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I was sold at the lowest price C267

I was sold at the lowest price C267: New Magicraft


Five days later, as planned, the Lubel army showed up. It was a large force with magicrafts, ride carriers, and even battle vehicles. The Valkyria Empire troops besieging the Alice Abbey were flustered by their appearance.

“Two-headed serpent emblem…That’s the 3rd Armored Division of the Kingdom of Lubel, isn’t it? If they were the enemy, I would have run away in fear, but when they appear as allies, they are very reliable.”

Count Dalaim, who was originally from the Valkyria Empire, seemed to know well the Lubel Kingdom army that had shown up in support.

The Valkyria Empire army intercepted the army of the Kingdom of Lubel that appeared.

“The size of the army is about the same, but I wonder if the Royal Army of Lubel will be okay.”

Their armies seem to be evenly matched. It would be no laughing matter if they gallantly showed up to help and were beaten back.

“The 3rd Armored Division of the Kingdom of Lubel and the Northern Army of the Valkyria Empire are of different ranks. They’d have to be at least the Central Defense Force to be a match.”

According to Count Dailam, the 3rd Armored Division of the Kingdom of Lubel was way superior.

“Both armies are starting to move.”

Just as Kiyone had said, the two armies slowly moved closer to attack each other.

“What’s that……?”

Count Dalaim was surprised to see the magicraft corps lined up in the front row of the Lubel Kingdom army. Indeed, the magicrafts in the front row had a special shape. They were quadrupedal, like Arthur’s Sentor, but instead of being halfway between a horse and a man, they were completely in the shape of a beast. Attached to the back part of the beast’s body was a round tube that looked like the large gun portals of a tank. If I were to give it a name with that look, I would name it the Beast Tank.

The Beast Tank Corps performed as well as it looked. The artillery guns spewed fire in unison at the approaching magicrafts of the Valkyria Army. The shells that landed exploded loudly, shattering the magicrafts of the Valkyria Empire. The powerful and wide range of the attack is incredibly effective in group battles.

The Valkyria Empire’s forces, exposed to the beast tank’s guns, could no longer even approach. They had no choice but to switch to attacking from a distance, but there was too much of a performance difference between the Valkyria Empire’s forces, which had only the Ride Carriers’ ballistae and the Arrow Corps’ arrows as long-range attacks, and the beast tank’s guns. The battle situation quickly tilted in favor of the Lubel Kingdom army.

“The Valkyria Empire’s forces are helpless in the face of the beast tanks.”

The Valkyria Empire army, helpless in the face of the beast tanks, gradually began to retreat. They left the range of the beast tanks as if they escaped the battlefield.

“The battle is won. The Valkyria Empire will now retreat.”

As Count Dalaim had said, the Valkyria Empire was not going to stay here. All the troops started to move towards their own country, they already seemed to have no will to fight.

The victorious army of the Kingdom of Lubel slowly deployed their forces at the foot of the mountain.

A messenger from the army of the Kingdom of Lubel came to Alice Abbey. Mother Maysa thanked him profusely, but the messenger told her,

“We will stay at the foot of the mountain for a while, as there is a possibility that the army of the Valkyria Empire will return soon.”

“That would be great. Thank you very much.”

“By the way, I would like to ask you if you would allow me to place some troops on top of the mountain. There is a possibility that the Valkyria Empire will call for reinforcements and show up with a large army.”

“Of course, I have no reason to refuse.”

Mother Maysa answered immediately.

However, the top of the mountain is not that wide, and it is too small to accommodate the troops of the Kingdom of Lubel.

“For now, we’ll head back down the mountain and return to the ride carrier. Please call me if you need anything.”

With the Royal Army of Lubel, we don’t have to worry about defense. I can’t leave here because I have to meet up with the Iron Knights, but there’s no need to wait in the main temple.

“I’m sorry, Yuta-sama, I’ll have Sister Muzie sit in as your liaison.”

Furthermore, in order to receive the troops of the Kingdom of Lubel, 30 magicrafts under Count Dalaim’s command were to follow us.

It’s true that it’s better to have a troop of beast tanks to intercept the enemy on top of the mountain, but I felt a little sad because it seemed as if Count Dalaim’s troops that had worked so hard to protect this place were being neglected.

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