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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C30

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C30: Android Combat


The battle began between Lucia, the black knight with jet-black armor and jet-black sword, and Brunnhilde, who remained standing and did not move a muscle.

Lucia holds up her sword and provokes Brunnhilde.

“What’s up? You can start at any time.”


Brünnhilde does not make the slightest movement. But the eyes, inorganic and without any emotion, continue to look at Lucia.

Lucia sizzled as she closed the distance, sword at the ready.


However, Brunnhilde did not move. It’s as if time has stopped. Only her inorganic eyes remained motionless as she looked at Lucia.

Lucia felt an inexplicable fear. She felt as if Brünnhilde was not human. Any normal person wouldn’t have been able to cope with Lucia. There are many ways to sense an opponent, such as breathing, the slightest movement of limbs, gaze, and sword air. But from this Brunnhilde, she can’t feel anything, to a frightening degree.

She is an unpredictable monster. In the end, Lucia was overwhelmed by Brunnhilde. Brünnhilde never moved, only observed.


“If you don’t come……I’ll come to you!”

Impatient, Lucia jumped out, sword at the ready. Brünnhilde still did not move.



Eye tracking. Infrared activated. Input of muscle strength information. Detection of the number of steps and strides from the starting position. Calculate speed. Start calculating the angle of incidence of the sword from the muscle information. Distance 12 meters. Contact after about 1.542 seconds. Fine adjustment of angle of incidence.



Attack with sword, threat level small. All information input. Evasive action initiated……….Evasion successful.

“Don’t you……!”

Armor material analysis……analysis completed. Armor material: high-strength titanium alloy. Code 04 Brunnhilde equipment list. The Maiden Divine Sword Excalibur cannot be used due to restrictions. Can use “Rare Metal Sword”. Cannot destroy target’s armor with current equipment. No weapons used. Armor can be destroyed by hand. Power level adjusted. Set to the lowest kill level.


“What do you mean…..?”

Abdominal armor destroyed. No internal damage. Vitals fluctuating. No life support issues.

“I can’t believe you’ve……completely overlooked my sword.”

Incapacitation complete. End of battle.



The battle was over in less than ten seconds.

I and Kutone were stunned. And then there was Lucia, slumped in the middle of the stage, and Brunnhilde, looking down at her with a blank expression.

Brünnhilde didn’t even draw her sword. She stared straight at Lucia and completely avoided the sword that was coming at her with explosive speed by shifting only half a step. She then countered with a powerful body blow that smashed the armor around Lucia’s abdomen.

Even an amateur like me can see that. Brünnhilde had completely seen through Lucia’s movements. It’s a strategy that no human could possibly copy.

“It’s amazing…..how strong you are, Brünnhilde.”


Lucia staggered to her feet and said while holding her stomach.

“I didn’t feel like I was fighting a human…….Who are you?”

“I am an adventurer.”

“Ha, ha, ha…….I see.”

Kutone pulled on my sleeve and I went straight to Brunnhilde and the others. Lucia’s men were gathering on the stage, but she stopped them with her hand and said to us.

“Huh…….I’ve been completely defeated. There is no doubt about your ability. You’ve passed.”

“So, are we going to get rid of the bandits?”

“Once again, I ask for your help. I’m going to ask the Knights to appoint you to help me kill the bandits.


“I’ll send a request to the guild tomorrow for further discussion.”

“All right. But more importantly, are you okay?”

“……No problem.”

Lucia replied, holding her stomach. Maybe she doesn’t want to look pathetic in front of her subordinates.

“Brünnhilde, I hope you’ll fight me again. This time……I’ll take it seriously.”

“With your permission, I’ll accept any time.”

“……I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After saying that, Lucia left. Okay, so now we have the cooperation of the Knights.


Recently, a bandit group has been operating in the ruins around the Magicalize Kingdom. The bandits are called “Night is My Garden,” and they are a large band. The Adventurer’s Guild has been asked to defeat them, but it is difficult for an individual or a group of a few to defeat them. Therefore, the adventurer’s guild sent a request to the Dark Night Knights to defeat them.

That’s where I and Brunnhilde appeared.

Our goal was to investigate the ruins. But we can’t safely survey the ruins in an area where there are bandits who might be anywhere. I’m sure Brünnhilde could beat back the bandits even if they attacked at the level of an army, but it seems that the Rare Metal Sword is not enough to deal with a large number of people. If she uses the Maiden God Sword Excalibur, it will look like a massacre scene.

So, I’ll cooperate with the Knights here to kill the bandits.

I can use Holacty to find the location of the bandits, and even if it comes to a battle, I have not only Brunnhilde but also the Knights to rely on.

