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I was sold at the lowest price C265

I was sold at the lowest price C265 – Messengers and Information / Nagisa

Last chapter from Nagisa POV.

Perhaps due to the fact that the Iron Knights had defeated Nitro’s squad, I received information that the opposing Elysian army had begun to retreat. This meant that we had accomplished the mission so we headed to the command center of the army of Tamihar to get our reward.

It seems that the success of the Iron Knights has already reached the upper echelons of Tamihar, and they asked us to extend our contract. However, for now, our top priority was to join up with Yuta so we politely declined the offer.

“So, what about the information you promised us about the Sword Clan?”

“Well……this is one of our country’s biggest secrets, but it can’t be helped. As it turns out, the Sword Clan doesn’t exist anymore.”

“The Sword Clan no longer exists?!”

“That’s right. The Sword Clan was disbanded some time ago.”

Jean seemed to be troubled by the unexpected answer.

“So what are they doing now? Where are the Sword Saint, the Sword King, and the Sword Emperor?”

“The Sword Saint was killed in battle…….As for the Sword King and the Sword Emperor, we don’t know where they are now.”

“That Sword Saint is dead! Who could do that?”

“I heard he lost his battle with the greatest rider on the continent, Yuto.”

“That Yuto? Oh yeah……that’s possible…….”

“I’m sorry, but that’s all we know about the Sword Clan.”

“Our first priority right now is to find our friends. I’ll think about the contract when that’s done.”

“Please consider it. We need a little bit of strength to rely on now that we don’t have the Swordsmen.”

“Of course I’ll consider it.”

The information he had relied on did not reveal the whereabouts of the Sword Clan. Yuta’s search was back to square one.

“What are we going to do, Jean?”

“First we need to find the former members of the disbanded Sword Clan. Maybe they can give us some useful information.”

The Iron Knights went around the countries of the Three Kingdoms Alliance looking for former members of the Sword Clan. However, we could not find a single person.

“They’re called the most powerful mercenary group in the world, so maybe they’re already captured by some organization.”

“It’s possible. If we’re not careful, there’s a possibility that one of the Three Kingdoms Alliance might have already recruited a large number of them.”

When we were out of options and wondering what to do, a person came to visit Fugaku. He was dressed like a peddler, and I thought he was here to sell me something, but his real purpose was different.

“I’d like to speak to the head of the Iron Knights. I have some special products I’d like him to take a look at.”

“I’m sorry, but we’re not buying anything. Would you mind looking elsewhere?”

Alana said annoyed.

No, I really recommend this product. It is a special product that is recommended by Yuta, and can be sold only to the Iron Knights.

Hearing Yuta’s name, Alana’s expression changed drastically.

“Darm! Balm! Come here! He’s a suspicious guy! Who are you……and where did you get that name?”

The twin mechanics came quickly at Aluna’s call and encircled the young merchant.

“Please calm down. I’m not your enemy. I’m just here to give you a message.”

“Message…….I’ll listen to you first. Liza, get Jean in here.”

Jean came to the hangar as soon as he was called.

“What’s going on? Who’s that?”

“He’s got a message for you.”

“All right, then. Can you tell me what the message is?”

“You’re the head of the Iron Knights?”

“The real leader is not here, so he’s sort of acting.”

“Yes, I will pass on the message. [Come to the main temple of Alice Abbey, from Yuta] I have passed the message.”

“It is indeed a great message, but how do I know if the information is genuine?”

“You’ll have to trust me on that.”

There was a possibility that it was a false message, but I felt that the short message was very Yuta-like.

“Jean, I think that message probably came from Yuta.”

“Well, if Nagisa says it, it must be true. Anyway, who are you, messenger?”

“I’m on a mission for Lady Alice.”

“So you’re a secret agent of Alice’s Abbey……I received your message.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

After saying that, he left Fugaku. But it was a sudden turn of events to suddenly receive a message from Yuta. Alice Abbey, Yuta is there, isn’t he?

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