone and Brunnhilde came out of the hot spring.

“It was very soothing. Yuta and the others are welcome to have a go.”

I can smell the fragrance of post-bath from Kiyone as she said this. Tris reacts strangely to that scent and is a little scared.

That evening, they had a little welcome party for us. It was not a fancy meal, given the circumstances, but they served the best they could. Food was in short supply, but they had plenty of wine stored in the main temple, so they didn’t have any trouble with alcohol.

“A banquet while surrounded by a large army is a feast for the soul…….”

Tris says, looking at Count Dalaim’s soldiers, who are drinking and making noise.

“That’s not true, Tris. The soldiers are under a lot of stress during the siege. This kind of venting is important.”

Indeed, the pressure of being surrounded by such a large army must be considerable. You might need to have a drink once in a while to keep yourself going.

“I am Count Dalaim, and I would like to know your name, if you don’t mind.”

A small, fat, middle-aged man with a quirky haircut, who introduced himself as Count Dalaim, asked me.

“I’m Yuta.”

“Yuta-dono. I have that name engraved in my heart!”

I felt a little awkward because of his exaggerated expressions, but as I talked to him, I realized that he was a good-natured uncle. This man was Count Dalaim, who had betrayed his home country to help Alice Abbey, and he was also a Highlander rider.

“Kiyone……can’t be that Sword Emperor Kiyone, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters!”

Count Dalaim was surprised to hear Kiyone’s name. As expected of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, their reputation is very impressive.

“If that is the case, then Yuta-dono was a member of the Sword Clan, and if that is the case, then that strength is understandable. If that’s the case, where is the Lord Sword Saint? I’ve always wanted to meet the esteemed leader of the Sword Clan.”

I’m a little troubled when people ask about dad. I’m not sure if I can say that he’s dead…….As I was struggling with this, Kiyone said clearly.

“My father is resting at the moment.”

“I see, even Lord Sword Saint needs to rest. I would like to meet him once he is back.”

Kiyone didn’t seem to be convinced that her father was dead. When I heard Kiyone’s clear feelings, I felt the same way.

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