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I was sold at the lowest price C270

I was sold at the lowest price C270: The New Iron Knights

Sorry for the late release, the bot missed the chapter and I forgot to check when I woke up.

Arthur’s Sentor’s charge kicked away many of the magicrafts of the Kingdom of Lubel’s army. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but Sentor’s power seems to be higher.

Lorgo’s Ganesha’s equipment has changed. He had a large shield in his left hand and a huge axe in his right.

Ganesha swung the axe and pushed forward, crushing the enemy magicrafts. Ganesha’s image was that of a defensive fighter, but he originally had a lot of power and showed tremendous offensive capabilities.

Farma’s Garuda was firing countless shining arrows from the sky. Perhaps it was the new weapon that Rafishal had made for her, but it was showing incredible power. One arrow split up into many rained down on the enemy army. Each shot is so powerful that it pierces a magicraft that is defending itself with its shield raised.

Emina’s Artemis, who had been approaching for some time, released her stealth mode to reveal herself. Artemis’s equipment has also changed. The bow gun that was previously mounted on her left hand was now smaller and mounted on the forearms of both arms.

Artemis pointed both arms at the enemy and fired the arrows from her bowgun. The arrows shot out at a tremendous speed and pierced a double-digit number of enemy machines. In addition, the magicrafts pierced by the arrows froze from the arrow parts and became motionless.

Alana’s Bercya swung her sword like a dancer and charged into the enemy army. The twin swords that she unleashed with god-like speed are amazing, but the scorching flames that fly around her every time she swings her sword burn up  a huge portion of the enemy magicrafs.

Now that I’ve learned swordsmanship from my father, I realize that Alana’s swordsmanship is rough, yet refined and beautiful, and has an outstanding strength that is different from the Veft style. The artistic movements produced by her transcendent swordsmanship were mesmerizing.

Nanami’s Vajra seemed to be unchanged in terms of equipment, but its performance had been greatly enhanced. With her shield at the ready, she charged into the center of the enemy force, kicking enemy magicrafts away.

A black haze spread in a circle around Vajra, and the enemy magicrafts within its range were destroyed as if they had been crushed. I think it’s Vajra’s gravitational strike, but the power and range of the attack seem to be stronger than before.

It seems that everyone has been greatly enhanced in a little while, but the one who had evolved beyond recognition was Linnecarlo’s Odin.

To my surprise, Odin was able to fly like Farma’s Garuda. While flying, he unleashed powerful ranged magic blasts. In addition to its terrifyingly wide attack range, it seems to be able to limit its attack targets at will and as the lightning strikes fall they avoid the allies. It’s also immensely powerful, crushing even large magicraft in a single blow.

“Yuta, don’t just stand there, I have a new trick up my sleeve!”

As Nagisa said this, she slashed at the two enemy magicrafts with her sword. As I suspected, being a martial arts practitioner, Nagisa had a good sense with swords. In addition, I don’t know how she did it, but her speed and power seem to have increased.

The battle situation seemed to be overwhelmingly in our favor. However, the beast tank team made a move. They had moved further up the mountain and extended their range. They pointed their powerful gun gates at us and began to fire.

“That’s nasty……Should we charge in forcefully and beat them……?”

As I was thinking this, Alana said calmly,

“I just got a call from Jean. Don’t worry, Fugaku will take care of those noisy things on the mountain.”

I listened again to the unexpected words.

“Fugaku will?”

The range of Fugaku’s ballista couldn’t have reached that far up the mountain. I didn’t understand it for a minute, but that little question of mine was answered by a ray of light that came from Fugaku.

The light emitted from Fugaku extended to the mountainside and delivered intense destruction there. The beast tank troops were caught up in the explosions created by the light, and exploded in a chain reaction.

“What the hell is that⁉”

“Fugaku’s new main gun, designed by Rafishal, it’s called the Four Elements Cannon.”

I thought I had heard of a four-element cannon somewhere before, but I can’t remember. Well, if it’s Rafishal’s weapon, I can understand why it’s so powerful.

Whatever it was, the threat was now gone. I decided to head to the main temple of Alice Abbey.

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