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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C28

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C28: Adventurer’s Guild Information


After getting our equipment ready, Brunnhilde and I came to the adventurer’s guild. Even in the kingdom of magic, there are adventurers. I wonder what kind of requests they have.

The guild is larger than the one in Ledar, with more than twice the number of counters and twice the size of the request board. Perhaps it’s because this is not a town, but the capital of a kingdom.

Now, let’s go to the reception desk and ask some questions.

“Hello! What can I do for you today?”

I like the receptionists, they are all beautiful. But let’s not be rude and think that Lucia is more beautiful…….

Brünnhilde and I ask the receptionist questions as we present our adventurer’s cards.

“My partner and I are F-class adventurers and we’d like to investigate ruins, and we’d like you to tell us the locations of ruins that require permission to investigate and those that don’t.”

“I see. But to be honest, I don’t recommend it.”


“A bandit group has appeared, using the ruins around the Magicalize Kingdom as a stronghold. A request for the extermination of the bandits was posted on the request board, but since the bandits were too large for the adventurers to handle, the guild sent a request to the Dark Night Knights. So yesterday, a few of the knights went to investigate the ruins, but it seems that the bandits are moving from one ruin to another and are hard to catch.”

“I mean……….”

“Since the bandits and knights are going to be chasing each other for a while, I think it’s best not to investigate the ruins because it’s dangerous…….”



You’re not a bandit, are you?

This is all I can do……No wait, the knights did a survey of the ruins yesterday, I’ll ask them.

I think Brünnhilde would have no problem with a bandit group attacking on an army scale, but it might become a massacre scene.

The bandits are a hindrance to the investigation of the ruins and the Knights mission is to exterminate them…….This might be useful.

I left the reception desk and asked Brunnhilde.

“Brünnhilde, in order to investigate the ruins, we need to deal with the bandits. I’m sorry, but can you help me defeat them?”

“Yes, sensei. But if you are surrounded by a group of people, this sword will not be able to respond flexibly. In that case, please allow me to use the Maiden God Sword Excalibur.”

“No, that won’t be necessary. I don’t know if it will work, but I’ll ask……Lucia to help us.”

‘I see, you’re thinking of combining the power of the Knights with my strength to kill the bandits. But don’t the bandits go from place to place in the ruins?”

“If I use the detection mode of Holacty to search the surrounding area, I should be able to find the bandits.”

The question is whether or not Lucia will cooperate. If she doesn’t, then it’s just going to be me and Brunnhilde. To be precise, it’s Brunnhilde who has deployed the Maiden God Sword Excalibur.

Okay, I’ll ask her for help at dinner today.


Once I returned to Kutone’s house, I told her what I had done so far. When she seemed to have finished preparing for school, she was astonished.

“What, dinner with the leader of the Dark Knight Order? And it’s at the Blanche restaurant?”

“Yeah. But it’s just the three of us with Brünnhilde. I’m sorry, Kutone, but you’ll have dinner alone tonight.”

“I don’t care about that, but Blanche is a high class restaurant! Sage, are you planning to go there in those shabby clothes?”

“Well, aren’t they……a bit shabby?”

“Oh my god, I’m amazed that the leader of the “Dark Night Order” is a 23-year-old beauty. I didn’t expect you to have dinner with her at a fancy restaurant…And it was Sage who invited her to dinner…….I can’t let this happen! I’ll bring out my grandfather’s formal wear, and we’ll match it right away! Sage, take a bath! Brünnhilde, you can borrow my dress and wear it!”

“Oh, um…”

“I can’t wait! If the head of the knight order likes you, you may have a chance to meet Chancellor Nachtigal. And if she finds out that I am the guardian of Sage and Brunnhilde, then even the Chancellor will know about my existence….Uhihi, I’m rising through the ranks!”

I’m afraid to disobey, so I’ll do as you say.

“With all due respect, Kutone, I don’t think your clothing size fits my size, mainly because of my chest size. I’ll be fine as is, so please don’t mind me.”

“Are you trying to fight me?”

I headed for the bathroom to get away from Kutone, who started screaming.


I washed my body, hurriedly tailored the robe-like garment that is the formal attire of a magician, and adjusted Kutone’s dress for Brünnhilde. Kutone seems to be a good seamstress and had no trouble fitting my formal wear, but it took a bit of effort to adjust Brunnhilde’s dress. Above all, the chest……oops, excuse me.

I went back to my room and operated the band on my right hand.

“Holacty, return. That’s enough information gathering for now.”

I give orders by operating the touch panel. I’ve gotten used to using this mecha owl. When I can’ t even move openly, there is nothing I can rely on more. The machine is free of magic, so it can’t be traced by detection magic, and the stealth camouflage makes it impossible to see it.

“I’d reward you for a good job, but you can’t eat things.”

I nudged the mecha owl perched on my shoulder with my finger in appreciation and operated the terminal. Looking at the list of collected data, I found some audio data and video data. Good, good, it was a good decision to set up a net in the Magic Academy.

At the moment when I was about to touch the touch panel to browse the audio data.

“Mr. Sage! I need you to get dressed!”

“Okay, okay.”

There was a knock on the door, and Kutone’s voice rang out. I put Holacty on standby mode to let it rest, and went downstairs to change. Then I saw Brunnhilde in a dress.

“Mmm-hmm. How do you like that, Sage?”

“Oh……looks good on you, Brünnhilde.”

“Thank you.”

Brünnhilde is wearing a dress but it’s not like the ones princesses wear. It is a robe, the formal attire of a magician, with decorations, and underneath the robe she wears a shirt and skirt with fashionable frills. Her silver hair had been combed and she was wearing a beautiful hair ornament.

“Come on, Sage, get dressed!”

“Okay, okay.”

Dinner with Lucia, let’s go for it.


Night. With one gold coin, I arranged for a carriage to take me to the restaurant. When I tried to go on foot, Kutone yelled at me, so I reluctantly arranged for a carriage.

A few dozen minutes away from home….with only 79 gold coins left. While I was thinking about money, the carriage arrived at the restaurant in no time.

I was surprised that there was such a gorgeous building beside the Adventurer’s Guild, but it was also night time and not only the building but the whole town was glittering. I got off the carriage and extended my hand to escort Brunnhilde. Then Brunnhilde grabbed my hand and got off the carriage.

“Thank you, Sensei…….sensors are responding. It appears that Lucia has arrived.”

“Oh, she’s here?”

“Yes, sensei. She’s in that carriage over there.”

I followed Brünnhilde’s gaze and saw a carriage coming toward us. The carriage stopped in front of us, and the driver opened the door.

“I’m sorry you had to wait.”


Wait, she’s a superb……beauty. Her long, shimmering golden hair was flowing and she was wearing a dress that emphasized her breasts. The ornaments she wore also looked expensive, and the fact that Lucia wore them made her look even nobler. To be honest, I was so mesmerized that I couldn’t speak.

“Sir, your hand, please.”

“Oh……yeah, sure.”

I approached Lucia and held out my hand, she smiled and took it.

“Thank you.”


Oh my God, what was the point of today? Dinner with this beautiful woman? Well, I think there was a purpose.

“Brünnhilde, you look great.”

“Thank you. Lucia looks good, too.”

“Yeah. The……vice commander gave me a lot of advice. I think it’s a little too flashy…….”

“It’s very revealing around the chest. There is data that shows that men who see a woman’s breasts become extremely aroused.”

“Mm-hmm? Is that right?”

“Brünnhilde, don’t say anything funny!”

“I’m sorry sensei.”

“Let’s go, Sage, Brünnhilde.”

Thus began a delightful dinner.

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