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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C26

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C26: Start of the investigation


With tired feet, I returned to Kutone’s house. I thanked Silica, the fat cat, for welcoming me, gave her the smoked fish I bought as a snack, and she started gobbling it up right there. Then Kutone, who had finished cleaning the bathroom, appeared in a rough outfit.

“Oh, welcome back—–What’s wrong? You look more tired than me.”

“I’m back——–I’ll tell you later.”

“Brunnhilde, we can take a bath together if you want.”

“No, thank you.”

“Quick answer⁉”

Kutone pouted with tears in her eyes. I chuckled and said to Brünnhilde.

“Brünnhilde, dirty or not, a bath feels good, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know what it feels like to feel good.”

“Haha, then maybe you’ll understand if you go in. Go take a bath with Kutone, I’ll prepare the food.”

“Yes, Sensei. Kutone, let’s take a bath.”

“Yes, yes——Moo, you really do listen to Sage, don’t you?”

“Hahaha. Anyway, Kutone, I need to use the kitchen.”

“I’m looking forward to dinner.”

Brünnhilde and Kutone went to the bathroom while I went to the kitchen. I was concerned about the kitchen situation, but there was no problem. I’d learned from Wade that there was running water and a stove, and that there was a supply of household items called “magical tools” in circulation.

I scavenged through the kitchen and found some pots and pans that didn’t seem to be used much, so I cooked something quick and simple.

“Ms. Brunnhilde——it’s beautiful.”

“Thank you. It seems that Kutone’s breasts are not growing fast enough for her age.”

“I’m only 14 and I’m going to grow up.”

“Is that so?”

“You’re making fun of me just because you’re so big!”

“Kutone, please do not touch my chest.”

I’m glad they seem to be on good terms—–What are those two doing? Not long after that, Brünnhilde, looking as usual, and Kutone, looking somewhat tired, came out of the bath.

“Let’s have dinner.”

“Yes——Aren’t you going to take a bath, Mr. Sage?”

“After dinner, I’m hungry and I have some questions for Kutone.”


I ate a simple dinner of fried meat and vegetables with bread and seafood soup. Kutone was satisfied, and I decided to ask her some questions while sipping the white water with fruit juice that I served after dinner.

“Kutone, can I meet Chancellor Nachtigal?”

“The Chancellor? Mr. Sage, the Chancellor is so busy that even if you apply for an audience with her, it will be years before you can see her.”

“Busy? What does she usually do?”

“It depends. She’s the Chancellor but also the Queen of this country. I’m sure there’s plenty of work for her to do.”

“Mmmm——so how can I meet her?”

“ What do you mean by “how can I meet her?” In the first place, what does Sage, a mere adventurer, have to do with Chancellor Nachtigal?”

“No, it’s—–a lot of things.”

Hmm, it would look suspicious if I went into it too deeply. I guess I’ll just have to fly Holacty to the castle.

“Also, I’d like to explore the ruins, do I need permission from the guild?”

“Yes. There are some ruins that require it and some that do not. Why don’t you ask the guild about that?”

“Oh, okay. What’s——Kutone going to do now?”

“Of course I’ll go to school, since the day after tomorrow classes begin.”

Incidentally, Kutone’s hobby is to collect medicinal herbs. She used to collect medicinal herbs during her long vacations at the place where she met us. Her hobby is to mix the herbs she collects and make various medicines.

A meeting with Chancellor Nachtigal would be hard to obtain, so let’s start with what we can do. First, let’s go to the adventurer’s guild and ask for permission to investigate the ruins.


After dinner, I went to my room. Of course, Brunnhilde and I were in separate rooms.

I lock the door and open the window.

“Holacty activate information gathering mode, keywords are ‘Nachtigal’ and ‘Ostrode’.”

Holacty information gathering mode detects conversations where the set words are used. It stays in the specified location and selects and records conversations within a 20 km radius. This feature is quite useful.

“Stealth camouflage is always activated. The designated point is the Magicalize Royal Academy of Magic. And if you find Chancellor Nachtigal, record the conversation and the video. I’m counting on you.”

