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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C59

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C59: At the Royal Castle


In the wide corridor, a lot of red candles light up the path I’m taking. I walk along the illuminated path, making irregular footsteps. However, my footsteps are soon drowned out by the footsteps of the knights behind me.

In front of a large door, I finally stopped in my tracks. The knights behind me shouted encouragement to me and urged me to go inside the door. Carrying the expectations of the knights, I opened the door as they urged. Inside the door, a man in luxurious stirrups, carrying a sword, looked at me and opened his eyes.

I will now challenge this man to a fight.

The time went back just a little bit, after I left Chris. As soon as I returned to the royal castle, I saw a man in black …… standing in front of the gate. And as soon as Seljan saw me, he hurried up to me. His eyes reflected me as gnarly as the surface of the moat, and he pleaded with me in a voice so pathetic that I could not imagine it from his normal behavior.

“Princess! Please do something about the king!”

“What? What do you mean? I mean, you followed me to the inn today, didn’t you?”

“The king is in trouble! Please don’t do this! And there’s always someone following the princess, even if she doesn’t know it!”

“So someone was with me when I was in the capital?”

“It’s obvious! What makes you think you won’t be found out with such a trivial escape method? It doesn’t matter, the king, the king!”

“Stop pushing, it’s dangerous! Stop pushing me~!”

Suddenly, I was told the shocking truth and that my father was in some kind of serious situation, which confused me. However, my confused mind had no time to calm down as I was pushed into the royal castle.

“Do something about the king!”

“All right, hold on!”

How many are there now?

Everyone I met in the castle begged me in a panic to do something about the king. And as soon as they say it, they get behind me and push me forward……..I shouted for them to stop, but they didn’t listen and kept pushing.

These guys, I’ll remember you later!

As I continued on my way through the castle, the number of people behind me swelled to about a division, but I was still confused and without explanation, I was simply pushed rather than led to the audience hall where the king was.

And now to the present.

I opened the door to the audience room and there was a man who was truly ready for battle.

“Father, what are you doing?”

The man turned around, crunching the armor he was wearing.

“Hey, Alice. I’m going to go kick one of the daddy’s aristocrats in the nuts for a bit.”


“Well, that’s it, then. Daddy’s going to kill him.”

“Wait! How did that happen?”

I was so confused and had such a bad headache that I felt like I was going to collapse.

“Because Alice got played by a fucking mongrel aristocrat called Dreschord, right?”

“……I wasn’t tricked!”

“Look at that reaction! What’s with that overly cute reaction? Aren’t you a maiden in love?”

I’m a girl in love! No, it can’t be, can it? It’s true that I have a lot of fun when I’m with Chris, and I feel like I want to be near him and touch him, but that can’t be true!

I felt the blood rush to my face, as if my confused mind needed blood, and I felt extremely hot.

“I can’t do this anymore. Daddy will destroy that Dreschord!”

“Why is it getting worse? I didn’t say anything!”

“Don’t stop me, Alice! A father has to do what a father has to do!”

“Now is definitely not the time for that!”

When I looked closer, I saw a dark light in my father’s eyes. How could this have happened? I was supposed to go home today and ask my father to prepare a place where Chris and I could study alone. Just the two of us…ehehehe.

“……Let’s go!”

My father looked at me with a grin and shouted for us to go.

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