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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C40.1

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C40.1: Falling Kingdom and Hope (part 1)


Alvito was gone but as long as we could see the Magicalize Kingdom in front of us, we couldn’t stop.

Professor Ashcroft gathered the five of us together and said.

“Don’t worry about Alvito. We’ll continue to act as planned.”

“……Professor Ashcroft.”

“Yes, Nakatsugawa?”

“Who the hell is Alvito?”

“Is that the information you need right now? Even though we are using cognitive distraction, the enemy is right in front of us. Stay focused.”

“……Yes, sir. I’m sorry.”

There were so many things to worry about, but Nakatsugawa caught his breath. Ashcroft-sensei and Anastasia-sensei were only assistants. We have to issue all the orders ourselves.

“We’ll prepare to enter the Magicalize Kingdom. And, Tokieda, tell Shimoyama-san again not to remove the cognitive disruption.”

“Okay, Shosei.”

“You’re a brave man, Shosei-kun!”

Akane and Tokieda went to the soldiers, and Kumazawa and Hayama also went to Nakatsugawa.

“Hey Nakatsugawa, what’s up with Alvito?”

“I don’t know. She suddenly went out of control.”


“Hmm? What’s going on, Hanayama?”

“…….You know, I was wondering what Ashcroft said about the “emergency stop code”…….It’s like it’s supposed to stop a robot.”

“Huh? What robots? There’s no way there are machines in a world like this where horse-drawn carriages are the mainframe.”

“……Well, that’s true, but…”


Nakatsugawa, who was listening to the exchange between Hayama and Kumazawa, was thinking the same thing as Hayama. Alvito was clearly not a human being.

“…… Anyway, we’re heading into the city.”


“……Got it.”

Nakatsugawa met up with Akane and the others and went into the Magicalize Kingdom.


The inside of the Magicalize Kingdom was very crowded. Adventurers and merchants were walking around the town, stalls were lined up, and students from the Magic Academy were walking around with their heavy luggage.

Nakatsugawa and the others were watching the scene and talking.

“……Are you sure this is a kingdom ruled by a Demon Lord?”

“It sure looks like a……normal town to me.”

Nakatsugawa and Akane walk around, looking at their surroundings.

“It’s so peaceful…….is just a nice town.”

“What the heck is wrong with you people? Our mission is to defeat the Demon King. You don’t know how bad it can get behind a carefree environment.”

“I can’t believe Kumazawa-kun said that to me.”

“What the hell, Hanayama!”

The five of us walk slowly through the city and thanks to the cognitive blockage, we are invisible. We effortlessly broke into the royal castle, which was also a magic academy, and searched for Nachtigal’s whereabouts.

“I can’t believe the royal castle has been turned into a school, they must be putting a lot of effort into training magicians.”

“I’m quite interested in what kind of classes they’re giving…….”

“Well then, if this place becomes the territory of the Ostrode Kingdom, why don’t you manage it? If we tell King Van Houten and Professor Ashcroft, they’ll make it convenient for us, right?”


Tokieda’s words shook Akane’s heart.

She was a magician specializing in the “lightning” attribute, known as the “Witch of Thunder”, so she was very interested in the history of magic that Magicalize Kingdom had carved out.

“That’s enough, you two. Looks like we’re here.”

Nakatsugawa’s voice changed the atmosphere. The eyes of Akane, Tokieda, Kumazawa, and Hayama narrowed. Although they didn’t have much experience in actual combat, they had the ability to switch their consciousness to combat, which was hard to believe for 16-years-old boys and girls.

They arrived at the “Former Audience Room”, which was now the school president’s office. What caught their attention was that there was no one in front of the door.

“……There’s a lot of people here. Six……or is it seven?”

“Hey, shouldn’t we be invisible? What’s going on?”

“Hmmm……Shimoyama-chan’s cheat is properly activated though.”

Nakatsugawa analyzed the room, and Kumazawa and Tokieda tilted their heads. But their destination is right in front of them so they couldn’t stop.

“Hayama, please.”

“Okay, everyone, I’ll take care of it.”

When Hayama touches the wooden door, ripples spread out on the door like the surface of the water.

Hanayama dives through the door without opening it. It was like a stone thrown on the water. Naturally, his body does not get wet. Following Hanayama, the four of us dove through the door…….

………I see.”

Nakatsugawa chuckled.

This is because there were six knights in the headmaster’s office. All of them are watching Nakatsugawa and the others with a lot of fighting spirit. No doubt, they could be seen.

“Shimoyama-san, please remove the cognitive blockage.”

Nakatsugawa and the others appeared in front of Chancellor Nachtigal, Lucia and the others.


A beautiful woman sitting on a throne, a black knight in full body armor, and five knights equipped with black armor. Nakatsugawa instantly recognized the woman sitting on the throne as “Nachtigal, Queen of the Night”.

“Nice to meet you. We are a group of heroes from the Ostrode Kingdom.”

Holding back Akane and the others, Nakatsugawa bowed.

Even if she was an enemy, she was the Demon Lord who ruled this country. Nakatsugawa’s true intention was to keep things quiet, and although he was speaking forcefully in front of the students, he really didn’t want to start a fight.

However, Chancellor Nachtigal chuckled.

“Heroes, did you say heroes? The little bastards who invaded my country and the royal castle without permission are heroes? That’s funny.”

“You’re right…….I’m sorry we had to resort to this means to avoid unnecessary conflict.”

“……Hmm, you seem to be quite calm and level-headed.”

Chancellor Nachtigal smiled at Nakatsugawa.

Akane and the others didn’t say anything, perhaps leaving it to Nakatsugawa.

“Let me state my business………Total surrender. Liberate the Magicalize Kingdom and bring it under the control of the Ostrode Kingdom.”


Nakatsugawa was cut short in mid-sentence. However, he exhaled lightly and looked at Chancellor Nachtigal sympathetically.

“I’ve said some radical things but I don’t want unnecessary conflict. I don’t want to throw this town into chaos, all I want is for you to surrender and fall under the control of the Ostrode Kingdom.”

“….Then, using powerful sorcerers, they would obtain the materials to make enhanced magic soldiers. Like the slaves in the Fauve Kingdom, at least that place still tolerated the existence of ‘humans’ to some extent. But the Ostrode Kingdom……is less than that, and sees people as nothing more than tools that can be replenished. You want me to work for such a shitty state and provide you with materials on a regular basis?”

Nakatsugawa frowned at Nachtigal’s response.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about……….”

“Oh, you’re tools, too. So there’s no point in talking about this.”

“………Can’t be helped.”

Nakatsugawa stepped forward and held up his right hand. Then the light converged on his right hand, and a beautiful long sword appeared.

“I’ll do everything in my power to make you obey.”

Nakatsugawa’s deadly energy fills the room. Kumazawa slaps his hands together as if to say, “I’ve been waiting for this,” and Akane discharges golden lightning from her right hand with an expression that says, “I knew this would happen”. Tokieda snaps her hand and Hayama smirks.

Lucia draws her sword and thrusts it at Nakatsugawa.

“Here they come!”

In the audience hall, the battle began.

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