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I was sold at the lowest price C263

I was sold at the lowest price C263: The Heart of a Martial Artist / Nagisa


What approached us was five magicrafts. The black, eerie colors and bizarre shapes of the machines seemed appropriate for the name Reaper Squad.

“You’re strong…..we’re strong……let’s see who’s better.”

An emotionless voice could be heard over the external output sound. The cold voice, which didn’t sound like a person, sent chills down my spine.

“That’s interesting. I’ll accept your challenge!”

When Linnecarlo replied, the five magicrafts of the Reaper Squad started moving at once.


Alana shouted in surprise. As she said, the Reaper Squad’s movements were incredibly quick.

They were able to close the gap at once, and a specially shaped, distorted sword attacked Alana and Nanami. The two of them barely managed to block the attack. However, it seemed to be quite powerful, as both of them were blown backwards.


Linnecarlo’s ball of lightning strikes the Reaper Squad as they attempt to pursue the two. However, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what the Reaper Squad did. The Reaper’s magicrafts unexpectedly flicked back Linnecarlo’s ball of lightning with its hand.

“No way!”

Alana regained her stance and swung her twin swords. The Reaper’s magicraft was able to block Alana’s quick series of attacks without difficulty. In addition, in a counterattack, the arm of Alana’s magicraft was cut off.

The Reaper squad machine, wielding a sword, stopped his attack when an arrow pierced the hand holding the sword. The hand that was hit by the arrow was freezing rapidly.

“Alana, get back!”

Emina shouted as she readied her bow gun.

“Be careful everyone, these guys are not normal!”

Alana warned, holding up her sword with her only hand.

Nanami was defending against the attack of the two Reaper machines, but the shield she was holding was deformed into tatters. I was amazed at the incredible power of the Reaper Squad. The enemy’s attacks became even fiercer, pushing Nanami into a corner. I moved to save Nanami and aimed at one of the two Reaper magicrafts and swung my sword.

To my dismay, the enemy reacted to my surprise attack and repelled my sword with a powerful strike. I felt a strong impact on the hand holding the sword as the numbing sensation was transmitted to me through the control sphere as an image, igniting something in my mind.

Weak……Now my attack is weak. That’s why it was blocked. Be faster, more powerful, and better…….Watch your enemy’s movements more closely and predict them…….Every opponent has a trajectory that they are not good at. Watch their body movements and detect their habits…….Use their strength as well. The best of the best is always to use a single sword.

Breathing, pausing, concentrating, releasing…….─ I see it!

“A guaranteed hit!”

The moment I saw something, I swung my sword. At the end of the sword I wielded, the magicraft of the Reaper Unit, whose arms and neck had been cut off, stood dumbfounded.

“You should know the power of my Odin! Gungnir Raygun!”

Linnecarlo’s voice echoed after my single sword. The spear of light released from Odin pierced the magicrafts of two members from the Reaper units. As expected, it seemed that this attack could not be repelled. The magicrafts that were pierced collapsed, spewing out a puff of white smoke.

In addition, Alana and Emina are working together to hunt down a Reaper Squad’s magicraft.

“Here’s your pay for slicing off my arm, take it!”

Alana’s sword cut off the head of the Reaper’s magicraft and the headless body collapsed to the ground..

Nanami was about to eliminate the remaining one as well. The Reaper’s magicraft lost its balance after receiving a powerful blow from Nanami and she did not miss that moment. With one swift step of her sword, she sliced through the Reaper Unit’s magicraft.

“That was a close one. We might not have been able to win if we hadn’t trained our Ludia.”

Everyone agreed with Linnecarlo’s words.

“They said something about a Nitro Squad. Emina, do you know anything about it?”

“I’ve never even heard of a Nitro Squad. It’s probably a newly established unit.”

“Their abilities as riders were extraordinary, but I’m a little curious about the magicrafts…….Let’s bring one back and have Rafishal check it out.”

Alana said, and began to carry a destroyed magicraft from the Reaper unit.

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