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I was sold at the lowest price C284

I was sold at the lowest price C284: Teaching


Colonel Reginant seemed to be one of the top riders among the trainees in terms of ability and performance. After I defeated him, the way the trainees looked at me clearly changed.

“Instructor! Please, teach me too!”

“Teach me, too!”

When they found out that Kiyone was the Sword Emperor of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, she became even more popular than I was. The riders seemed to respect and admire her, and they flocked to her to learn.

As we proceeded to teach them, they seemed to understand the abilities of Alana and Nagisa, and began to listen intently to the words of the four of us.

It seems that I, who is not used to teaching, am the worst at it. Kiyone, who has her own students, as well as Alana, who has experience teaching younger gladiators, and Nagisa, who used to teach younger students at her family’s dojo, are good at teaching.

The more the training progressed, the more popular the three of them became, as if they were becoming aware of the instructors that are easy to learn from. I’m not sure if they’re thinking that it’s better to be mentored by a beautiful woman than a man.

A part of the training is done using magicrafts, but most of it is done in the flesh. This is why I began to notice that when I looked at the expressions of the trainees, some of them were clearly smitten.

I could understand if it was Kiyone or Alana, who were beautiful by all accounts, but Nagisa was also very popular, so it must be my imagination. With that thought in mind, I turned to the trainees who had gathered to ask for my guidance.

It wasn’t much, but I had five trainees who wanted to learn from me. Two of them are sisters, Marumum and Mirumum, and they are very good at what they do. They were absorbing what I taught them and growing quickly.

“Instructor! One more please!”

“I’ll have another one, please!”

Furthermore, the sisters are motivated and work harder than anyone else. They were both Highlanders, and I predicted that they would become powerful riders in the Federation army.

“Instructor! Please instruct me as well!”

In addition, Colonel Reginant also wanted to learn from me. He seemed to recognize my strength after losing to me, and he obediently followed my instruction. His desire to grow was stronger than anyone else’s, and he was willing to work hard at anything. However, he didn’t have the same ability as the sisters, and seemed a little clumsy.

The other two people under my tutelage were a big guy named Pehu and a young man named Satoru Matori. I recognized him immediately after his name, but Satoru was Japanese like me. He had been transferred from Japan two years ago, and in the order of transition, he was my senior.

“You’re amazing, Yuta. I can’t believe you’ve grown so much even though you came here later than me.”

Satoru seemed to have a serious and reserved personality, and his speech was polite. He’s a Highlander, so I can imagine he’s been pampered in more ways than one, but his personality never seems to have changed.

Pehu, the big man, is apparently not very good with women. When I heard that, I understood why he wanted me to teach him.

Kiyone and the others are teaching dozens of people, and it seems like a lot of work. I’m not used to teaching, so maybe five is just right for me.

“How can you be so skilled when you are so young?”

Mirumum asked during a break in the training.

“I was probably just lucky enough to have a mentor who taught me.”

“Who is your master?”

“He’s called the Sword Saint.”

“Sword Saint! Is your instructor Sword Saint Veft!?”

“Mmmm. One of the instructors, Kiyone, is also his disciple and also his daughter.”

Marumum seemed to know Kiyone well and explained so to his sister.

“I am ashamed of my rude comment on the first day, I never expected the instructor to be a disciple of the Sword Saint.”

Colonel Reginant said this with a hint of fear. He seemed to have already completely acknowledged me, and he meant it.

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    Thank you for the chapter.
    At this point, it would be fair to induct Yuta into the Neutron star hall of denseness

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