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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C42.1

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C42.1: Legacy of the War Maiden (part 1)


Kutone and I were driving Stallion through the ruins area. I was concerned about Nakatsugawa and the others, but what mattered now was Brunnhilde. I can’t let her die.

I said to Kutone as I held the reins.

“Kutone, your ass might be sore, but you have to endure it!”

“I know!”

“Stallion, show us your power! I don’t care what happens to the cart behind you, use your full strength!”




Stallion started running at the speed of a racehorse. If we don’t hurry, Brünnhilde will be in trouble. I don’t care what happens to mine and Kutone’s asses.

“Wait for me, Brunnhilde……!”

I’ve got to bet on those ruins now!


Brünnhilde and Alvito were fighting in the sky, quite a distance from me. The means of attack were similar, but Alvito was superior in all aspects.



Alvito was smiling like a human being while Brünnhilde was as cold-hearted as a machine. The two swords struck at a speed that was impossible for a human, and the slashes were repeated over and over again at angles calculated by each other’s electronic brains.

However, Alvito had the higher calculation speed and Brünnhilde was being overpowered so she sprayed her booster and distanced herself.


“Tristan, fire!”

A high-powered laser is fired, drowning out Brunnhilde’s gunfire. The laser then struck her armor. She lost her stance and fell.

In the first place, Brunnhilde was unable to fly for long periods of time. The booster is only a jet, and there is a limit to how long she can stay in the air. On the other hand, Alvito could fly freely and her altitude control in the air is much better than Brunnhilde’s.

When Brunnhilde hit the ground, a rain of lasers fell on her. However, she avoided them with her quick feet.



Alvito landed and swung her sword at Brunnhilde with explosive speed. The two swords clash, but Alvito has more power and Brünnhilde’s sword is flicked away.


Alvito’s “High Frequency Sword Arondite” severed Brunnhilde’s right arm from her shoulder but Brünnhilde was completely unfazed.

I’ll take the left one next.”


With her remaining left arm, she held up the “Goddess Sword Caliburn”.


Arriving at the ruins area, I put all my strength and climbed down from my seat. I’ve been here so many times that I know the way to the underground.

Kutone didn’t move, holding her ass.

“Kutone, you stay here!”

Ha, ha…….My hips hurt…….”

Brünnhilde is fighting.

I’m sorry, Kutone, but I just have to take something from this basement. I opened the door to the basement and ran as fast as I could for about a kilometer. I hadn’t run this far since college. I was out of breath, my legs were wobbly, my heart felt like it was going to burst, and my lungs wouldn’t take in a breath.

“Hah-ha-ha-ha! Whoa!”

My legs got tangled and I slumped.

My nose was bleeding because I plunged face first. So what? Don’t stop for a nosebleed. Even if my knees are scraped or I have blue blisters, I mustn’t stop.

I wipe my nose and get up, running even though I’m out of breath. I run as fast as I can on a road that’s only about a kilometer long. Even while I’m doing this, Brunnhilde is fighting.

I was only thinking about Brunnhilde and forgot about Nakatsugawa and the others.


I was out of breath, my face was dirty from wiping the blood from my nose, and my knees were torn and bleeding from the moss. But finally, I arrived in front of the white door at the far end of the ruins.


I touch the door with a prayer.


But the door rejected me. An inorganic mechanical sound echoed, irritating my hurrying mind.

“Damn it, f**king open up!”


I punch the door, kick it, and tackle it. How the hell am I supposed to open this f**king door? If I had explosives, I would definitely use them. There’s no way I can break down a door that even Brünnhilde couldn’t open.

I open my hands and touch the door.

“God damn it……is all I can do. Please, open it.”

All I can do is ‘Repair’ it. The reason this door won’t open is because it’s broken. There is no keyhole, there is no card reader, there is no PIN code to enter. Then this door must be broken.

“Repair, repair, repair……repair, please!”


“Why, why can’t I fix it? My “repair” fixes the machine, right? Why won’t it open?”


The inorganic sound of the machine ripped my heart out. I can fix machines. I can open this door that won’t open. My “repair” can open a door like this.

“Please……if I don’t do something, Brunnhilde will.”

Even if I opened this door, it would not necessarily save Brunnhilde. I was clinging to it. I was convinced that something here would help Brunnhilde.

I’m not strong enough to participate in a fight. I have a sword, but I can only wield it, and my magic is below G-class level. The only thing I can do is ‘repair’. I put all my strength into my hands and keep activating my cheat to the limit.

“………Brünnhilde, I’m………Sensei, and I want to help you. How sad it is that I’m indebted to you.”


I’m sure they’re still fighting.

She’s mistakenly thinking that I’m like this, that I let her go to help Nakatsugawa and the others. Even if I abandoned Brunnhilde here and returned to the Magicalize Kingdom, it would be too late.

I want to save Brünnhilde.

“She saved my life. She called me “Sensei”. I’ve known her for a short time, but I can’t thank her enough……….She’s not………an android. She’s my precious student!”


Both my hands are hot. I wonder if my hands have gone haywire from too much “repair”. But I’ll use them. It’s the only thing I can do.

“Please! Open! I’m trying to save Brünnhilde!”


[Name] Seiji Aizawa


“Repair” Level 3

○ Able to repair broken objects.

○ Can repair missing parts.

○ Can regenerate lost parts (times 1)←New

“Rust removal” Level 2

○ Remove rust

○ Corrode the metal you touch (times 3)←New

“Connection” Level 1

○ Connects to electronic circuits and can be commanded (times 1)←New

War Maiden type Android code04 “Brunnhilde”


I felt something snap in my head.


I understood instantly.

My cheat level increased and I gained a new ability. I knew how to use it right away.


The hand that touched the door glowed for a moment, and light flowed through the door and wall like an electric current in a precision circuit. I know, it’s the ability to send commands to the machine I’m touching.

“Get the f*ck out of here and open this goddamn door!


The door opened easily. The side door slid noiselessly and I could see the end of the passage that had been closed for so long. I jumped into the room, not thinking about traps or anything like that.

“………what the hell is this place?”

It was a space of pure white. It was a flickering space that made my eyes feel like they were going crazy, and I was sure I would go insane if I stayed there for a day, but more than that, this space.


I thought there might be a powerful weapon lying around, but there is nothing. That’s ridiculous. No such…….

“If you were able to enter this room, then you have the same power as I do.”

A voice echoed in the room.

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