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I was sold at the lowest price C282

I was sold at the lowest price C282: Strengthening the Military


Bilaluk, located in the northern part of the Amurian Federation, a frontline district adjacent to the Ruja Empire – a place where there are few civilians and most of those who live there are either soldiers or military personnel, because it could become a battlefield at any moment.

As soon as we arrived in Bilaluk, we were greeted by the military brass. Apparently, the Iron Knights were held in high esteem within the Amurian Federation, and the overall attitude was courteous.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Iron Knights, thank you for coming to Bilaluk. I am Marshal Violate of the Amurian Union Army. I’ve heard that you were very active in the fight against the Ruja Empire. Please share your power with my army.”

It seems that the news of military reinforcement has already been communicated to the military. We had to explain the specific reinforcement plan from the beginning, but it seemed that the Federal Assembly had informed them to follow the instructions of the Iron Knights, so the discussion went smoothly.

“Strengthening the Ludia value!”

Marshal Violate was quite surprised about the training of the Ludia value. He seemed to have a common sense notion that Ludia value was a fixed number that you were born with, and he was confused.

“I want you to prepare the necessary materials to build five training devices that will enhance Ludia’s value.”

Jean’s request was met with a nod of approval from Marshal Violate.

“I understand. I’ll have them ready immediately.”

Five units is the limit of Rafishal’s capacity. Obi-Wan and the others can do the rough assembly of the equipment, but the central part can only be made by Rafishal, so mass production is not an option. There were many other things to be taught, such as how to manufacture and operate the Salamanders that would be the main guns.

“Feri, you’ve got to help me!”

“I don’t have a body, so I can’t help you.”

Rafishal started whining because he was very busy. Come to think of it, Feri has the same level of knowledge and skills as Rafishal.It certainly seems that if Feri had a body, Rafishal’s work would be cut in half, making it much easier.

The main part of the military reinforcement is the implementation of the main gun and the enhancement of the Ludia value, so the main responsibility lies with the mechanics team led by Rafishal. We riders were not busy, but we were soon assigned the job.

“Are we going to mentor the riders of the Federation?”

I asked back at Jean’s words in a cumbersome tone.

“Yes. We should also improve their fighting skills. You seemed to be bored, so I suggested it to you.”

It is true that I was bored, but I really thought that I should be allowed to take a break once in a while since I had been so busy….but I was going to be paid a lot of money, so I decided to be patient.

There were 300 Federation riders to be instructed by us. All of them were Federation ace-class riders, and many of them were even better than Highlanders. I, Kiyone, Alana, and Nagisa would be in charge of teaching them.

“Instructor, may I have a word?”

“Instructor” was another unfamiliar name. The one who called me was a young man with gray hair.



“Colonel, do you have a question for me?”

Yes, sir. Excuse me, but I heard that our instructor is a mercenary who was active in the fight against the Ruja Empire, but the Federation riders here are all veteran warriors. I wonder how it is possible that a mere mercenary would be able to instruct us with high Ludia values and a wealth of combat experience.”

He’s not the type of guy I dislike, even though he says rude things in a casual manner. Well, I guess he’s not happy that his superiors forced him to participate in this training.

“What is Colonel Ludia’s value?”

“I’m a double Highlander with 27,000 Ludia.”

He was quite confident in his abilities and said so proudly.

“You can have a mock battle with me. Then you can decide if you’re fit to be mentored.”

“It’s an offer I can’t refuse. I would be delighted.”

However, winning with Excalibur might not be very convincing. I asked him to prepare the frailest magicraft here.

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