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I was sold at the lowest price C279

I was sold at the lowest price C279: Valuable Reward


“Ranelle, it’s been a long time.”

“Yuta-san……Thank God, you’re okay.”

From my room in Fugaku, I sent a message to Ranelle. I wasn’t sure if she would be there or not since she was busy, but she responded right away.

“I’m sorry if I’m talking to you like this after such a long time, but do you know a place called Alice Abbey?”

“Yes. Of course I know about it, it’s a famous neutral organization. What’s wrong with it?”

“Actually, I have a connection with them and I’m in the main temple of Alice Abbey. I’m in a bit of trouble here…”

I told her that Alice Abbey was being unjustly invaded by the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel. She is a responsible head of state, and I don’t think she would act on her personal feelings alone, but I explained to her in a way that appealed to her feelings.

“It’s outrageous to invade an organization that’s absolutely neutral in order to force them into submission! It is absolutely unacceptable! I understand. It’s not a decision I can make on my own, but I’ll call a meeting of the Federation Council tomorrow to discuss the matter.”

“Thank you, Ranelle. I’m sorry for making such a request in a private communication……”

“No, I’m just glad that Yuta-san relied on me.”

What a good friend she is, to be happy that I asked her for help. I thought that I would gladly lend my support to her if she asked me for help.

As Ranelle had said, she immediately put it on the agenda of the Federation Council, and the Amurian Federation officially came forward to support the Alice Abbey. It was a relief to know that an army would be dispatched to defend Alice Abbey.

“What can I do to thank you, Yuta-sama?”

Mother Maysa thanked me politely, as if she was afraid.

“If you want to thank me, help the Amurian Federation, who decided to provide actual support.”

“Of course, I am grateful to the Amurian Union. But we owe Yuta-sama more than we can ever repay. It’s a shame that Alice Abbey is a non-profit organization whose only claim to fame is that it’s old, so we can’t do much to repay you…….That’s right, Sister Muzie, come here.”

Then she called Sister Muzie.

“Please take Sister Muzie with you, it’s the least we can do.”

I didn’t understand what she meant, but was she offering me Sister Muzie as a reward? She bowed with a cheerful expression despite the fact that she was being offered to me.

“It is my pleasure, Yuta-sama.”

Alana, who was listening to the exchange, pointed out angrily.

“Wait a minute! Yuta is not in need of a woman. You don’t need to thank him like that.”

“I apologize for the lack of explanation. It is not for the purpose of having Sister Muzie accompany Yuta-sama to perform services for him. It’s for something much more valuable.”

“Something valuable?”

“Yes, it’s about information. I would like to provide Yuta-sama with information from all over the continent that is gathered at Alice Abbey through Sister Muzie.”

“Well, that’s a great reward. Yuta, let’s take it.”

Jean was the first to realize its value. He immediately agreed to accept Mother Maysa’s offer.

It would certainly be helpful to get information from all over the continent. There was also an extra room in Fugaku, and there was no reason to refuse.

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