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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C82

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C82: The Road to King (22)


Since they’re moving in groups like this I’ll be able to use a different tactic instead of destroying them individually. This was made possible by their mobility. The maneuverability of a well-trained cavalry force would be enough to hold them at bay.

If Fran was intimidated by my individual defeat tactics in Bridget, I would have a better chance.

The third army was the most vulnerable. With Kediman’s death and the sudden change in command, internal unity was not working and morale was low.

The location of the Third Army was behind the advancing enemy.

“Zint led 2,000 cavalrymen in an assault on the head of the Third Army. All you have to do is charge, use that momentum to advance and get out of there while killing the enemy in front of you.”

“All right!”

“Yurasia, I want you to lead 2,000 cavalrymen in an assault on the middle of the Third Army. You’ll pass through to the other side in the same manner as Zint.”


If the head and middle of the Third Army were temporarily divided by a cavalry charge, the forces in between would be instantly isolated.

While 4,000 cavalrymen were charging, I would lead 6,000 cavalrymen to disrupt the divided forces. In other words, this was also an individual assault tactic.

“All right, let’s charge!”

This is especially effective when the enemy is advancing steadily, not when they are camping. When attacking infantry, we, as cavalry, have far more mobility.

Chasing down cavalry that has broken away from them? That would make the troops away from the unit fall prey to individual assault.

Following my orders, Zint and Yurasia each charged into the area where the Third Army was advancing, behind the march path of the 150,000-strong army.

Because of the flat terrain, their assault was in full view. If this happens, the enemy’s front line and rear line will be momentarily divided!

“All right, we’re charging in!”

I will then lead the remaining 6,000 cavalrymen against the divided and temporarily isolated Third Army.


Six thousand cavalrymen, accompanied by strong morale, began to trample the infantry of the Third Army.

[Third Narja Army]

[Troops: 20,000 infantry]

[Morale: 60]

[Training level: 92]

The central part of the army was divided by Zint and Yurasia’s attacks.

“Charge. Kill every enemy in sight, and then get out of here!”

[Aintorian’s Iron Cavalry]

[Troops: Cavalry 6,000]

[Morale: 93]

[Training: 97]


[20,000 infantry, 3rd Narja Army]

[6,000 Aintorian Cavalry]

[Combat terrain: plains]

[Combat advantage: Infantry < Iron Cavalry, 50% increase in attack power]

[Morale: Narja < Aintorian, attack strength increased by an additional 50%].

It’s a flatland battle. When ordinary infantry and iron cavalry fight on the plains, there is a huge difference in the superiority of their armies. The Third Army of Narja was more numerous, but the overwhelming superiority of the iron cavalry caused the enemy to fall one by one.

The farthest rear of the Third Army was now split up by Yurasia assault. And the line of battle must have collapsed when they tried to stop her.

I pounced towards the part that Zint and Yurasia had cut off and by the time the 3rd army leader Warlord Lamp came to the rescue we had already left the place.

[Narja’s Third Army 15,000]

[Aintorian Iron Cavalry 5,700]

As soon as the battle began, Narja’s Third Army panicked and suffered 5000 casualties. It was a surprise attack, but this was the effect born from the superiority of the offensive power of the army! Of course, Narja’s Third Army, with its well-trained soldiers, set up its battle lines and began to fight back…


I wasn’t going to continue the fight any further. A surprise attack was just that, a surprise attack. Zint and Yurasia’s respective troops would have gotten out by now. So I’m getting out of here too! If we stay too long, we will be sandwiched between them.

This individual assault is an effect that can be created by momentary fragmentation. And this is not a one-shot strategy. The enemy knew of it and could not avoid it. The moment they formed a chase group, there would be no point in marching in packs.

The long line of a 150,000-strong army, we would choose where to break up that line. The enemy would just have to be on edge 24 hours a day.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do enough damage to affect the war situation, though…….The damage from this surprise attack will probably be the most significant. After that, they will be more vigilant, so they will respond better. But torment alone will affect the numbers, because human morale is not a machine number.

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