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I was sold at the lowest price C293

I was sold at the lowest price C293: Results


As they had received permission from the top, Raja’s magicraft troops crossed the border, about fifty enemy machines walking slowly along the river that divides the border, waist-deep in water.

“Don’t attack yet. Wait for them to attack us.”

The Iron Knights will become a wall and we’ll protect the engineering troops who are building the fort.

“This is the Amurian Union Army. Unauthorized military intrusion will be considered an act of aggression. If you do not wish to be turned into a wreck, please leave immediately.”

Jean’s words were both a warning and a provocation to the Raja Army.

They raised their weapons and attacked.

The first of the assaulting machines attacked Vajra. Nanami took the big axe attack with her shield.

“I’ve been attacked! I can fight back!”

“All right! You may return fire. Let’s send out the trainee squad! Don’t wipe them out in Federation territory. We’ll follow it up and capture the fortress!”

Well, it’s true that appearances are important. It would be hard to maintain a convincing story if we annihilated the enemy in Federation territory and then attacked the fortress, but attacking the fortress with the momentum of a follow-up attack would be a possible storyline.

If we were to seriously counterattack, they would be annihilated immediately, so the members of the Iron Knights concentrated on defending the engineering unit and left the fighting to the trainee unit.

I was still concerned about the students I had taught so I kept my eyes on their battle as I protected the engineering unit

Colonel Reginant, because of his high rank, was in command of the trainee unit. He wielded a sword and gave instructions to his allies while killing the enemy. His use of the sword had become much better than before. In practice, his movements are even sharper and he has the air of a strong man.

The sisters Marumum and Mirumum toy with their enemies with coordinated attacks. Their growth rate is high among the trainees. Their Ludia value has already exceeded 50,000. There is no way that any enemy can withstand their incredible power and perfectly coordinated attacks, and the wreckage of the enemy piled up around the sisters.

Satoru, who is from Japan like me, was using a special magicraft. Like Farma’s Garuda, it uses arrows, but it holds two arrows in each arm and draws a bow with the two arms protruding from its back. In addition to being able to shoot twice as many arrows as normal, it also has an unusually high firing speed, so it can fight as well as a squadron of arrows by itself.

The taciturn Pehu was piloting a super-sized magicraft like the ones I had fought during the civil war in the Kingdom of Meltaria. There was no way any enemy could break through the thick armor, so he walked slowly, wielding a large club-like weapon.

Regardless of whether what I taught them is being utilized or not, they are all demonstrating considerable fighting ability. The other trainees were just as successful, and in no time at all, the fortress was on the verge of falling.

“Jean, I think the enemies in the fortress have started to flee.”

“Okay, we don’t need to pursue them. But destroy the fortress so that it can’t be used for a while.”

Pehu’s super large magicraft, Gigantes, was very active in destroying the fortress. With its large club, it destroyed the walls of the fortress.

“That’s very convenient. I think we should get one of those super size magicrafts for the Iron Knights.”

Jean said, looking at Gigantes.

“There’s no room in Fugaku’s hangar for one of those.”

I pointed this out, but Jean seemed to be more serious than I thought, and countered.

“There’s no need for the Iron Knights to have only one ride carrier, you know. Even now, Musashi is like the second ship, and it’s okay to have a third and fourth ship.”

“Are you sure we can handle that many ships?”

“We’ll be fine as long as we do a big job.”

I don’t know how serious he is, but maybe he’s calculating that with the current Iron Knights, he can expect to make that much money.

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