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I was sold at the lowest price C262

I was sold at the lowest price C262 – The Mysterious Unit / Nagisa


When we destroyed the ride carrier of the enemy commander, it seems that the enemy’s chain of command was cut off. The enemy’s left wing is quickly losing its effectiveness and collapses.

The allied army of Tamihar attacks the weakened enemy army relentlessly. The Iron Knights also begin to sweep the enemy forces. Even though they are overwhelmed on the left flank, it is only a fraction of the enemy’s total army strength. It is in our best interest to reduce their strength as much as possible while we still can.

Linnecarlo’s destructive ranged attacks were also fierce in the cleanup battle. Dozens of magicrafts were cruelly destroyed in a single blow. In addition, although it was hidden behind Linnecarlo and didn’t stand out, the arrows used by Farma were also incredibly powerful.

The arrows shot from the sky were like a rain of light, splitting into countless pieces and pouring down on the enemy. The power of the arrows is considerable even when they are split, piercing the armor of the magicrafts.

The enemy began to retreat, they seemed to be so confused that they forgot to run away, but finally figured out the best solution.

“There’s no need to pursue. We don’t know what the enemy’s main force is doing, so don’t rush into it unnecessarily.”

Following Jean’s instruction, the Iron Knights stopped their pursuit of the fleeing enemy and stayed where they were. However, the allied army, the Army of Tamihar, did not stop. They pursued the fleeing enemy troops and chased them all the way.

As the army of Tamihar swarmed around the fleeing enemy army, a new enemy force appeared from the back and attacked. It seems that they have come to save their retreating allies.

The new enemies have high morale and leadership and because the army had been caught off guard, they were able to inflict a great deal of damage.

“Idiots! What the hell are you doing? Damn it, I have no choice. Alana, Linnecarlo, if you don’t do something, the entire army of Tamihar will be wiped out. I’m sorry, but you have to go and help them.”

“I don’t have a choice.”

“It’s okay. Nanami, Emina, Nagisa, follow me, I’ll help our foolish ally.”

Yukiha, Lorgo, Arthur, and Farma were left behind to escort Fugaku, and we headed to the rescue of our allies.

In the blink of an eye, the tables had turned. The army of Tamihar was surrounded by a large number of Elysian troops and was in a tight spot.

“We can’t fire a ranged attack in that melee. Let’s prioritize breaking the siege and rescuing our allies.”

“Right. Let’s concentrate our attack on the enemy to the southeast. Army of Tamihar, do you copy? We’re going to break the enemy siege in the southeast, so withdraw your troops from there.”

When Alana said this via transmission, the commander of the army in Tamihar replied that he understood.

Alana and Nanami slashed into the walls of the enemy. The two of them tossed and turned the enemy with light movements as if they were dancing, slashing down enemy magicrafts one after another. Emina was nowhere to be seen. However, when I saw the enemies who hadn’t done anything being knocked down unexpectedly or being shot with bowgun arrows I understood that she was fighting in stealth.

Linnecarlo’s single attack was truly a deadly force. The lightning that erupted when she waved her staff could crush a large magicraft with a single blow. She is firing such powerful attacks in rapid succession. I’ve heard that magic strikes consume a lot of physical and mental energy, but from her gestures, she doesn’t seem to be exhausted.

I pulled out my sword and cut down the enemy. Stepping forward and spinning, I cut down the enemies around me. I aim for the vital points and disable the enemy with one swing. There are many enemy magicrafts and any wasted movement is fatal.

The Iron Knights have cut off part of the enemy’s siege. Now the army of Tamihar can escape.

“Now, retreat to the southeast!”

Under Alana’s direction, the army of Tamihar headed southeast. The pursuing enemy forces were met with a painful blow from Linnecarlo.

“Gungnir Tempest!”

Countless lightning bolts rained down over a wide area. From the lightning that fell, more buzzing discharges spread, and many enemy magicrafts fell.

After Linnecarlo’s attack, the enemy army gave up the chase and immediately began to retreat.

“It looks like we managed to save them.”

“Having incompetent allies can be difficult.”

I was thinking that this would be the end of the battle for today, but then Emina noticed something and called out.

“Wait a minute……there are a few magicrafts from the enemy army coming towards us.”

“That’s right. I wonder if they’re going to try to fight us off.”

“If that’s the case, then they’re really daring.”

At that moment, I heard a laugh from the enemy’s magicraft that had fallen nearby.

“Hahahaha! You’re all finished! That’s a squad of the Nitro Corps. The Reaper Squad’s only gift is [death]. They won’t even let you beg for your life!”

Perhaps he was frustrated that he had been defeated, but he offered us a lot of information. Even after hearing this, the members of the Iron Knights didn’t seem to be afraid. However, I felt an unpleasant atmosphere that I had never experienced before from the approaching magicrafts.

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