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I was sold at the lowest price C283

I was sold at the lowest price C283: Mock Battle

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The magicraft that was prepared for me was a general-purpose machine with the name of Pawn, and it was a low-powered ordinary machine with an activation Ludia value of 1500. But even so, it was a military machine, so it was much better than the Namakra used by the Swordsmen.

Colonel Reginant climbed into his yellow magicraft. According to the military officer, it was named Orthros, a special machine for the Double Highlanders, and it was an excellent machine with excellent offensive performance. Indeed, its sharp and acute form gives an aggressive impression.

Colonel Reginant chose a big sword with a lot of offensive power as his weapon. I chose a light dagger to make up for Pawn’s ineffectiveness. It was going to be tough to take a big sword attack with a dagger, but it would be fun.

“Instructor, please.”

“Well, it’s a mock battle. Let’s have some fun.”

Colonel Reginant doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself, he seems to be only thinking about defeating me. The desire to win is important, but if you only think about that, you’ll neglect learning.

There are some things that can be gained by having fun, and I think it’s better to go into a mock battle with enough time to calmly analyze the battle. Well, I’m thinking big, but it’s all my father’s teachings.


Kiyone, the referee, voice echoed. The trainees, who had been silent until then, began to voice their feelings as the battle began. Of course, there was no cheering for me, an outsider, but only for Colonel Reginant.

Colonel Reginant swung his greatsword wide and attacked me. I avoided the attack by simply changing the position of my magicraft slightly. The sword was so powerful that it could pierce the ground, and if I took it head on, I would not be able to survive.

At the same time that I avoided the attack, I quickly slashed Orthros’ right shoulder with my dagger. A dry clacking sound is heard and the hit is made, but the power is not enough to damage the magicraft.

Colonel Reginant swung his greatsword and launched his next attack. I jumped backwards to avoid the attack. However, as if he had anticipated that I would jump backwards to avoid the attack, he stepped forward and attacked me. I use my dagger to parry the attack, the big sword, whose trajectory has been altered, hits the ground hard. I quickly cut back in the gap and slash at Orthros’ right shoulder with my dagger again. It was a good thing that I swung better than the first attack, or perhaps the sound was louder than before.

Colonel Reginant, perhaps a little irritated, struck his greatsword at me in a frenzied manner. It’s my pace now. I dodged the powerful but not slow or sharp attacks. Every time I dodge, I counter with a blow to Orthros’ right shoulder. As I repeated this, a crack appeared in his right shoulder, which hadn’t even faltered.


He stopped moving, startled by the bursting sound of the crack and I unleashed a blow with all my strength. There was a dull thud, and Orthros’ right shoulder shattered.

His shoulder is destroyed and his right arm hangs slack and immobile. It is difficult to wield a large sword with one arm. The speed of the sword becomes noticeably slower, making it even easier to avoid.

“I can still fight with just one arm!”

Colonel Reginant didn’t give up and attacked with determination. The next time, I countered and aimed at his left shoulder. Every time I avoided Colonel Reginant’s attack, I gave him a blow to his left shoulder. The left shoulder was shattered faster than the right shoulder. The greatsword fell from his left hand without power. Orthros looked up at the sky, unable to fight.

“It’s over!”

“Since Orthros was unable to continue, Kiyone stopped the match. Hearing this, Colonel Reginant sank to his knees.”

If it was just a matter of defeating him, I could have finished him off quickly with a single Flash, but I wanted to show him that he could defeat an opponent with a higher Ludia value if he trained his technique.

I hope that the trainees who saw this fight will think that they too can become stronger if they improve their skills…….

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