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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C40.2

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C40.2: Falling Kingdom and Hope (part 2)



The children who were summoned to the other world all have cheats.


“Hmm? Are you……?”

It was Gron who took off his upper body armor.

Gron was unrelenting in his efforts to protect Chancellor Nachtigal, even if the opponent was a child. When he put all his strength into it, he could crush rocks, when he tightened them, his muscles expanded to form armor, and he delivered a blow with all his might. But Kumazawa didn’t move a muscle, he smiled thinly and caught Gron’s fist in the air.


In the next moment, Gron’s fist shattered.

“Same type as me. Well, it’s no big deal.”


[Name] Shinnosuke Kumazawa

Cheat: “Steel Warrior” Level 88

Increased muscle strength level 88

Physical Strength Level 95

Increased physical strength level 85

Body Hardening Level 82

Unique weapon: “Roaring Tyrant Fist”


Kumazawa stands in front of Gron, who crouches holding his right hand.

“Well, I’m the stronger one…….!”


Steel gloves appeared on Kumazawa’s hands. Then, with his overwhelming arm strength, he slammed an uppercut into Gron’s jaw, sending him flying into the air, and then delivered a terrifying amount of blows to Gron’s body as he fell.


Gron had already let go of his consciousness. Then, facing the battered Gron, Kumazawa hit him with a straight right hand with all his might.

“Blow it up, Goraaah!”

Gron was blown away with the speed of a cannonball, and he was stuck in the wall of the audience hall.

Kumazawa muttered in a bored tone.

“Heh……easy peasy!”

Kumazawa struck a gut pose, but was startled by the sudden roar and unconsciously slumped over. When he looked towards the sound to see what was going on, he found Akane Shinohara there.

“Wow………as relentless as ever…….”

Akane Shinohara, a girl with icy cold eyes.

There were three charred lumps of meat lying at her feet. It was impossible to tell that the lumps of flesh were knight Ratz, knight Arato, and knight Yura. Naturally, they were already dead.

“I’m done. How about you?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m done.”

“So, I guess the rest………is done.”

Knight Tomo was floating in the air beneath Tokieda’s feet. To be precise, she wasn’t floating but was suspended by an invisible, ultra-thin steel thread. Of course, she was already breathless.

“Oh, come on, that’s the extent of being a knight.”

“Well, we’re too strong. The rest is…….”

“Is everyone done? You’re making so much noise, it’s hard to keep the sound from leaking out, you know?”

“Thank you, Hayama. Your space is also very convenient, isn’t it?”

The three of them, with the exception of Akane, began chatting and laughing, and Akane was not even in the battle…..

With her armor shattered and her face exposed, Lucia was on her knees, crouching.

“You were a woman…….”

“Gu……are you really human……!”

“I’m sorry. We can’t lose.”

Lucia was shocked that by the boy in front of her and could not understand the “unreasonable power” that lay dormant within him, but she was even more shocked that this boy was not serious at all. To this boy, she was not even an enemy. She was right in front of him, so he defeated her, that’s all.

Behind the boy, her lovely subordinates were wiped out. Gron plunging into the wall, Ratz, Arato, and Yura charred to a crisp,  Tomo hanging in the air.

In the first place, it was unexpected that the Ostrode Kingdom would attack so soon. It had been less than two months since Sage and Nachtigal had met. Everything was unprepared, and only Nachtigal’s defenses were ready for the surprise attack.


Lucia was desperately searching for a way out. At the very least, she must protect Chancellor Nachtigal…….

“All right, I’ve lost……Do with me as you will.”

“……! Chancellor Nachtigal!”

“I’m sorry, Lucia. I’d love to fight, but I can’t……summon much magic anymore.”


Nachtigal says to Nakatsugawa.

“The Magicalize Kingdom shall come under the control of the Ostrode Kingdom. I know it is useless to tell you this, but……please take care of our people.”

“Of course. I’ll take you into custody for a while, but there’s nothing I can do about it right now. We will send a civil servant from the Ostrode Kingdom to discuss the future.”


“No…….Chancellor Nachtigal!”

Nachtigal said softly to Lucia.

“Sorry, Lucia.”


“You, go.”

In the next moment, a silvery white magic circle spread out beneath Lucia’s feet.

“What are you doing?”

“Farewell, Lucia!”

“Chancellor Nachtigal……”

Lucia disappeared.


Akane pours out her magic power and says to Nachtigal.

“That was transfer magic. Where the hell did you take her?”

“Come on……let’s go!”

“Enough. This country has fallen, and that’s it.”

Akane cast a spell on Nachtigal’s throat so that he could not speak at all. Then she said to Hayama.

“Hayama-san, please contact Anastasia-sensei. Let’s leave the cleanup and the future to the adults, we’ll go home.”

“Yes, yes. It’s really cool that she made a hole in my space. That’s the Demon Lord!”

“Heh heh, now the Magicalize Kingdom has fallen to the Ostrode Kingdom! There are only six Demon Lords left!”

“That’s right. The sacrifices were minimal, so we’re off to a good start.”

“It was an easy victory this time, but the other Demon Lords won’t be so easy. Let’s keep our guard up.”

“Nakatsugawa is very serious……”

Nachtigal was not restrained by any kind of restraints other than a spell on her throat. She might be able to escape if she wanted to. However, as the king, she couldn’t abandon her people and run away.


Incidentally, she hadn’t told these boys and girls about Sage. What would they do if she had told them? Nachtigal chuckled.

It was a bit of a bummer that she hadn’t told them about Sage. If she had told them before the battle, they would not have believed her. But there is a possibility that it could light a light of hope in their hearts.

Nachtigal would not be amused if they did as they pleased. And yet, the fact that these boys and girls had hope was inexcusable.


Lucia, take care of the rest……Nachtigal thought.


Lucia was alone and collapsed in the forest near the Magicalize Kingdom.


She raised her body and checked her condition. Her sword was broken, her armor was shattered, and she had many wounds, but he was still alive.

“………Chancellor Nachtigal.”

If she returns to that place now, she will only get caught.

The reason why Nachtigal had let her go, Lucia knew exactly what she had to do.

“………I promise, I will be back.”

Lucia stood up and clenched her fists. She knew exactly where she had to go.

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