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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C69

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C69: The Road to King (9)


It was a busy time but Givens’ report could not be ignored. A mana formation existed in the place where the iron vein is? Come to think of it, it was a mysterious area that appeared at the end of the game.

“Givens, are you sure you’re alright? You can go rest in Aintorian if you want.”

“Not so fast. We need someone to take us to where the mountain people are.”

“Well, that’s true. You’ll have to be patient.”

“I don’t mind walking this much.”

I immediately left with Givens. Only Yurasia was with us, as Zint had other duties to attend to.

“That’s the lord’s castle!”

As soon as we arrived in Berthaquin, we moved to the lord’s castle. I was hoping that Yusen might be there, but there was no sign of him.

“He said he’d look into it, but he’s still in the mountains.”

Givens said, scratching the back of his head with a worried look on his face. Then there is nothing else to do at the lord’s castle.

“We’re going in the mountains.”


With Givens guidance, we moved to the area where the mountain people were said to be.

“I think it was this way……”

However, Givens began to lose his way halfway there.

“That’s what……is for. I was in a very tense situation at the time!”

A forest here. A forest there. It’s no wonder it’s hard to tell them apart since the whole area is green.

“Let’s just keep moving forward. Sooner or later, those weird guys with their faces painted green will show up!”

At that very moment something fell from the top of the tree, to my surprise, it was a person.

“There it is! That’s exactly how it happened!”

Seeing this, Givens backed away and fell over, and Yurasia quickly drew her sword. However, his face was quite familiar.


“Sir, you’re here!”

Then, Givens, who had fallen over in astonishment, stood up angrily.

“Captain! What the hell? Why in the world are you dressed like them? Did you become a mountain person while I was gone?”

“Shut up. You’re the one who didn’t notice me and got surprised as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

Yusen said as he kicked Givens butt.

“Sir! This way, you will assimilate with the surrounding scenery and not stand out. That’s probably why the mountain people paint their faces green.”

“Well, it’s true that the captain’s face is indistinguishable from theirs…….”

Givens added another commentary and rolled on the floor as Yusen punished him. Anyway, they are good friends.

“So, what have you got?”

“I’ve been through their area. Here’s a map!”

Yusen handed me a hand-drawn map.

“In the meantime, is there any way we can get to where you say the mana formation is without being detected?”

“They won’t go outside the area. It seems to be an absolute taboo. So it’s easy to get there if you detour this way…….”

“What’s there?”

“It’s like a holy place for them, so if you go in there, they’ll definitely notice you. That’s the problem.”

That’s probably true but we have to face it, because that mana formation is the reason why I came here.

“I can’t decide what to do about the mountain people without seeing that mana formation. Take me there.”

“Yes, sir.”

Following Yusen’s lead, we took a large detour down the road. Unlike Givens, Yusen knew the way very well.

“There it is, sir!”

A huge cliff and a mana formation drawn beneath it, it was a very familiar sight.

“I knew it. Doesn’t it look like that place from back then?”

“I thought so, too. Look at this!”

Yurasia held out her hand, there was a blue glow emanating from her ring. This was exactly the same as that time. In other words, this mana formation was created by the Ancient Kingdom.

If there is iron in this area, could it be the iron ore used by the Ancient Kingdom? Was it something that disappeared after the fall of the Ancient Kingdom?


As I was thinking about this, those beings finally revealed themselves. I knew at a glance that they were mountain people. They were dressed similarly to Yusen. Hundreds of them appeared from above and behind the cliffs and surrounded us. Their faces showed hostility.

“Who is your chief? I am Erhin, the new lord of Berthaquin!”

Then one of them opened his mouth. He was the broad-shouldered man in the group.

“Who you are is none of our business. Get out now, or you will die.”

He didn’t seem to care about the position of lord at all. The tribe’s attire reminded me of the natives of Africa. The only unusual thing about them was their small stature and broad shoulders. They have a good physique.

I thought he was the chief. He was pretty strong. I could barely beat him.

“I see.”

[Bertha Leman]

[Age: 28]

[Martial force: 80]

[Intelligence: 50]

[Command: 78]

As soon as I heard Yusen’s story, I checked his ability values. They were indeed tempting ability values.

“If you don’t leave, you’ll die! Let’s do it!”

As a result of ignoring the warning, the mountain tribe started attacking us. If that’s the case, we’ll have to force our way in.

“Yurasia, it’ll be faster if we deactivate the mana formation and get inside. We’ll protect you, just open the door!”


Yurasia nodded and ran to the mana formation. We then positioned ourselves behind Yurasia.

“We’ll hold them off until Yurasia opens the door!”

“I’m on it!”

And so began the battle against the onrushing mountain tribes, but it was only for a moment. The ground began to shake as the mana formation glowed the same blue color as the light emitted from Yurasia’s ring. It was like an earthquake.


The mountain tribe was startled by the shaking and stopped their attack. At the same time, the wall on which the mana formation was painted was cut in two, the door opened and the shaking stopped. Even now, Yurasia’s ring and the mana formation were resonating and emitting a powerful blue light. Then she walked inside and I followed after her. The mountain tribe’s attack was still halted.

“Look at this. How could this be here?”

In front of the door she pointed to there was an earth-colored sword.

[Unnamed sword]

[Martial force +2]

The effects of the items were exactly the same. Don’t tell me that all the treasures in the Ancient Kingdom are the same? No, even if there is some secret hidden, there can’t be twelve earth-colored swords, right?

“Sir! Look at them, look at them!”

At Givens’ cry, I turned and looked at the mountain tribe.


Before we knew it, all the mountain tribes that had been attacking us had fallen on their knees. The man who seemed to be the chief of the tribe opened his mouth while prostrating himself to Yurasia.

“Oh, Lord!”

It was as if they were worshipping a god. Then Yurasia pointed to herself with a puzzled look and I asked on her behalf.

“What do you mean, Lord?”

The Chief replied in a loud voice to Yurasia.

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