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I was sold at the lowest price C281

I was sold at the lowest price C281: Love Letter

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When Count Dalaim’s men had finished repairing their magicrafts, the Amurian Union’s support troops arrived at Alice Abbey. It was a large force of 1,000 magicrafts, enough strength to defend the easily defendable Alice Abbey.

“Yuta-dono, are you leaving?”

Count Dalaim came to greet me with a regretful look.

“Count Dalaim, take care.”

“Take care of yourself, Yuta-dono.”

In addition, Mother Maysa also greeted me politely.

“May Alice bless the Iron Knights and the Amurian Union.”

“Thank you. I’ll come running if anything happens.”

The support troops arrived, and we left Alice Abbey as planned. Our goal was to reach a place called Belau, the largest military base in the Amurian Union.

“I wonder if a thousand or so magicrafts can protect them from the Valkyrie Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel, regardless of how advantageous their position is.”

A short time after leaving Alice Abbey, Emina muttered a plausible concern.

“Don’t worry, I thought of that and I removed five of Fugaku’s Salamanders and left them behind. With such powerful guns in such a solid place, it should be very difficult for any large army to defeat them.”

Jean says so.

“When did you make such arrangements?”

“Alice Abbey is going to be an important source of information from now on, and we don’t want it to be destroyed.”

I appreciate Jean’s concern. The fact that he left 5 Salamanders means that he really values Alice Abbey information network.

“Speaking of which, Nagisa, what are you going to do when you get to the Amurian Union? Are you going back to Ranelle’s place?”

While we were eating, I suddenly became curious and asked.

“I’ve talked to Ranelle and it’s been decided that I’ll be staying with the Iron Knights for a while.”

Nagisa didn’t even look at me, she just chewed on a piece of bread and quietly reported that.

“Why? Did you get into a fight with Ranelle?”

“No, I didn’t! We decided that it would be better for me to stay here for now because of Ludia training!”

“Nagisa likes to train…….Are the two who came with you going to stay here too?”

“Yukiha says she’s interested in Ludia training, and Himari seems happy to have friends, so I don’t think they’re both planning on going back now.”

Jean heard the conversation between me and Nagisa, and he poked his head in.

“I don’t mind that you’re here but you’ve got to do your job, because there’s no food for those who don’t work.”

It was a reasonable condition. Nagisa and the others seem to be aware of this, and they seem to be doing the work they are given without complaint.

“Speaking of which, Rafishal, have you confirmed the identity of the forbidden book Rafishal Weapon in Alice Abbey?”

Alana asked Rafishal, who was unusually eating with the others since he usually just eats sandwiches in the garage.

“You know……that’s definitely something I wrote, but it’s not a blueprint or anything. It’s just a letter.”

“Why does everyone think the letter……is a blueprint for a weapon?”

“I didn’t have any paper at the time, so I just wrote a quick note on the back of an old paper and handed it to someone. The paper did contain the contents of the weapon I had in mind, so I guess he saw it and thought it was a blueprint.”

“Wait a minute. If that’s the case, then there’s no reason for the Valkyrie Empire or the Kingdom of Lubel to target Alice Abbey! If we just make that known, everything will be fine.”

“I don’t think the Abbey has any intention of doing that. In the first place, it does not seem to matter to them what kind of forbidden book Rafishal Weapon is. They say it is the most treasured book……of the Holy Mother Alice and that alone is the greatest treasure.”

“Are you saying that Holy Mother Alice treasured Rafishal’s letter? And who is Holy Mother Alice anyway?”

When I said that, the explanation started unexpectedly.

“Holy Mother Alice has been deified and is now like a god, but she was originally an ordinary human being.”

It was Feri. A special internal communication device was installed in the cafeteria, where meetings were often held, to connect directly with Feri.

“Alice and Rafishal’s relationship at the time……”

“Feri, don’t say unnecessary things.”

I don’t know what to say, but Alana and the others seem to have figured it all out with what Feri just said.

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    great, two freaking strongest nation fight only for an old love letter. won’t it will look really great in history book later…

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