Besides, the adventurer’s guild made the request to the knight’s and they can ask the adventurers for help. That’s me and Brunnhilde, and the Adventurer’s Guild would pay the Knights, but we would get the reward. Of course, it’s only a small reward because we split it with the Knights.

Let’s accept the request to exterminate the bandits and head back to the Knights’ training grounds tomorrow.

“It’s called…….”

“I see. Sage and Brünnhilde, you want to go that far to investigate the ruins.”


We had just finished dinner at Kutone’s house and were talking about our plans for tomorrow. Then Kutone let out a sigh and plopped down on the table.

“I wish I could go too, but school starts tomorrow.”

“We’re going to kill bandits. We can’t take you with us.”

“I know. I’m just saying.”

It’s been a long detour, but we’re making progress little by little. When I glanced at Brunnhilde, she was still holding Silica in her arms.


In the evening, Holacty is resting on the desk in my room. I stroked the steel head with my fingers, sat on the bed and operated the band. My goal, of course, is to check the video and audio data that Holacty has collected.

“We’ll start with the audio data from…….”

(Audio data, 1)


“Did you hear? Chancellor Nachtigal is coming back.”

“Really? I believe the Chancellor went to the Kingdom of Fauve, where the Beast King Al-Assad resides, right?”

“Oh, rumor has it that they’re forming an alliance against the Ostrode Kingdom…….”

“The Kingdom of Fauve…….That’s the land of beastmen, right? I don’t think we’re going to get eaten, do you?”

“I don’t think the Alliance has to worry about that. And it’s better than being captured by the Ostrode Kingdom and experimented on.”

“Hey, are you serious about that rumor?”

It’s true. I’ve heard that the inhabitants of the Ostrode Kingdom are all magic soldiers, according to an adventurer friend of mine. That is the land of the Immortal King Van Houten.”

“Oh, and that country has called in about thirty of the most ridiculous cheats.”

“Seriously, what are those monsters for?”

“Of course they’re for war.”



(Audio data, 2)


“Hey, do you know about the alliance……”

“Yeah, I know, with the land of the beasts.”

“Nachtigal is negotiating in person, so it’s possible.”

But, you know……it’s a country that uses people like cattle, right? And it is rumored that the King of the Beasts, Al-Assad, hates people.”

“But there’s no one else. The only ones around here are Al-Assad, the Shark Skin King Squalo, and the Genie King Origin. Squalo is in the underwater kingdom of Blue Ocean, and Origin has never left the sanctuary of the elves. There’s only the bottom of the ocean and a forest that’s never been touched by humans.”

“I know…….”



(Audio data, 3)


“Hey, hey, did you hear? I heard from an adventurer friend of mine that a new person has joined the slaves of the Fauve Kingdom.”

“It’s not that unusual.”

“It seems that the human is a slave with a ring. The adventurer who was watching said that a beastman picked him up after he collapsed.”

“Hmm. What’s wrong with that?”

The reason why Chancellor Nachtigal asked the Fauve Kingdom for an alliance is to oppose the Ostrode Kingdom, right? Maybe that ring-bearer is a force to be reckoned with?”

“You’re thinking too much. Besides, don’t you know the treatment of slaves in the Kingdom of Fauve? People there are treated like livestock and are expendable. They don’t get clothes, both men and women are naked, and they have to work all day long for bad food.”

“I know not all beastmen are like that, but the beastmen of the Fauve Kingdom are famous for hating humans! I think the Magicalize Kingdom and the Fauve Kingdom will go to war before they can restrain the Ostrode Kingdom.”

“Maybe………is too much of a leap from slave ring owner to war stories.”

“Haha, you’re probably right. Speaking of which, I have that ring…….”


Interrupting the audio data, I exhaled.

“……..My God. I knew it was the Ostrode Kingdom.”

This is all the information at the rumor level.

Chancellor Nachtigal is absent. She is on her way to the Kingdom of Fauve to form an alliance with one of the Demon Kings, the Super Beast King Al-Assad. She will return in the near future.

The Ostrode Kingdom is also rumored to be experimenting on human beings. This is what they say on a rumor level. It’s highly believable…….Damn.

“I knew that country was dangerous for the……students.”

I exhaled and calmed myself down.

Oh, by the way, I found video data. Chancellor Nachtigal was not here, but I wondered what kind of footage was taken. For some reason, I operated the touch panel with trembling fingers.

“Oh, shit.”

I made a mistake and played the rest of the (Audio data, 3). I tried to press the stop playing button on the touch screen and……froze.


“Oh, by the way, the ring bearer had two cats with her.”


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