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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C91

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C91: The Road to King (end)


“What’s wrong?”

Yurasia tilted her head, looking at me with an innocent face. Lately she’s been showing me all kinds of expressions.

“You’re staring at me so hard, I think you’re going to break your eyeballs.”

“No, I’m just wondering about something.”

When I think of what makes Raihein different from Brinhild, one thing comes to mind, the presence of Yurasia but 97 commanding power alone should not have this effect.

Yurasia’s commanding power has increased along with her high attractiveness, and I think it is the result of her attractiveness that brings about this kind of public sentiment effect.

If I were to put a numerical value on Yurasia’s attractiveness, it would probably be close to 100. So the mere fact that she was around me raised the public sentiment by 15. It had a tremendous added effect.

So, what if I took Eurasia to Raihein and gave another speech? It was well worth the challenge.


“Oh, wow! So this is Berthaquin’s lord castle!”

Givens cheered at the sight of Berthaquin castle.

“This place is ours now? Well, I’ve risen to the occasion! After all, it’s important to know who to connect with. If I hadn’t met His Excellency back then and had stayed with another unit, I might have already died in the battle with Narja.”

Givens muttered to himself as he stroked his head. Of course, the biggest reason for Givens’ rise was his abilities. There was a great possibility that Erhin would not have been able to coordinate properly in the battle at Linon Castle without Givens and Yusen.

Anyway, the important thing is to go to the mountain tribe’s headquarters right now and bring Berta Leman. His Excellency wants to see him.”

“Yes, I understand.”

The mountain tribes, due to the nature of their territory surrounded by mountains, were largely on the defensive. If they were active, it would be much harder for any troops to come over the mountains. So Erhin was going to expand their area of activity to Brinhild.

“What are you going to do, captain?”

“I need to concentrate on developing the agricultural land in the area, and I’ve been ordered to encourage the fishermen to develop the harbor. We also need to increase the number of small fishing boats.”

As a result of Yusen’s efforts the population of Berthaquin was 150,000 and the public sentiment remained at 90.


“Yes, my lord!”

Mirine and Zint’s house is one of the largest mansions in Brinhild.

“Why did you bring him here? Zint, I called Mirine here and you don’t trust me? You can’t follow her around without doing your job!”

“Yes, I know. I told him to stay home…….”

Mirine replied as she held Zint’s hand.

“I’m not following you. I just had some business to attend to at the palace.”

“I didn’t invite you.”

“What? You didn’t invite me?”

What kind of nonsense is this guy spouting?

See? You weren’t called! I told you I was the only one who got called! Get away from me!”

At any rate, please let go of your tightly clasped hands before you start arguing. No, wait a minute, this is a deliberate attempt to show how lovey-dovey you are, right? Well, it can’t be helped.

I understand the importance of these peaceful moments, especially since I’m often out of the house with Zint. In fact, it was times like this that I wanted to encourage him to stay with Mirine. That’s why I didn’t give Zint another job. No, in the first place, Zint would never be entrusted with anything other than fighting.

“|It’s okay. You can stay.”

The reason I called Mirine was to try and get her to do a job. She had always had an excellent brain, but as a result of her diligent study, her intellect had increased considerably.

Since I’ve taken the trouble to have her study and increase her intelligence, of course I should entrust her with work. Brinhild current agriculture value was 46, which was quite far behind. It was probably due to the fact that the king of Bridget was almost completely indifferent to the people.

First of all, the agricultural values of Brinhild, Raihein, and Berthaquin needed to be increased. It would be a great loss if they could only produce 46 crops in an area that should be producing 100.


[People’s Spirit: 91]

[Agriculture: 46]

[Fishing: 52]

[Forestry: 45]

The figures were not good for any of these despite the fact that it is a fairly large area.

By the end of the tax exemption policy in a year’s time, these numbers should reach a maximum value that will allow me to finance the country efficiently.

So let’s start with agriculture. The fishing and forestry industries needed the right people who knew the field.

