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I was sold at the lowest price C268

I was sold at the lowest price C268 – The True Purpose


The rest of my friends in Musashi were hiding in a cave in a small mountain, waiting for us. As soon as we returned, we moved to a hill where we could get a good view of the main temple of Alice Abbey.

“It looks like the forces of the Kingdom of Lubel are starting to head up.”

As Kiyone said, we can see dozens of magic machine troops from the Lubel Kingdom army at the foot of the mountain moving towards the top.

Watching their movement, I feel a little uncomfortable…….

“Isn’t it a little strange?”

“What’s the matter, Yuta?”

Unlike the dumb Tris, Kiyone and Brunnhilde seemed to have noticed.

“Why is it a regular magicraft squadron? I thought they were going to place the new magicrafts on top of the mountain.”

“Yeah……would be more effective, and with that, there’s no point in transferring Count Dalaim’s troops away to take their place.”

“Will something happen?”

Sister Muzie also asked with concern.

“I have a bad feeling about this…….”

Everyone’s bad feeling was coming true. Count Dalaim’s subordinate hurriedly reported to me.

“Yuta-dono! The army of the Kingdom of Lubel has suddenly changed and attacked us!”

“What the hell?”

“They’re already in the main temple and we’re resisting them.”

“Damn it! They were planning to betray us from the start! They thought it would be troublesome to besiege us and pretended to protect us in order to easily reach the temple.”

“Yuta, let’s go help them right away!”

I nodded at Kiyone’s words.

“Wait! Count Dalaim wants to talk with Yuta-dono.”

It’s not possible to talk to him directly because Excalibur doesn’t share communication with Count Dalaim’s magicraft so I went to Count Dalaim’s subordinate magicraft and listened to what he had to say.

It is possible that the Kingdom of Lubel’s goal is to obtain Rafishal Forbidden Book, but I closed my eyes to that possibility. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to protect Mother Maysa in the future with my power. However, I thought that the Kingdom of Lubel could do that, and I let my judgment be clouded…….”

“Count Dalaim, I will come to your aid at once!”

“No……it’s too late. My troops are all magicrafts that specialize in long range. If they get too close, there’s nothing we can do.…I have a favor to ask of you, Yuta-dono. I would like to ask you to take care of my subordinates that I have entrusted to you. They are all excellent men who are useful in mercenary work. Please take good care of them. And please don’t come to my rescue. It’s too late…….This is also the will of Mother Maysa.”

“Count Dalaim!”

“Yuta-dono, it has been an honor to meet a man of your stature.”

After saying that, the communication was cut off. Count Dalaim’s men, who had been listening to the entire conversation, were sobbing.

“No, Count Dailam and Mother Maysa are still alive! We can still make it in time!”

I had no intention of giving up. I immediately returned to Excalibur and prepared to launch.

“Tris and Brunnhilde can stay here.”

“What are you talking about, Yuta? I’m coming with you!”

“I’m not going to stay here either.”

“Take it easy.”

Of course, but Count Dalaim’s men also insisted on coming with me. I knew that it would be difficult to take them with me when even Tris and Brunnhilde could slow me down. However, I couldn’t ignore their feelings. I only asked them to cover me in order to break through the siege.

The army of the Kingdom of Lubel, which had been deployed at the foot of the mountain, took hostile action as it had turned its back on us. When they saw us, they immediately took up a fighting stance.

“Dalaim’s troops cover the rear. Tris and Brunnhilde, you protect them. Kiyone will go in with me.”

“Yuta-san! I’m coming with you.”

“Just protect them.”

I made a promise to count Dalaim, I had a duty to protect them. Tris seemed to be a little hesitant, but followed my instructions.

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