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I was sold at the lowest price C288

I was sold at the lowest price C288: Magicraft Mass Production


Ranelle came to Bilaluk with a group of important people from the government. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, but she looked more dignified and elegant as a head of state.


Ranelle said shyly when she found me.

“Hey, Ranelle. You look good.”

“I’m glad you’re doing well too, Yuta-san.”

Jean whispered to me, telling me to tell her about the negotiations. He could have told her himself……I had no choice but to briefly explain the proposal for a mass-produced magicraft and other topics, and tell her that Jean wanted to negotiate.

“A mass-produced magicraft, that’s certainly an interesting topic.”

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea because Jean isn’t just saying that to make money, he’s providing the technology well.”

“I understand. I’ll make some time while I’m in Bilaluk, and I’ll be happy to talk to you.”

Ranelle told me with a smile.

“Chancellor Ranelle, it’s time to go.”

She nodded regretfully when her attendant told her so.

“Well then, Yuta-san. I’ll see you when I have more time.”

“Okay, take it easy then.”

She smiled happily when I said that.

The next day I was to meet with Ranelle again. However, it was a public meeting and there was no time for personal talks. Ranelle, along with other dignitaries, would check the results of the military training.

Ten ride carriers equipped with Salamanders were prepared. They were to be deployed in the wilderness of Bilaluk. The target of the attack was a large Ride-Carrier that had become old and was to be abandoned.

“All ride carriers, prepare to fire your main guns…”

At Jean’s call, a flurry of activity began around each ride carrier’s Salamander. Several artillerymen set the magic artillery shells, which Rafishal had developed for easy handling, in the gun ports. One of the artillerymen raised a red flag, perhaps as a signal that he had finished setting the shells.

Once he was sure that the flags were up from all the artillery, Jean gave a loud command.

“The target is the forward ride carrier! Aim at all guns! Fire!”

There was a roar, and flames burst out of all the Salamander gun ports. Then the flame-wrapped shells shot toward the target ride carrier with great force.

The shells that hit the ship spewed out explosive flames and blew out the hull of the ride carrier. Ten ships, a total of twenty magic artillery shells, all hit and turned the targeted ride carrier into a wreck.

The Federation’s dignitaries who were watching cheered. Their faces trembled with joy, as they had felt the immense power of a force they had never seen before.

Furthermore, satisfaction seemed to have reached its peak after hearing the reports of the riders’ increased Ludia values, and no one objected to the presentation meeting of the mass-produced magicrafts proposed by Ranelle afterwards.

“Even though it’s a mass-produced magicraft, its performance is on par with the triple Highlander machines currently in use.”

As Jean explained, one of the dignitaries asked a question.

“What a surprise! But if it’s such a high performance magicraft, wouldn’t it have a higher activation Ludia value?”

“No, we’ve kept the Ludia activation to ten thousand. That’s how we’re able to extract so much power.”

“A Highlander machine…….Wouldn’t that make it a mass production machine?”

Jean nodded broadly at the question.

“Take a look over here.”

Jean then showed everyone a graph on a large screen.

“This is a graph showing the average increase in Ludia value when 20,000 Federation riders are trained using 500 Ludia training devices. As you can see, 80% of the riders will exceed 10,000 in about half a year.”

The graphs made it easy to understand, and the dignitaries immediately realized the effect.

“What a……so it’s all good, right?”

“You can leave everything to us, the Iron Knights.”

I was starting to feel a little like a businessman, but no one objected to Jean’s proposal. With this presentation, the budget for military reinforcement was raised to 100 billion and the reward for us doubled.

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