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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C73

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C73: The Road to King (13)

A short chapter to start the week but the good news is that I checked the raws and there aren’t any short chapters there.


The Narja Kingdom.

The young king of Narja, Narja Kashia, was on his throne, radiating dignity, count Roland, who is famous for his military prowess in the Herald Kingdom, had come to see him as an envoy.

Roland, who was so famous that he was proud of himself, stood tall in front of the King of Narja.

“So you’re saying we should form an alliance?”

“Yes, sir. It’s not a bad idea!”

The other day, he received a similar proposal from the Bridget Kingdom. The Bridget Kingdom did not exist now, though. Of course, Kashia had no intention to do so at all.

“You want to join forces with us to take over Lunan?”

“I won’t deny it. Your Majesty, if you form an alliance with the Herald Kingdom, you will never regret it!”

Count Roland shouted as he showed off his mana. He was trying to be intimidating. But Kashia twitched his ears as if it were nonsense.

“It seems the Herald Kingdom is out of touch with the latest news…Your military power is only good in Herald. You can’t even arouse my curiosity, so you can go home now, messenger of the Herald.”

At that moment, a powerful light erupted from around Kashia. Even the royal palace began to shake under the influence of that red mana. Count Roland’s mana was instantly bottled up, and the overwhelmed Count fell to the ground. The mana was so powerful that he was speechless.

”You’ll regret…..it. We’re aiming for Lunan too, so we’ll……have to meet on the battlefield…….!”

He had said so to protect his last pride. Count Roland walked out of the palace in a pathetic state. He was so overwhelmed that he could not even stand up.

“You miserable bastard.”

The king stood up with a look of nonsense on his face and left the throne. When he was gone, Fran, who was observing the situation, said to the ten warlords.

“Have you finished your search for Lunan’s scouts?”

“Yes, Your Highness. We’re catching every last one of them through the Intelligence Department. It’s not too difficult, since the scouts are often a bit of a mess when they’re released. They seem to be Duke Ronen men.”

“I see. Please use them thoroughly.”

The King of Lunan and Ronen are foolish people. They did not even see Ronen as an enemy. They see only one person as their enemy. And if they got what they wanted, that person would be more than happy to see the destruction of Lunan. Fran’s idea was to make the most of it.

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Short……….very short

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