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I was sold at the lowest price C277

I was sold at the lowest price C277: Reunion Aftermath


I was relaxing on a bench in the garden where there was a nice breeze to cool my body down after the hot spring. I was thinking that I would call Ranelle after I had rested for a while, when Nagisa came trotting up to me.

“You’ll catch a cold if you sit there after your bath.”

“Don’t worry, I’m immune to colds.”

“What are you talking about? You caught a cold in elementary school and almost got pneumonia.”

“How do you remember all that?”

“Of course I do! You have no idea how worried I was about you!”

“You were worried about me?”

“……That’s right, you’re my childhood friend, I’m at least a little worried about you…….”

Nagisa sat down next to me with a slightly angry expression on her face. I unconsciously moved a little to the side to make it easier for Nagisa to sit down. It’s not that I’m not comfortable with Nagisa sitting by my side. If I think about it, she has been by my side for most of my life so far.

“So, what did you do while you were missing?”

“I trained in sword fighting. I got a little stronger.”

“Oh, so Yuta, who had refused all my invitations to practice aikido, is training in swordsmanship…….”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“No offense. I was just wondering what kind of business you were getting into.”

“When you talk like that, it’s when you have something to say. Speak up.”

“Kiyone, right? She’s beautiful…….She has a vague resemblance to Yuki Shirayuki, and I think you took up sword fighting to look good for her.”

“Fool, Kiyone is not like that.”

“Then what is she like?”

“Hmmm, well, I guess it’s like having a……big sister.”

“Yuta was an only child and he longed for an older sister. I remember you asking aunt Yuko to make you a sister.”

“Why do you remember all those things?”

“I don’t know.”

What were you doing? You said you met up with the Iron Knights to look for me. Were you bored?”

“That’s rude! I’m not bored. Rather, I was guarding Ranelle, so when she was busy hanging around, I just inevitably got busy.”

“I thought you had no time on your hands.”

“You’re so annoying!”

As we were having this conversation, I suddenly remembered everyone in my class. I casually told Nagisa about it.

“How are the guys in the class?”

“What’s with the sudden……Well, unlike Yuta, everyone had a decent Ludia value, so I’m sure they’re doing well.”

“I hope so, because this world is more unreasonable than I thought, and I think some people are having a hard time.”

“The others in the class will never imagine that Yuta is worried about them like this.”


“Because they think you’re a slave with a Ludia value of 2.”

You’re right…….Nagisa is sometimes right on target.

“Minami-sensei in particular might be going crazy with worry. She’s a passionate person so I’m sure she’s worried about Yuta.”

“Professor Minami…….I had forgotten she existed until just now.”

“Hey! What are you going to do if you forget the teacher who took care of you so well?”

“I mean, that teacher can be scary sometimes.”

“What kind of scary?”

“Well, for example, when she’s so focused on her goal that she can’t see anything else.”

“Oh……there were times when I got that look.”

“When she has that look in her eyes, I’m afraid she’ll do anything to get what she wants.”

However, she was taking care of me, and she’s usually a very kind teacher, so I’m sure it was just my imagination.

“Ah! Nagisa is flirting with Yuta!”

It was Nanami who said this in a loud voice. Hearing her voice, Alana and Linnecarlo came running over.

“Don’t try to run away, Nagisa!”

“Nagisa, you promised something! I thought you said that we would celebrate our reunion together later!”

Alana and Linnecarlo were blaming her, and Nagisa was tense. In the end, we were all forcibly taken to an underground hot spring that men and women were taking turns using.

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