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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C86

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C86: The Road to King (26)


Soldiers were being beheaded and dying like bamboo shoots after the rain. I summoned Daitouren, thinking that if I didn’t, they would all be killed.

Medellin didn’t even care about me. Rather, she treated me like any other soldier and attacked me in the same way. This kind of attack can be stopped by Daitouren.

It’s a wide range skill, not an increase in attack power. It’s an attack that reflects her attack power of 100. It is only in single combat that the skill amplifies the attack power.

Many of the wide range attack skills have no change in martial force value. Therefore, since all of these attacks reflect a 100 force value each, a soldier would be unable to compete with them.

I approached her, dodging Medellin’s attacks perfectly. The closer I got, the more violent her attacks became, but I was able to block at least that much.

As I closed the distance, Medellin drew her sword and came at me. That sword must be the treasure of the Valdesca family.

The sword and the Daitouren intersected. Daitouren is a mass of mana. I don’t understand mana, but the basic principle of its operation was a mass of mana that emitted white light. Every time the Daitouren intersected with Medellin’s powerful mana-laden sword, a strong flash of light went off.

“You’re quite good.”

She said as if she was enjoying the situation.

“Kuh-uh, just what I needed since I was bored.”

The problem is that she keeps using her mana skills while crossing swords with me. The swords that still fell on the battlefield became her weapons, floating in the air and raining down my army, there were flashes of light everywhere.

I’m using Daitouren and hitting attack [command] continuously, but it was still tough. Well, she’s more powerful than I am, so it can’t be helped.

How can she fight while doing two things at once? I didn’t know such a monster existed.

I figured she was S-class.

At this rate, I’ll lose. In the blink of an eye, thirty minutes would pass and it would end in failure. In other words, I would have to accept the penalty of death as well as the setback of failing the final attack.

I can’t have that.

The only reason why I, a 97-martial force man, could fight her was because she wasn’t taking it seriously. She was still using her skills on the soldiers while fighting me. Now was my chance. Her martial force was 100, and I could beat her if I used [True Crush]. The problem was her skill. The skill she was using now was a wide range skill.

But if she had a skill for close combat, then the power must be tremendous. That’s why I have to use [True Crush], it has the tremendous added effect of neutralizing the opponent’s skills.

The best time to do so was now, when she was showing a lot of leeway. She was still fighting me, while using her skills to kill soldiers. It’s as if she has a surplus of mana. What’s she hiding?

I turned my head for a moment. It would be nice to fight, but it would also cause more damage to my army. In the end, I have to settle this quickly.

“Where are you going? Trouble is, my brother told me not to leave this battlefield. So you can’t leave either. And you’re pretty funny.”

She’s just killing time, isn’t she?

I have a time limit of 30 minutes, so I have to hurry. Now’s my chance!

I used [True Crush] on her. Daitouren shot out a white light and struck Medellin.

Medellin’s brow wrinkled and she looked surprised. Of course, the mana skills he had been using on the soldiers while dealing with me stopped at that moment. The swords that had been flying at the soldiers all fell to the ground and she finally began to focus on Daitouren.

She instinctively knew that it was a powerful attack, but it was already too late.

“Swing, Rawlins.”

Just as I thought that, the sword she was carrying flew out. The sword she called Rawlins blocked the [True Crush].

A person has only two hands. So, even with a weapon, two is the limit. Yet, she was already using her third. She could control the sword in the air without using her hands. It was a mana skill that she was using on the soldiers, but the sword that floated in the air seemed to be an ability attached to the black treasure sword.

Why? Because it couldn’t be neutralized by [True Crush]. If that was the case, this could only mean that it was a treasure ability. In other words, her current martial force was now 102. This means that she is now at the same level as [True Crush].

Two people with a martial force of 102 clashed with each other. It was a collision of powerful forces.


What a surprise, she thrust another sword up into the sky, a sword called Valdesca. The swords she had used so far were treasures, but this must be the treasure passed down in the Valdesca family. With the third sword, she already reached martial force 102, just like Daitouren.

One of the laws of the game is this. When forces of the same level collide at the S level or higher, a powerful blast is generated. That was my only shot. Fortunately, Valdesca (the sword) caused the forces to collide before her strength could increase.

At that very moment we were both flung away from each other by the repulsive force created by the collision of special moves that were more powerful than the S class, which cancelled out each other’s power and caused us to bounce off each other.

I was aiming for the right moment to activate [Invincibility for 30 seconds]. I used it to perfectly time my escape from this powerful blast. I was sent flying backwards and rolled around on the ground, but because I was invincible, there was no pain.

The blast contained the martial force of 102.


Valdesca fell back towards her along with the other treasure swords without being able to join them. Every single soldier in the vicinity was blown away by the powerful mana blast and disappeared, and Medellin collapsed in the distance. I was safe thanks to my [Invincibility for 30 seconds], but Medellin must have received the blast with her body.

But still, seeing that her legs were wriggling a bit, she didn’t seem to be dead. The first place in the order of the Ten Warlords of Narja, I didn’t realize that this was the extent of her existence.

If it wasn’t for the treasure sword, she certainly wouldn’t be S-class, but if she had used that treasure sword with over 100 martial force, that would have been dangerous. No, if she had used Valdesca’s sword first, it would have been dangerous.

Her leeway and fighting style had brought about this result. The fallen Medellin wriggled and disappeared. That treasure of the Valdesca family seemed to have been activated again.

It was the same with Fran. I’m sure she was lying next to me, but she used that treasure tool to escape.

The reason why they could create those ruins in the first place was because of the cooperation of the Valdesca family during the time of the ancient kingdom.

Mana formations, ruins and treasures, they are a family deeply involved in these things. If I hadn’t been blown away, I might have had a chance to kill her, but I couldn’t do anything because I was already too far away. Besides, Daitouren disappeared.

Thanks to the prolonged fight with her, I was already at my limit when I used [True Crush]. I was stuck in a shitty time limit, fortunately, I was able to give her quite a bit of damage.

If it weren’t for [Invincibility for 30 seconds], I might have died instantly, that’s how tremendous the blast was. I never imagined how dangerous it could be when two warlords with the same power collide.

Anyway, from the looks of it, I don’t think she’ll be able to participate in the war in the future. It seems my decision was correct.

At that moment a rain of arrows fell down on my army. They were not arrows fired by the Fourth Army. In the first place, there were no archers in the Fourth Army, Fran’s huge army had finally arrived.

The long awaited moment when the entire Narja army was together!

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