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I was sold at the lowest price C269

I was sold at the lowest price C269: Nostalgia


It is difficult to fight properly against the army of the Kingdom of Lubel, which has 5,000 magicrafts deployed. We have no choice but to concentrate our attack on a single point and try to break through.

I instructed Dalaim’s men to use the arrows to intimidate the enemy, and Kiyone and I rushed into the enemy unit defending the entrance to the mountain to break through. However, after killing about a dozen enemy machines, the enemy forces retreated a bit. I had a bad feeling about the unexpected retreat, but sure enough, a large number of artillery shells were flying in from around the mountainside.

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding area was a sea of fire.

“Yuta! That new magicraft bombardment is dangerous! Let’s move back a bit!

“Stick to…….”

I know that Kiyone’s suggestion is correct, but when I think about Count Dalaim and Mother Maysa, I feel like I can’t do anything about it.

There was a big explosion around me and I was blown away. Thanks to Excalibur’s high defense, it has been able to avoid damage, but it won’t last long in this state…….Reluctantly, I had to retreat.

Not only did it become more difficult to get close to the mountain, but the bombardment of the new magicrafts of the Kingdom of Lubel’s army drove us back. In addition, a large army was encircling us, the army of the Kingdom of Lubel, which was closing in on us no matter whether we cut them down or not, was slowly squeezing us.

I spin around and cut down enemy magicrafts that have been attacking me from three sides, and then skewered a large magicraft in front of me with my sword.

I looked up and saw that an enemy unit was approaching Musashi. Dalaim’s troops desperately attacked with arrows, but there were too many enemies and they couldn’t stop everyone. I think I need to go help……but I can’t move because I’m surrounded by enemies too.

Brünnhilde’s Kunitsuna Onimaru steps out in front of the troops approaching Musashi. Her swordsmanship is a defensive swordsmanship called Mamoru Ken, in which she manipulates her sword according to the movements of her opponent.

As soon as the enemy magicraft swings its weapon, Kunitsuna Onimaru sword moves to cut down the enemy. As expected of a triple Highlander, Kiyone’s number one disciple, she wiped out the approaching enemy force with overwhelming strength.

But the enemy troops keep showing up one after another. Kiyone and Brunnhilde seem to still have some energy left in them, but Tris seems to have already reached his limit. The body of Tora was severely damaged, and cruelly, his left arm was about to be torn off.

“Tris! You need to step back!”

Kiyone instructed, sensing Tris’ limitations.

“I can still do it, Master!”

He said, but he probably wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Damn it! At this rate…….

But then, I saw Fugaku who had emerged from the forest.

“It’s Fugaku!”

Kiyone reacts to my words.

“What’s Fugaku?”

“It means that the Iron Knights have arrived!”

I couldn’t communicate with Fugaku from Excalibur. I was wondering if there was any way I could let them know that I needed help but when they approached me I called out to Fugaku using the external output sound.

“This is Yuta! Jean, can you hear me⁉ We’re struggling with many enemies, we need help!”

Jean answered my shout.

“What the hell, Yuta, why are you riding Excalibur the Sword Saint?”

“We can talk about that later!”

“I know, I know. I’ve already given them the order.”

Just as Jean had said, the hatch of the Fugaku was opened, and out of it popped the old faces of my friends magicrafts.

“Yuta, it’s Nanami!”

“You asked me to come and now you’re at war. You’re a busy man.”


“Wow…….Excalibur! I’ve never seen Excalibur in person!”

“Who cares, the enemy is the Kingdom of Lubel! Why are we fighting them?”

“I don’t care who the enemy is! Let’s just get this over with and have an emotional reunion.”

“No, it has something to do with you, Linnecarlo-sama…….It’s that Kingdom of Lubel!”

In addition, a familiar magicraft also appeared.

“Yuta is always in trouble, isn’t he?”

“What, Nagisa?”

“That’s right. Don’t sit around and get beat up.”

“Why are you in Fugaku?”

“We’ll talk about that later. Let’s get this over with.”

It’s true that there is no time for idle talk. I have to save Count Dalaim and Mother Maysa. I changed my mind and readied my sword.

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