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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C41.2

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C41.2: BOSS, Code07 Alvito (part 2)



A crater appeared on the ground, and Brunnhilde was lying in the center of it. Kutone and I were horrified, but Brunnhilde immediately got up.

“Sensei, please run.”

“If you’re……!”

“Code07 is targeting me. If we work together, you’ll be a target.”


Then a silvery girl appeared from the sky and landed a few meters away. Surprisingly, there was a human-like quality to her voice.

“It’s no use, sister. You can’t beat me with your specs.”


Alvito was equipped with swords in both hands, a jet-engine wing on her back, and cannons on both shoulders. I mean, what is this armament? It’s all so overstuffed.

“My sister is a code04 melee combat specialist, but I’m not. I’m a code07 general stability type. I’m the final weapon of the “Warrior Maiden Type” that reflects the battle data from code01 to code06. My [Maiden Divine Armaments] the completion of the main weapon mounted on all War Maiden types. Code04 Brunnhilde’s chance of victory is zero, and she should be destroyed quietly.”

Isn’t she like a final boss?

“Why are you going after Brunnhilde?”

I took a chance and asked. To be honest, I was scared. But if I could convince her, maybe we could avoid conflict.

Alvito answered me.

“It’s obvious, my sister is the crystallization of technology that has been lost in this world. My top priority is to get rid of those who are against the Ostrode Kingdom, so I have to destroy my sister here.”

“Oh, the Ostrode Kingdom…….Why are you helping the Ostrode Kingdom?”

“It’s because it was teacher who woke me up. He wants me to protect the Ostrode kingdom.”


“If I destroy my sister teacher will praise me.”

I don’t get it. Why does the Ostrode Kingdom come up here? And who the heck is teacher……?

“Teacher is coming to the Magicalize Kingdom. Shosei and Akane are also here. Everyone is working hard to defeat the Magicalize Kingdom.”

“…………Oh, wait, wait! Shosei is Nakatsugawa?! Nakatsugawa and Shinohara are coming to the Magicalize Kingdom?”

“Yes. They’re all here to defeat the Demon Lord. I think they’ve already entered the castle.”


Nakatsugawa and the others are coming to the Magicalize Kingdom. That’s absurd. I haven’t heard anything from Chancellor Nachtigal. If they were to come, they’d have to have some kind of information.

Nachtigal said that they sent spies to the Ostrode Kingdom and if they’re preparing for war, there should be a certain amount of movement. Anyway, this is my chance to talk to Nakatsugawa and the others.

「A ………」


Then what about Brunnhilde? Alvito is after Brunnhilde. If I take Brunnhilde and head for the Magicalize Kingdom, I can’t…… go. It would be a terrible disaster. I can’t take this mass of weapons with us.

Should I abandon Brunnhilde?

“Oh, yeah……Brünnhilde.”

“Sensei, please go. I’ll take care of code07 here.”

“Don’t be silly……Can you win?”

“With my current specs, victory is impossible. But I can buy you some time. Sensei, I will be destroyed here, but please fulfill your original purpose.”

“What……original purpose?”

My hands and my voice trembled. Brünnhilde is going to die. No, she’s allowing herself to be destroyed.

Then, in the same mechanical voice as always, she said.

“Your first priority is to save your students.”

I was stuck.

Should I return to the Magicalize Kingdom and persuade Nakatsugawa and the others, or should I take Brunnhilde and run away?

My first priority was to save the students. But is it the right choice to abandon Brunnhilde here?

“End of story. Come on, sis. Put up a little fight.”

“Code 07 has been declared an enemy machine and will be destroyed with all of code 04 Brunnhilde’s capabilities.”

Alvito goes up in the air again, and Brunnhilde also activates her jets.

“Thank you for your help sensei.”

Brünnhilde soared high into the sky.


I couldn’t move from my spot.

I saw a flash of light that must have left here, and then it was far away.

Sage, let’s go! This is the chance that Brünnhilde gave us, right! We must not waste what she gave us!”


Kutone was spilling tears in a heap. She could not understand the meaning of Alvito’s words. But she seemed to understand that Brunnhilde was not coming back.

“………Yeah, we should go.”

I have to stop Nakatsugawa and the others.

What I have to do is to save the students.

“Yes, sensei.”

Yes, I do, but……. Brünnhilde called me sensei. I’m her sensei.

“Come on, Kutone.”


We got on the carriage and I grabbed the reins.

“Please, Stallion, run as fast as you can!”


“Okay, let’s go!……The Magicalize Kingdom is not this way!”

“We’re not going to the Magicalize Kingdom, we’re going to those underground ruins!”


Ignoring Kutone’s surprise, I order Stallion to run.

“Brünnhilde said that I have to save the students……then saving Brünnhilde should be my top priority!”

Those ruins can save Brünnhilde. I’ll definitely save her!

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