“There are many books on agriculture. You have experience in farming, don’t you, Mirine? You must know more about agriculture than the noblemen or the military. Can you meet with the peasants, listen to their opinions, and use the books on agriculture in the palace as a reference to formulate a plan for improving agriculture?”

“Me? I can do such an important job……?”

Mirine’s eyes widened in surprise and she looked at Zint and then at me.

“Yurasia, how about you help Mirine with that job for now?”

With her, there will be some positive effect, after all Yurasia’s attractiveness is like a scam that will have a positive effect on internal affairs. Of course, I don’t have overly high hopes for her. However, it was not without expectations that Mirine’s intelligence would be able to create some kind of policy.

It was no wonder that she was the most intelligent of my retainers after Fihatri.

“Fine. I’m always in favor of helping the people.”

Yurasia nodded quickly.

“With the princess?”

Then Mirine jumped up, even more surprised.

Yurasia stared at her suspiciously, and Mirine freaked out.

“That……why……someone like me?”

“Mirine, be confident. And that’s an order.”

It was something I should definitely try to make her do in order to give her confidence.


The people’s spirit, agriculture, and development are all good. But the most important thing was the army. Without an army, I can’t do anything.

[Aintorian Territorial Army]

Since I didn’t proclaim the founding of the country, the Lunan army I brought with me and the existing army I raised in Aintorian were unified in the system under the name Aintorian Territorial Army.

There were a total of 62,000 of them. The existing Aintorian Territorial Army was 22,000 strong, and naturally, morale was sky-high. Their training level was also quite high. To be honest, I had no problem just maintaining the status quo.

The morale of the Lunan army led by Fihatri was a whopping 98. In fact, they were almost evenly matched with the Aintorian Territorial Army, which had tasted victory.

“Fihatri, this unit you had with you. You have no experience in major battles, so why do I sense that morale is so high?”

Training level was 72, but morale was 98. I couldn’t figure out why.

“These are the soldiers who have been following you since Roserun.”

That’s true, but is that the only reason morale has been so high for so long?

“They are very happy to be His Excellency’s soldiers again. They are less likely to die fighting alongside His Excellency than fighting for the King of Lunan. I’d say that’s the opinion of most of them.”

That’s true.

“Of course, the biggest reason is something else: the strength of the troops that have crossed the mountains in your service. The fact that you kept your promise to them made them realize that you are not like the other lords. Some of the soldiers cried all night because they were so happy to send the money to their parents and families.”

In fact, it was deliberate, but it worked out the way it was supposed to, thanks to Fihatri’s good communication.

“Erhin, are you there?”

As I began to think seriously about raising an army and my plans for it, Elheat came from behind Fihatri.

“Sir, what’s wrong?”

It’s about time we sorted out the designations. How many of us are lords here?

The founding proclamation will have to wait. Rather than declaring, “I’m going to be king!” it gives me more legitimacy to have people around me proclaim it. Of course, the title of Aintorian descendant does give me a legitimate claim to the throne.

For now, let’s wait and see what happens.

“I have a suggestion. Are you willing to train spear cavalry? If you’re willing, I’m ready to devote my life to their training and management!”


“That’s right. I’ve suggested it many times in Lunan, but it was always rejected because we didn’t have enough iron and no budget could be given.”

The King of Lunan would never allow it.

The existence of such a troop was rare. There are many reasons for this. First and foremost, it’s hard to train them. However, it was a fact that if I succeeded in training a large number of them, they would become a formidable force.

Come to think of it, Elheat is a master of the spear. As the name “Demon Spear” suggests, this is a person who has accumulated his current martial force through spear techniques.

On the battlefield, distance is absolute, the longer the weapon, the more overwhelming the advantage. If an ordinary soldier swung a spear on his horse like a warlord on the battlefield, ordinary infantrymen could not even approach him and would fall.

If there was a suitable person who could teach and train that spear technique, and if there was enough iron to make the weapon, then of course I should nurture them.

“Sir, I’ll take care of that. I will do my best to help. By all means, please!”


Elheat couldn’t hide his excitement and was delighted like a child at my words.

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