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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C71

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C71: Before Claire’s study session


Yesterday, I left them and went straight back to my dorm. I was so exhausted that I went to bed as soon as I got back to my room, but I overslept in the morning, so I arrived at school just in time.

Nevertheless, it was too quiet. There should be many people at this time of day, but I don’t hear much talking. I wondered about that, but I had to get into the classroom as soon as possible, so I stopped thinking about it and entered the classroom.

As soon as I entered the classroom, I saw that the students were gathered in their groups as usual, and nothing seemed to have changed. However, they were not chatting and laughing as usual, but instead were whispering to each other. I followed the eyes of my classmates to find out why. Then I understood why the class was so quiet.

I looked at Claire, who was dressed in a beautiful black dress that matched her shiny black hair, and had a flower ornament in her hair. What is this guy doing……? It’s a bit confusing for everyone. Why aren’t you wearing your uniform?

When I look at Claire quizzically, she turns around and our eyes meet, but she looks away in an instant. However, she glanced at me several times. And I think my face is somewhat red. I questioned Claire’s all too unnatural behavior and let my thoughts wander.

Why is she wearing a dress here in the first place? If you’re wearing a dress, it’s safe to assume that there’s some kind of party going on. And if you have to come to school in a dress, that means you have to go to a party soon. That would explain why she was blushing and glancing at me.

In conclusion, Claire forgot that there was a party, made an appointment with me for a study session, and she’s blushing with shame that she can’t keep her promise to me. And she’s probably glancing at me to see when to apologize.

If that’s the case, it’s good news for me. There’s no point in teaching Claire how to study, and I’ll have less trouble. It was fortuitous, really. I’ll make it easy for Claire to come and apologize.

I smiled briskly at her, with a hint of “Don’t worry, I don’t mind.” Then, Claire’s face turned bright red and she looked forward with great vigor.

Did I miss something? Surely there was something in her pride that would not allow her to be nice to someone she didn’t like. Huh, I’m f*cked…….

I was sighing and thinking to myself that she hated me again, when the bell rang for the start of the school day.

“Hey, you guys, take your seats!”

The teacher walked into the classroom and the students followed his instructions and took their seats.

“Okay, attendance and…….”

The teacher stands at the podium, opens the attendance book, looks at the students, stops what he is about to say the moment he looks at them, and stands there stunned. Then, after freezing for a few seconds, he opened his mouth fearfully.

“Oh, Ms. Alcala?”


Claire replies to the teacher with dignity.

“No, it’s not attendance…….”

“If it’s not attendance, do you have a question for me? If there is, please make it quick. Your job is supposed to be teaching.”

The teacher was under pressure from Claire, who had said it outright, but spoke for all of us.

“Um, why aren’t you wearing your uniform?”

“That’s none of your business.”

She choked on her words and glanced at me, her face reddening again. What do you want me to do?

“Haa, but….”

The teacher was about to continue, when Claire interrupted him.

“Your job is to teach the class. I want you to get started.”

When she said that, the teacher gave up helplessly and started taking attendance. I think it’s because Claire is the daughter of a great nobleman that she can’t say anything she wants.

After that, the class ended without incident and it was lunch time. I was sitting alone in my seat waiting for Claire to come and apologize. However, there was no sign of her approaching me or even looking at me. What am I going to do now?

As long as she didn’t say anything to me, I would have to go to Claire’s study session, which never happened. No matter how much I knew, if I didn’t go, I’d be breaking my promise.

Then I realized. Isn’t this the true purpose of Claire’s study group? If I didn’t go to the study session, she could use that as an excuse to blame me, and if I did go, she could harass me by making me wait endlessly.

I don’t mind if I have to wait for a long time, but I have to study with Alice today, so I don’t want to be kept waiting. It would be fine if I could move my study session with Alice to another day, but I have an appointment with Mist tomorrow, so I’d rather do it today.

As I was thinking about this, I saw Alice approaching, so I quickly got up and hurriedly left the classroom. I hurriedly left the classroom, checking my footsteps to make sure she couldn’t close the distance between us as I headed for the back of the school building.

Is this a good place to be? When I reached the back of the school building, I stopped and looked back. Then, a red-faced, crowned Alice came out of the shadows of the school building, gasping for breath.

“Why do you always run away?”

“No, I’m not running away.”

I just don’t want to talk to you in a public place. If I could escape, I would.

“Then why did you come all the way out here?”

“Don’t you think, Alice?”


Alice asked, frowning in frustration.

She always listens to me honestly, and today, she’s following me from behind. She’s kind of like a dog, even though she is a princess.

“Perhaps Alice came to talk about today’s study session?”

“Well, yes.”

“If I were to talk about it in the classroom, I’d be announcing to everyone that I’m teaching Alice how to study.”

“Yes, that’s right…….”

Alice suddenly looked embarrassed, as she remembered that she shouldn’t reveal that she was being taught by me. No, it’s not good to forget about it. It’s a serious concern.

“Are you okay?”

I was worried and asked, but Alice turned red and got angry.

“I’m fine! It’s just that I was looking forward to it so much that I forgot!”

“Well, okay. Anyway, I can’t talk to you in front of the classroom or the students, so if you need to talk to me, I’ll just come here, okay?”


Alice looks uncomfortable, dripping with frustration but I’m a hundred times more frustrated than her.

“We have to keep our relationship a secret?”

“Our relationship……is a secret!”

I don’t know why Alice muttered that, and her face suddenly brightened. She really is a person who changes her expression frequently.

“All right, Chris! It’s kind of a fairy tale, isn’t it?”

I don’t know what a fairy tale is, but if you get it, it’s okay.

“See you at the study session, Alice.”

The time for the next class was approaching, so I just told her that and left the back of the school building, leaving Alice to muse and fantasize about “our secret meeting……”or something like that.

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