I stroked Holacty as it flew noiselessly away from the window. The rest of the day would be spent gathering information on its own, and I could concentrate on surveying the ruins. First, I went to the guild to confirm the location of the ruins and get permission.

It’s a little uncomfortable because it looks like a sneak peek——but it can’t be helped.


The next day Kutone said she was going to get ready for school, and today it was just me and Brunnhilde walking around town. Our destination was the Adventurer’s Guild, where we were planning to get permission to investigate the ruins and check out some requests to raise our adventurer rating.

I’m an adventurer after all, and I can’t live without earning money. I don’t want to spend too much of the gold I’ve earned in Ledar town, but the funds for my journey will inevitably dwindle.

I also want to equip myself, Brünnhilde has a “Rare Metal Sword” and “Armor of the War Maiden” (named after her), which is fine. But I’m wearing a “nameless sword” worth 10 gold coins, a shirt and pants. This is just too shabby. If I don’t equip myself to some extent, I might be mistaken for a beginner and get targeted again. I don’t want to end up like Wade and the others.

Since we prepared for our journey in Ledar, the 140 gold coins we had left are now down to 130. First of all, let’s go to the armor shop and equip myself so that I don’t look too shabby.

“Sensei, did something good happen to you?”

“What? Why?”

“Your EEG (a test that detects abnormalities in your brain waves) shows a mild state of excitement.”

“No, it’s nothing.”

“Yes, sensei.”


The armor shop in town was easy to find since they have a sign that says 『Shield』. I’m a little traumatized by armor shops. However, now that I had gained knowledge as an adventurer, I would not be so easily fooled. I entered the armor shop and quickly rummaged through the store.


In a store the size of a classroom, there’s a variety of armors on display. There are armors and breastplates, baskets and leggings, shields and leather armors. However, robes like those worn by magicians occupied more than half of the store, and they also sold triangle hats like those worn by witches, and underwear to wear underneath the robes.

Now, what should I buy? It would have been easy to search for “adventurer equipment for beginners” on my smartphone, but unfortunately I don’t have such a high-tech device or a connection to the Internet.

“Hmm, what should I do, Brünnhilde?”

“Should I choose high performance armor?”

“No, I’m on a budget. And if I’ m going to do that, I might as well go for a cool style——”

In any case, I would like to equip myself with swordsman-style armor. In the Kingdom of Ostrode, they only had military uniforms, and although it’s unclear now, those uniforms may have been used as armor. It seems that even the “appraise” cheat of Ledal’s armor shop could not see through the magic that was cast on it.

Now, what to do?

“Hmm. ——”


Inexpensive and good looking high performance armor….Which of the warrior-style armor among the equipment of all the magicians should I choose?

“Excuse me, I see you are a swordsman. What’s troubling you?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m actually in trouble with————”

As I was looking at the rigid armor, I was approached from the side. I responded with a huff, turned my head and was——surprised.

“Hmm, you have an unusual sword. It’s a long, thin rapier-like sword. If you’re a lightweight swordsman, it’s better to wear a breastplate or basket case than heavy armor.”


“It’s a good thing we met here. I can give you some advice if you like.”

“Thank you.”

There was an extraordinary beauty there. Long, shimmering blonde hair in a ponytail, well-toned appearance, a white shirt with a clean look and long dark blue skirt. The way she spoke was like a knight, and she looked like a noble, her age was probably in her early twenties. And above all, the two lumps that force the shirt to rise——are amazing.

The superb beauty shifted her gaze to Brunnhilde.

“It is good to see you again, silver-haired warrior princess.”

“Yes. Thank you for the other day.”

“What? You know each other?”

“Yes. I met you, too.”


Such a superb beauty, once you see her, you’re not likely to forget her, but I don’t—–remember her, do I?

“I was wearing a helmet yesterday, and my voice was different. So you recognize me after all——”

“A helmet? What?——–no way.”

Yesterday, she was wearing a helmet. A helmet, no way, she’s the one.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lucia Alstroemeria, Commander of the Dark Knights Order.”

This extremely beautiful woman is the black knight from yesterday?!

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