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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C42.2

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C42.2: Legacy of the War Maiden (part 2)



I freaked out. There was no one there, but I heard voices. I looked around, but there was nothing.

“I set it so that only people with the same ‘unreasonable power’ as me could enter here. It would be impossible for anyone to open the door that never opens without the power of ‘Connection’.”

What is this? The room itself is talking.

“My name is [*****]. I am the father of all androids.”

I didn’t hear the name part.

“I am the most guilty person in the world for starting the war between humans and androids. I created…..androids to see how far humans could go into the realm of the divine. And I have touched the forbidden……androids, giving them a will, a thought, an emotion. This means that I have created a person who is not a person at all.”

Oh, it’s common in……movies and such.

“Androids, they had seen themselves made, used, and discarded, and they had given up on humans. They disobeyed their creators, the humans, and set out to create a world of their own, a world of androids. The androids’ ability to think has surpassed that of humans, and they have even created other androids.”

What is this, maybe a confessional or something?

“I wanted to escape from……everything. But I had a duty to take responsibility. So, in order to end the war between man and androids, I created an android that would destroy androids……my masterpiece, the Warrior Maiden type.”

“What……is the War Maiden type?”

Is the owner of the voice the one who created Brunnhilde?

“I regretted creating the androids, and my heart ached when I saw the warrior maidens fighting. Although I didn’t think I had the right to do so, I thought of the battle maidens I had created as my daughters. How foolish of them to faithfully listen to my orders, get hurt, and still fight……for me.”

He was incoherent and his voice was tearful. This person was the one who had created the androids. Although he regretted creating them, he seemed to think of Brunnhilde and the others as his daughters.

“The war between humans and androids is still going on. It may never end. And……I’m going to die soon. This is the only……thing I can do, so I’ll leave my “power” for my daughters. This is one of the strongest powers that can end the world itself if it is not used properly. I trust that the owner of the power that can open this place will protect my daughters.”

I listened to the owner of the voice, trying not to miss a word.

“The power of repair that resides in me is the power to heal androids. I hope that a kind-hearted person will be with my daughters. I believe that the [Legacy of the War Maiden] that I created will protect my daughters…….”

It wasn’t a tearful voice anymore but a calm and enlightened one.

“Finally…… I would have loved to have had a meal with my daughters…….”

With those last words, the floor in the center of the room slid. And then something came up out of the ground…….What the hell is this?

“Is this…………a ‘horse’?”

What I saw there was a mechanical “horse” with no sense of life. It had a silvery white body with four magnificent legs. The hoof……connections are decorated with feathers, the thighs of the hind legs are equipped with booster-like propulsion devices, and the shoulders of the front legs are equipped with something that looks like a launcher.

This mechanical horse that looks like it was made by a second grader is right in front of me.

This is one of the things called the [Legacy of the War Maiden].

Uh……Oh, there’s a handle on the neck.

There were horizontal bars on each side of his neck. It looked like some kind of playground equipment. Anyway, I got on the horse. Then, an aerial projection display appeared in front of me.

“System check complete. All systems are all green. 《Valkyrie Hearts》 rewrite complete. Seiji Aizawa is now the owner, and all functional authority is delegated to him.”

“Oh, oh……it’s working.”

“Master, your orders.”


This guy looks like Brunnhilde the first time I met her. It was strangely nostalgic, and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Go to Brunnhilde! I’ll use your power to save Brunnhilde!”

“Copy code04, Brünnhilde’s location acquired. Gate open.”

“What gate?”

Suddenly, the ceiling of the white room opened up to reveal a blue sky. And I had a…………bad feeling.

“We’re moving into the battle sequence, heading to cover code04 Brunnhilde.”

“No way…….”

“Master, please hold on tight.”

The next moment, the iron horse went out in an explosive leap.


Brünnhilde had wounds all over her body. Her right arm was amputated from the shoulder and her left leg was amputated from the knee up. It was difficult for her to even stand up, but she thrust the “Maiden Sword Excalibur” in her right hand into her thigh and used it as an artificial leg to stand up. However, it was impossible to fight in such a state. Her left arm was also severed, and she was on the verge of destruction.

Alvito pointed his sword at her.

“You see what I mean? The later an android is created, the stronger it is, right? Unlike humans, the younger sister is superior.”


“You can’t even hold a sword anymore and you have no armor. It’s over.”

“No, not yet.”


Alvito couldn’t help but laugh. Because Brünnhilde put the fallen “Goddess Sword Caliburn” in her mouth. She looked so pathetic that Alvito lost interest in her.

“That’s enough. I’ll finish you off now.”


“Goodbye, sis. ……?”

“……………UNKNOWN response confirmed.”

Brünnhilde and Alvito looked in the same direction at the exact same time. It was Seiji Aizawa, a human being clinging to a silvery white horse flying through the sky, while shouting pathetically loud.


Alvito was alarmed by the UNKNOWN reaction, and Brunnhilde widened her eyes for the first time since her activation.

“What’s that? It’s not an……android.”


Brünnhilde muttered quietly and dropped the sword in her mouth.


I was super scared. I really thought I was going to die. It was 100 times scarier than skydiving because I was traveling in the sky holding on to a horse without a lifeline. However, I arrived at the destination as quickly as I had risked my life.


There was Brunnhilde, battered and bruised. She had lost all her limbs and was holding a sword in her mouth. Had she gone that far to fight?

“Horse! Keep Alvito in check!”

“Copy that.”

Then the launcher on the horse’s shoulder deployed and fired a light bullet. Clicking his tongue, Alvito moved away from the distance. This is a chance!

The horse landed near Brunnhilde, and I quickly rushed over.

“Brünnhilde, I’m late.”

“Why have you come, Sensei? And this UNKNOWN…”

“………in such shambles.”


I hugged Brunnhilde as hard as I could. Her body was slender and light, so thin that even I could easily break it.

“It’s okay. I’ll fix you……”


I hold Brünnhilde in my arms and activate “Repair” with all my might. The parts that had fallen into pieces were gathered. Thanks to the increase in level, the parts that were completely damaged and disappeared were revived, and Brunnhilde’s limbs and armor were completely restored.


“I still have a lot to teach you. I won’t let you graduate on your own.”


And I have something for you. Beat that sister of yours with this.

The iron horse that had been keeping Alvito in check came to my side. Brünnhilde looked at the horse and then at me.

“Ready, Brünnhilde?”

Brünnhilde looked at me and smiled for the first time…….

“Yes, Sensei!”


As Brünnhilde straddled her horse, a number of aerial projection displays appeared and disappeared, and Brünnhilde’s eyes flashed red again and again.

“Manual installation complete. [Legacy of War Maidens] No.01 “Vingskolnir” fully synchronized.”

The iron horse, [Legacy of War Maidens] No.01 “Vingskolnir”. It’s an iron horse that seems to exist just for Brünnhilde.

“Update. Data installation complete. [Maiden God Sword Excalibur Accepted] Second armor form acquired.”

Brünnhilde’s great sword underwent an unusual decomposition and merging. Instead of being a twin sword, it merged with a piece of armor to become a long spear and shield.

“Special armament [Longminiad spear] deployment complete.”

Beautiful and powerful, this is the new battle form of Brunnhilde with her long spear at the ready.

“I will now neutralize code07 Alvito.”

I was convinced. Brünnhilde will never lose again.

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