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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C70

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C70: The Road to King (10)


“It is the word of my ancestors. The one who opens the doors of the Holy Land with blue light is the very Lord who will liberate and lead us. We have been guarding this place, waiting for the Lord to lead us with blue light!”

Hearing this, Yurasia looked at me with a troubled face. With her poker face broken, she looked more like a goddess, and the mountain tribesmen who lay prostrate before her looked like devotees. I think the mountain people bring out the beauty of Yurasia.

“What are they doing now?”

“It looks like you’re being worshipped.”


Yurasia quietly hid behind me then she grabbed the hem of my clothes. Whenever there’s a battle, she always fights in front of me; it was unusual for her to hide behind me. I left her fresh appearance behind and asked the mountain tribe chief some questions.

“You mean you’ve been waiting for someone to open the door sealed in the mana formation?”

“Who are you? If you are not the Lord, I have nothing to say to you!”

Yurasia, who was behind me, shouted angrily at Mountain Chief Bertha Leman’s answer.

“He and I are one and the same!”

“What? Well, then you are his mate, aren’t you?”

Berta Leman made a crazy guess.

“No, that’s not right…….Hmm?”

Yurasia immediately tried to deny it, but I covered her mouth with my hand.

“If she’s my wife, will you listen to me too?”

“We mountain people consider husband and wife to be one and the same. So, if you are the Lord’s companion, I will listen to you.”

I see. So that’s how it is. I gently took Yurasia by the shoulders and pulled her towards me.

“Your Lord is my wife!”

I made such an unapologetic claim, but of course there was a backlash from Yurasia.

“Who’s your wife?”

“That’s what I want you to think for now. We have to get the mountain people on our side.”

Yurasia’s lips twitched slightly as she clasped her hands together and said.

“You’re not even my type.”

She blurted out in a whisper and raised her voice as she looked over at the mountain tribe.

“Yes, he is my husband.”


I was surprised to hear her admit it so nonchalantly, so I asked her back.

“Isn’t that what this is about?”

“No, well, yes, but……”

“I don’t care if it helps you. And…….”


Stuck for words, Yurasia narrowed her eyes and shook her head from side to side.

“Maybe I can accept you, even if you are a pervert……”

With that, she turned her back on me and walked inside. No, wait a minute; do you still think I’m a pervert?

“Oh, come on, Yurasia! I told you that was a misunderstanding!”

Yurasia pretended not to hear me and disappeared to look around inside. The rest of them were staring at her back, but then I turned my gaze back to the mountain people. I was going to go after her, but now I had to deal with them first.

“Anyway, did you hear what she said? My question is as good as hers. So answer me this. Have the mountain tribes been waiting for someone to break the seal of this mana formation?”

Berta Leman, who had been watching us, opened his mouth with a look of satisfaction on his face.

“In a quarrel between husband and wife, the one who loses wins. Lord!”

What the hell convinced you? Why are you looking at me like I’m pathetic?

“Just answer the question, will you?”

“O Lord of Fools. I will answer. Yes, we have been waiting for many years.”

“What’s the reason?”

“Our tribe was nearly destroyed by the Bridget’s almost a thousand years ago. There was a benefactor who saved us. Our ancestors obeyed the words of that benefactor and have continued to protect the mana formation in this land. He said that the one who appears with the blue light is our master, and that he will spread the name of the Mountain Clan throughout the continent.”

“Wait a minute; you’ve been waiting all these years for a benefactor?”

“We are not like Bridget’s people. Once a favor is done, it is never forgotten, no matter how many thousands of years passed! It is said that he foretold many things, and our ancestors decided to follow him. So we follow him!”

Heh. That’s a cool thing to say. My desire to make him my subordinate grew stronger and stronger. The mountain tribe is proud of their mobility in the mountains. If they became my subordinates and were even loyal to me, I would be very lucky.

There were hints about the treasures of the Ancient Kingdom in their stories. This benefactor seemed to be the original owner of the ring that Yurasia is wearing. He had taken the treasures of the Ancient Kingdom that Bridget had kept and stored them here for the mountain people to protect.

If that’s the case, could this benefactor be someone related to the Ancient Kingdom? I have a hypothesis that the benefactor who left here went to Roserun and gave the ring to him. I don’t know why he did that, though. Still, there is a difference between having a hint and not having a hint.


Well, if I keep chasing secrets like this, something will appear.

“Sir! You’re married to Her Royal Highness?”

I was in deep thoughts when suddenly Givens came up to me and asked in surprise.


Giving Givens the look of someone who had heard the most outlandish statement in the world, Yusen sighed and shook his head, pulling him along with him. Givens hadn’t been able to say a word to Yurasia all the way here. Maybe he was overwhelmed by her beauty, or her status, or maybe both.

“So you’re saying you were looking for a Lord to bring honor to the Mountain Clan? The prophecy seems to be accurate. I’m the one who destroyed that Bridget who claims to have driven you out. I assure you that with me and Yurasia, the mountain people’s glory will be restored!”

“Is it true that Bridget has been destroyed? Lord, is it true?”

Berta Leman asked back with a stunned expression. It was natural that he had no information since he could not leave the mountain.

“The reason for the change of lords here at Berthaquin is because of the fall of Bridget.”

“Do you really think the Lord destroyed Bridget?”

“The Lord you’ve been waiting for is here. If you don’t believe the Lord’s story, why have you waited all these years?”

“I believe! You are our benefactor!”

Berta Leman turned around and started to talk to the tribesmen in their language.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Immediately, the mountain tribesmen let out a loud cheer. Then they bowed their heads to me again and again.

“You’re still doing that?”

When she came back, Yurasia asked. It was no longer a surprise now that she always appeared out of nowhere.

“How far have you been?”

“It’s very deep, apparently there’s iron ore here, but I also found that thing at the entrance.”


“The mana formation that increased our mana before.”


After all, the mana formation associated with the ancient kingdom has that function. That was pretty good news. We could raise our mana again.

“Yurasia, do you by any chance know anything about the origin of that ring? Who gave it to you?”

“No. My father never talked about it. In fact, he didn’t even seem to know about it.”

What is the significance of these facilities and treasures of the Ancient Kingdom?

“The mana formation you are to protect has been unsealed. From now on, you must follow me. That will be the future of the mountain people.”

“That is what we mountain folk want. If it is true that the Lord has destroyed Bridget, then we will obey you!”

It would help if you did.

I don’t know why they were kicked out of the Bridget Kingdom and why Aintorian’s ancestors saved them. But anyway, what is important now is that there are many mountains on the continent. With the power of the mountain tribes, who have tremendous mobility in those mountains, they would be of great help.

I also secured iron. With this iron, I planned to train an elite iron cavalry first. They would be indispensable in the age of chaos that would come with the fall of Lunan. And in my mind, there was only one captain to lead the Iron Cavalry. Ninety-six (96) martial force, seventy (70) intelligence, and ninety-two (92) command, a warlord with outstanding abilities, Demasin Elheat.

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