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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C67

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C67: Mist!


“You can’t fool me if you’re that well informed…….”

“Huh? You admitted it more honestly than I thought, didn’t you?”

Mist rolled her eyes in surprise.

“I knew there was no point in trying to hide it. If they know exactly what we’re up to, we’ll only be digging our own graves if we continue.”

“Huh? So you didn’t dug your own grave when you lied to me?”

“It’s just that I couldn’t bear to bother Miss Mist with it.”

“You’re so clever.”

“I’m not as good as Mist…….”

Mist tilted her head as if she had no idea what was going on. This innocent behavior made me wonder if she really had no idea. Please, just do what you’re supposed to do.

“So, you want my help, don’t you? What are you going to do?”

Mist was approaching me with a friendly smile on her face. I desperately tried to read what was behind the smile, but I couldn’t, so I gave up.

“Why in the world would you want to help me?”

“Oh, no. Chris-kun is in trouble, and I think he needs some help, so I’m just trying to help him out.”

Mist then clenched her fists lightly and brought them to the sides of her cheeks, which were glutinous and soft, and shook them. It’s annoying how insanely cute she is when she makes gestures like this.

“So I’m allowed to ask for nothing in return?”

“It’s okay. But then, I’m just going to tell everyone around me that I helped Chris-kun when he was in a tight spot.”

Is she going to spread the word that I’m an ungrateful person who doesn’t do anything for the help I get? If such a thing were to spread, not only would there be no noblemen who would want to side with me, but I would be ostracized by noble society.

At first glance, it may seem that there is no advantage for Mist, but in the eyes of the still young students, Mist appears to be a righteous person who saves people in distress without asking for anything in return, which makes it easier for her to gather allies.

In other words, the Mist wins this negotiation either way, and I lose if she knows exactly what information I have. Then I’ll have to make my loss smaller.

“What would you do for me if I asked Mist for help?”

I asked bluntly.

This is where I can convince Mist that her help is worth nothing, and get her to agree to this partnership on the lightest terms possible. If she doesn’t accept my offer, then all the work I’ve done so far will be for nothing.

As for me, I need Mist’s help. But I don’t think I can just accept Mist’s proposal so easily.

“It’s not for me to find out. It’s for you to find out.”

Mist chuckled.

Huh? If you’re going to be so open about it, it’s a bit disheartening for me.

“Um, Mist? I don’t think there’s any point in taking your suggestion if it’s not useful to me, even if you say so…….”

“In the first place, I researched this out of curiosity and ended up with you, so it’s a product of the process, not the essence. I’ll be lucky if you accept it.”

I see. It’s true that if you put myself in Mist’s position, that might be the case. But then, the question arises. If this is not her purpose, then why bother with this?

If I take the offer, even if it’s only a mild interference, as long as she interferes, she will at least be responsible if I fail. If someone tells people that I got help from Mist, whether anyone believes it or not, rumors will remain. This rumor will become a big thing in the small society of the school.

I wondered if she was looking for such a big reward that she would risk so much, but seeing as she didn’t show off her usefulness, I guess not.

“Then how can you be so sure I’ll be lucky if I accept your help? If I take it, and it fails, I’ll be taking a risk.”

Mist laughed heartily, as if she had read the ‘and’ part correctly.

“All things can be done or not done, in other words, you win or lose only 50% of the time. So even the best of us can fall, and even the stupidest of us can become a king. You’re standing on such a perilous risk, so what does it matter now?”

What a biased guy. Sure, she’s got a point. But then Mist would be taking a 50% gamble unnecessarily.

You look like you’re not convinced. To put it a little more simply, human life is full of odds and ends. For example, Chris, you were wondering if you would be caught in a lie, if you would be able to cover it up, if you would get answers to your questions.

Indeed, if you ask me, even at this moment, we have played numerous games.

“That’s why I can’t take risks in every game I play. I only think about what I can get out of it. So if I can get more than what I set out for this time, I’ll be lucky.”

Mist laughed as usual, it was the kind of laugh that blew my doubts away.

“Besides! It’s fun whether I win or lose! That’s the main reason!”

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