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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C39

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C39: Programmed Emotions


Ashcroft’s office in the Ostrode Kingdom.

On the simple, functional, and unadorned desk, the Order’s budgetary matters, data on new recruits, and opinions on the organization of the Order’s personnel are arranged in small, detailed groups. As Ashcroft looked through them, he stared at a girl lying on the sofa in his office.

“Alvito, are you getting along with the students?”

Alvito, the girl who occupies the sofa and lies down, wakes up at the sound of Ashcroft’s voice.

“Yes! You know, teacher, everyone teaches me so many things! Shosei and Akane love each other…….Hmmm, I don’t really understand love though.”

“……Love is the most important emotion in understanding human beings. Learn it well.”

“Yes, sir!”

“And don’t forget your mission.”

“Of course! It’s my top priority program. You gave it to me, my treasure!”

“That’s right. Now, Alvito, tell me your mission.”


Alvito stood up and raised her hands in a beaming gesture.

“My top priority program is to eliminate those who are against the Ostrode Kingdom!”

Alvito says with an innocent smile. That is the reason for her existence, and what her favorite teacher wants.

Ashcroft smiled in satisfaction. This was the “Warrior Maiden type Android code07 Alvito”.


The preparations for the invasion of the Magicalize Kingdom were almost complete, and the students were gathered in their classrooms. Mr. Ashcroft and Ms. Anastasia stand on the podium.

The classroom was filled with fighting spirit. No one was intimidated, and their confidence was a sign of their individual abilities.

“I’ll explain it again here.”

The purpose of sending troops to the Magicalize Kingdom is to defeat “Nachtigal, Queen of the Night,” one of the seven Demon Lords in this world, and to free the inhabitants of the Kingdom from the evil Demon King.

The number of soldiers from the Ostrode Kingdom is 3,000, which is quite small by normal standards, but each one of them is a powerful “modified magic soldier”, with the magic power of 10 ordinary magicians and the skill and swordsmanship of ten knights.

Of course, the students didn’t know who the modified magic soldiers were, and only heard that they were the Ostrode Kingdom’s strongest actual fighting force.

The elite few will bring down the country. This is possible because of the unbelievable growth of the students’ cheats.

First of all, one of the students’ cheats put a “cognitive block” on 3,000 soldiers, so that their very existence can only be detected by each other. Coincidentally, this was the ability of Midori Shimoyama, who was in Seiji’s group at the ancient ruins where the Minotaur was.

“All the secret agents of the Magicalize Kingdom who were hiding in the Ostrode Kingdom were taken care of. This was also thanks to the fact that Yuta Tadami, a student with super search and detection abilities, was constantly casting a net throughout the Ostrode Kingdom, so there were no leaks of troops or information from the Ostrode Kingdom.”

Three thousand people, five selected members including Nakatsugawa, and about half of the students. Ashcroft and Anastasia would accompany them in case of unforeseen circumstances. The rest of the students would wait in the Ostrode Kingdom.

Excluding Nakatsugawa and the others, there were 25 students. The selection of the 10 students was left up to Nakatsugawa and the others, and the five of them consulted with each other before making their choice.

Operation Magicalize Kingdom Recapture.

The mission is simple. Defeat Nachtigal and liberate the kingdom with the minimum sacrifice necessary. There are three entry gates to the Magicalize Kingdom and 1,000 people are placed at each of them. After that, Nakatsugawa and five other main members invade the kingdom. The plan was to go to the royal castle and defeat Nachtigal.

The reason for such a simple strategy is because the defense of the Magicalize Kingdom is vulnerable, and the students have incredibly good cheats. Besides, the Magicalize Kingdom could not form an alliance with the Fauve Kingdom.

This was an opportunity, and it was Nachtigal’s mistake. They couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by. It was a chance to defeat one of the demon kings.

The departure was two days later. The students’ defeat of the Demon King has begun.


Two days later 3,000 soldiers led by Nakatsugawa and 14 cheats, Alvito, Dr. Ashcroft, and Dr. Anastasia departed to retake the Magicalize Kingdom.

The movements of the 3,000 soldiers were refined and controlled like robots, but no one distrusted them, and the students knew this was normal. Thanks to the cognitive block, the monsters and even people passing by didn’t notice.

Nakatsugawa, who was leading the way astride his horse, asked Ashcroft, the teacher next to him.

“Dr. Ashcroft, the evil king Nachtigal is…….”

“The castle will be heavily guarded by knights, but I’m sure you’ll have no problem.”

“Yes. And…….”

“Of course, do not kill needlessly. Only those who stop you will be harmed.”

“I understand.”

The first thing to do is to invade the Magicalize Kingdom with the cognitive block. The goal is to go straight to Nachtigal and negotiate with her. The soldiers will secure each of the three entrance gates and threaten Nachtigal.

If I say, “Surrender to the Ostrode Kingdom, or I’ll unleash the 3,000 enhanced magic soldiers waiting at the entrance gates,” a demon king who cares about his country will obey. Fighting is only a last resort. I am thinking about the resistance of the knights, but with five of us, there will be no problem.

“The people are innocent. We just need to neutralize Nachtigal, the king.”

Then, we’ll make Nachtigal declare, “The Magicalize Kingdom will form an alliance with the Ostrode Kingdom.” After that, the Ostrode Kingdom can take the lead in running the country.”

“I’ll do it, Professor Ashcroft. I’m going to defeat the Demon Lord and save this world.”

“………Yes, you can do it.”


I’m sure I can do it.


An unexpected situation occurred right in front of the Magicalize Kingdom. Alvito, who was walking next to Dr. Ashcroft on his horse, said something.

“Sir, my top priority program is to defeat those who oppose the Ostrode Kingdom, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s what you were born to do.”

“You know, I’m a little curious about something.”

“What is……?”

Dr. Ashcroft raised an eyebrow, and Nakatsugawa tilted his head. Alvito gave a cold smile.

“The presence of an enemy, I sense my sister’s presence.”

Suddenly, Alvito’s attention changed. A “tsk” sound came from Dr. Ashcroft’s mouth.

“Alvito, calm down!”

“Request permission to use the main weapon. I have detected an enemy that may be a threat to the Ostrode Kingdom. This is a top priority program. I will act alone without the Master’s permission.”

“Alvito……? What’s going on?”

Alvito’s eyes were flashing red. They ticked on and off like a lamp. Perhaps sensing the abnormality, Dr. Anastasia also came from behind, but it was too late.

“Enemy android detected. The name of the individual is confirmed to be the War Maiden type Android code04 Brunnhilde. The enemy has been identified as a highly dangerous individual with the potential to harm the Ostrode Kingdom.”

“Ashcroft, this is……!”

“She’s going out of control! Anastasia, get the emergency stop code!”

Nakatsugawa couldn’t understand what was going on.

He saw that Dr. Ashcroft and Dr. Anastasia were saying something and trying to do something to Alvito. The commotion was transmitted and Akane, Kumazawa and the others gathered around Nakatsugawa.

“What’s going on here?”

“I don’t know, Alvito’s…….”

Then Alvito moved.

“Location acquired. Main weapon can be used. Maiden Armament Britten deployed.”

Suddenly, a mosaic of light enveloped Alvito, the ground exploded and Alvito’s figure disappeared.

The battle between the androids was about to begin.

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