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I was sold at the lowest price C261

I was sold at the lowest price C261: The New Strongest / Nagisa


From Fugaku, the flagship of the Iron knights, the magicraft squadron departs at once. The members are Linnecarlo, Nanami, Alana, Emina, Arthur, Lorgo, Farma, myself, and Yukiha, for a total of nine magicrafts.

“I want the Iron Knights, along with two battalions of our army, to hit the enemy left flank troops.”

Jean responded to the request from the army of Tamihar.

“Yes, sir. Linnecarlo, Alana, you heard the man. We’re going to hit the enemy left flank.”

Hearing the message, we headed for the enemy left flank.

“Nanami, you’ve got it all wrong.”

“What? That’s the left.”

“Idiot, the enemy left is on our right.”

“Oh, really?”

Even before the fierce battle, the members of the Iron Knights are relaxed. Perhaps it’s because they have absolute confidence that they are relaxed. These people are strong. I know this from my martial arts experience.

As the battle began, the Iron Knights naturally entered a formation. As the vanguard, Nanami, Lorgo, and Alana suppressed the enemy’s attacks.

From the rearguard, Linnecarlo and Farma unleashed powerful long-range attacks. Arthur and Emina were the rangers, supporting both the vanguard and the rearguard. Their individual strength was great, but their coordination was also superb, and they overwhelmed a large enemy force with a small number.

“Nagisa, what’s with the Iron Knights? Their strength is insane.”

Yukiha said frankly and I agree with her.

But I can’t lose, either. In order not to get in the way of their cooperation, I aim for enemy machines that have strayed out of the enemy’s collapsed formation.

Avoiding the long spear attack, I approached the enemy and twisted its neck. With its head gone, the enemy magicraft was shoved down with a blow.

I crouched down to avoid the horizontally swinging sword attack of an enemy machine, which attacked me without pause, and twisted the hand holding the sword.

I tried to push him down, but his arm was torn off from the base and I had no choice but to kick down the enemy machine that had lost its arm.

It seems that the Ludia training is showing its effects, and my power is much higher than before. I’ll have to adjust as I fight…….

“I’ll add to what I said earlier about the Iron Knights’ strength being abnormal. Nagisa, your strength is also abnormal enough.”

From Yukiha’s point of view, it seems that my movements are also abnormal.

The enemy army began to retreat under the tremendous strength of the Iron Knights. The friendly army of Tamihar attacked the flank of the enemy army, determined not to let them escape.

The enemy army, whose formation had been broken by the Iron Warriors and whose morale had been greatly weakened, was unable to respond to the attack of the Tamihar Army. Their organized attack overwhelmed the enemy individual counterattacks.

“This is our chance. We’re going after the commander of the enemy left flank. Alana, take Nagisa and hit the ride carrier in the center of the enemy army, Linnecarlo, make way for Alana and the others.”

Jean ordered when he saw the opportunity.

“I’ll run after Linnecarlo’s attack is over!”


Once Linnecarlo begins to make large motions, the rest of the Iron Knights left her alone. What are they going to do……?

“It’s a new magic strike made possible by the increased Ludia value and the strengthening of Odin by Rafishal…….Savor it! Gungnir Raygun!”

Countless spears of light appeared around Odin and shot out like laser beams toward the enemy forces.

The spears of light pierced the enemy magicrafts one after another. A single light alone is quite destructive, but the horror of countless of them attacking us is unimaginable. The linear and powerful attacks literally made their way to the ride carriers in the center of the enemy forces.

“Let’s run, Nagisa!”


Together with Alana, I ran towards the enemy’s ride carrier. There was no counterattack from the enemy forces, which were aghast at Linnecarlo’s attack and we reached the ride carrier without difficulty.

The ride carriers couldn’t do anything against the approaching magicrafts. For that reason, it is normal to have a defensive magicraft unit in place. This ride carrier also had a defense force, there were five of them.

First, Alana’s twin swords killed two of them instantly. I also drew my sword and sent the head of one of the magicrafts flying. The other two ran away, probably scared by the fact that three of their comrades were defeated in an instant. However, there was no need to chase them since our goal was this ride carrier. Alana and I broke into the ride carrier’s core block and destroyed it.

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