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I was sold at the lowest price C266

I was sold at the lowest price C266: New Developments


“Thank you for your efforts in keeping watch. It’s our turn now.”

Several of Count Dalaim’s subordinates came over to me as I was watching the Valkyria Imperial Army deployed at the foot of the mountain from my watchtower.

“I’m counting on you then.”

There was no telling when the next attack of the Valkyria Empire would come. Alice’s abbey was on alert, and since it was a 24-hour watch, they had to take turns keeping an eye on things. We, who had nothing better to do, were helping them.

After I finished my watch, I went to the cafeteria because I was hungry. There were many soldiers and sisters eating in the cafeteria.

“Yuta-san, over here!”

Tris, who had found me, called out. Kiyone and Sister Muzie were seated at the same table.

“I’m sorry. Yuta-sama has also been keeping an eye on…….”

Sister Muzie said apologetically.

“It’s fine, I don’t have anything to do.”

Everyone was eating a small bowl of soup with a few small vegetables, followed by bread and small pieces of dried meat. The portions were still small, and I could see that they were saving food.

“I’ll go get Yuta-san’s!”

Tris said, running. I was going to say I’d go get it myself, but I was already in line to pick up my meal.

“Sister Muzie, can I ask you something?”

Kiyone began to speak again.

“Yes. Please ask anything you want.”

“You said you were informing the countries of the continent about the situation and asking for their help.”

“Yes. After all, every country is sympathetic when it comes to the Valkyrie Empire, but there has been no actual offer of help.”

”No matter how strong Yuta’s Iron Knights are, there is a limit to how much a single mercenary group can handle. I think we really need support on a national scale…….”

“Of course, we think so, too. That’s why we’ve been reaching out to some of the leading nations.”

“Which powerful nations?”

When I asked, Sister Muzie’s expression brightened and she replied,

“The Kingdom of Lubel.”

It’s true that Lubel is not afraid of the Valkyrie Empire, also Lubel and Valkyrie have always been enemies, so they might be willing to help.

“Yes. The response from the Kingdom of Lubel has not been bad, and the details of the support will be communicated today.”

As Sister Muzie had told us, we received an official response from the Kingdom of Lubel that day. The content of the support received was satisfactory for Alice Abbey.

“I was told that 5,000 magicrafts are already on their way here to help.”

“That’s great, we might be able to kick out the encircling Valkyria Imperial Army.”

“They also promised to support our defense in the future. Now the Valkyrie Empire won’t be able to sneak up on us.”

The news was quite good, and Sister Muzie was all smiles.

“You say they are on their way, how long until they will be here?”

“Five days.”

“Five days, that’s faster than the arrival of the Iron Knights.”

“I think the message has already been passed on to the Iron Knights, so they might arrive at the same time.”

Either way, I think I can get out of this situation in about five days. I thought of my fellow Iron Knights who I would be meeting soon and felt a little happy.

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