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I was sold at the lowest price C274

I was sold at the lowest price C274: The Other Messiah / Yuki


Since I became one of the Ten War Gods, my treatment has changed drastically. I’ve always been treated with respect as a top-tier rider, but now it’s even more excessive.

One of the generals I passed greeted me by kneeling down in front of me. Even the Minister of War, who appointed the Ten War Gods, treats me with respect after the appointment. I realized that my position in the empire is the third highest after Rafishal and the emperor.

I was treated so well, but I was not free. I touch the red jewel embedded below my own neck……I would escape from the Elysian Empire if it were not for this…….

The Council of the Ten War Gods, which is essentially the Supreme Military Council of the Elysian Imperial Army, was inaugurated. It was decided that the council would be held every three months to decide on the future military actions of the Elysian Imperial Army.

“This is the first meeting of the Ten War Gods, so where shall we begin?”

Yuto-san, who was appointed as the chairperson, started the discussion.

“We already know what to talk about, which country are we going to destroy?”

Suddenly, Cruz made a radical statement.

“Destroying countries is not so easy. We don’t need to talk about going to war with some other country just because it’s a military conference.”

I couldn’t help but say that. Then Arjen agreed with me.

“If it’s a war that doesn’t need to be fought, I don’t think it needs to be fought either.”

“I feel the same way, but the Emperor and Grand Vizier have set me one major goal. That is to conquer the continent within three years.”

The Ten War Gods reacted to Yuto’s words in different ways. Rosetta turned away disinterestedly, while Emesis crossed his arms and began to think about something. Cruz began to chuckle wryly, and Reina feigned a blank expression, but a smile appeared on her face. Arjen and I both chuckled, conquering a continent is so ridiculous.

“Conquering the continent in three years, what a rush.”

“That’s a reasonable goal. I wonder if anyone can compete with us now?”

“We’ve been defeated by the Three Kingdoms Alliance and Rhesia.”

“You’re talking about the Nitro Corps, right? I mean, who can defeat the Ten War Gods?”

“I don’t know about that, but it’s rumored that only one magicraft defeated the defeated Nitro Regiment in Rhesia.”


“If that’s true, then there are enemies in Rhesia that rival us, the Ten War Gods.”

“What the hell is the Kingdom of Rhesia……?”

“The Kingdom of Rhesia was originally part of the Elysian Empire. It ended up splitting up due to differences in ideology and power struggles, and at that time, a certain organization also split between the Rhesia Kingdom faction and the Elysian Empire faction.”

Emesis suddenly started talking as if telling an old story.

“What organization Emesis?”

“The Messiah family.”

The Messiah clan of Rafishal fanatics is split⁉ This is getting interesting.

“What is the Messiah clan?”

Few people knew about the Messiah clan, let alone the newcomer, Reina.

“Those here are the chosen ones of the Ten War Gods. That is why I must tell you that the true rulers of the Elysian Empire are the Messiah clan and Lord Rafishal. The emperor is just one of the current chiefs of the Messiah clan.”

“How could Emesis know such a thing?”

“Because I am also a member of the Messiah family.”

Everyone was surprised by the shocking confession.

“That’s why I know the power of the Messiah clan. Only the Messiah clan can resist the Messiah clan. That’s why we can’t let our guard down against the Kingdom of Rhesia.”

“Are you saying that the Kingdom of Rhesia also possesses Nitro Ludia’s technology?”

“I don’t know how much technology they have, but it’s possible that they have technology from the time of ancient civilizations.”

“Damn, I thought we could defeat them with the power of Nitro Ludia.”

Arjen says regretfully.

“Well, to be precise, the really scary enemy isn’t the Kingdom of Rhesia, but that branch of the Messiah clan that’s behind it.”

“The Radol Company.”

“Cruz, how do you know that?”

“There are only a few organizations that can control a country from behind the scenes.”

Everyone seemed to be convinced by the name of the Radol Company, but I had never heard of it before.

“What kind of organization is the Radol Company?”

“Yukari was involved with that organization at one time, too. The Radol Company, a for-profit organization that controls the entire continent in the name of absolute neutrality. It’s the only entity that has a summoning device.”

Summoning Device⁉ That means that the ones that brought us into this world are the Radol Company…….

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