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I was sold at the lowest price C273

I was sold at the lowest price C273: Elysia’s Ten War Gods / Yuki


“As you may have heard, we suffered a great defeat in the battle against the Kingdom of Rhesia. If this continues, the dignity of the Elysian Empire will fall to the ground. Therefore, I have decided to implement a large-scale organizational reform of the military.”

That’s what the new Minister of War, Eo’s successor, declares. Called to this occasion were all the high ranking riders of the Nitro Corps, including Yuto and the others who had recently been given Nitro Ludia. Outside of the Nitro Corps, the new emperor, Grand Vizier Rafishal, and the upper echelons of the Elysian Empire are all here.

“First of all, I’m giving a title to a particularly outstanding person from the Nitro Corps. This is also valid as a position in the Elysian army, meaning it is the highest rank in the army.”

The members of the Nitro Corps were buzzing about. When they heard the words “the highest rank in the military,” they seemed to expect that it might be them.

“The name of the title is [Elysia’s Ten War Gods], and this name will spread throughout the continent, becoming an object of awe and respect, a symbol of the Elysia Empire.”

I chuckle at the mundane name. However, people don’t seem to be interested in the name, and they want to hear about who will get the title as soon as possible. It’s called the Ten War Gods, so I guess it’s a title that can be given to ten people…..

“We will now confer the titles. I will call out your names one by one, so please step forward. Also, in order to make his strength known throughout the continent, the Elysian War Gods will also announce their Ludia value both inside and outside the country. I will read them out along with your names.”

It was finally time, and the place fell silent. When they read out the Ludia values, it means that the selection criteria for the Ten War Gods is based on Ludia value.

Everyone seems to be confident in their Ludia values, which have been greatly increased by Nitro Ludia, and they don’t seem to have any doubt that they will be called.

I can hear throat-clearing sounds coming from somewhere. They are waiting for the words of the Minister of War with glaring eyes, they want the highest rank in the military that badly.

“First up, Ludia value, 425,000, Rosetta.”

One of the three greats was suddenly called. Everyone agreed that this was inevitable.

“Second, Ludia value, 427,000, Arjen.”

This is Arjen, a former Triple Highlander. I’ve known him since we fought together in the Nitro Corps. He is a cheerful young man with blond hair and a body full of muscles. The place buzzed with excitement at the number that surpassed Rosetta.

“Third, Ludia value, 434000, Cruz.”

The fact that Cruz, a newcomer, was called out showed that background had nothing to do with the title. Hearing this, many of them had desperate expressions on their faces. Some of them were probably expecting to be selected based on something other than numerical values.

“Fourth, Ludia value, 443000, Emesis.”

One of the three greats was called out. After all, it seems that those with good original values tend to have higher values even after receiving Nitro Ludia.

“The fifth person is Reina, with a Ludia value of 448,000.”

I was surprised at how high Reina’s Ludia value was. She stepped forward proudly.

And with the announcement of the sixth person, there was the biggest reaction so far. It was the name of the person who not long ago had been called the strongest person on the continent.

“The sixth person is Yuto, with a Ludia value of 988,000.”

Everyone shouted in surprise at the Ludia value, which surpassed all previous values.

However, the murmur grew louder when they noticed that Yuto’s name was the sixth person to be called. Yes, the announcements up to this point had been made in order of increasing Ludia value. They still couldn’t believe that there were four people above him, but I knew one of them.

“Seventh, Ludia value, 1389000, Yuki.”

There was a moment of silence as my name was called. I glanced over at Reina, and her expression changed to that of a demon. It seems that she didn’t expect my Ludia value to be higher than hers.

“The above persons are hereby conferred the title.”

When the Minister of War says this, the crowd starts to buzz again, even though there are Ten War Gods, only seven have been called. Seeing that the people were confused as to what was going on, the Minister of War added a few more words.

“In addition, three people who are not here have already been chosen, they will be announced later.”

I was curious about the three mysterious people. I could hear people around me guessing who they might be, but no one had any idea.

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  1. Jeff

    Thank you for the chapter.
    Why do I get the feeling when Yui sees Yuta again and finds out he has a “harem” she goes all yandere on him?

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