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I was sold at the lowest price C294

I was sold at the lowest price C294: Beast Strike / Haruma

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We have a new point of view this chapter.

“Commander, what happened to the matter of increasing production of Beast Strikes?”

I checked with my immediate superior about the production status of the magicraft I had planned. It’s a groundbreaking weapon, and I’m confident in it. I knew that if I could mass-produce more of them, the military of the Kingdom of Lubel would become even stronger.

“In the battle of Alice Abbey, the 3rd Armored Division experimentally used Beast Strike troops, but the results were not good, as the troops were wiped out…….”

“However, I’ve heard that they had dramatic results in the battle against the northern forces of the Valkyrie Empire! I think it proved its strength!”

“You’re absolutely right. Well, I’ll be sure to talk to the military brass about it.”

“Thank you very much.”

I was an inconspicuous person in my class, but in this world, I can be a hero. Thanks to my double Highlander Ludia value, I was treated as a high-ranking knight in the Kingdom of Lubel. I was allowed to live a life of luxury that could not be compared to that of ordinary citizens, and most things were going as I wished.

Since I was always good at physics, I think it was inevitable that I would understand the technology of this world and develop new weapons.

I had doubts about the fact that they were using robot-like super weapons called magicrafts, but their long-range weapons were as primitive as bows, arrows and stone throwers, so I designed a cannon, however, a serious problem was discovered.

The material to make gunpowder does not exist in this world. It seems that this is why weapons using gunpowder have not evolved in this world.

So I turned my attention to an explosive alternative to gunpowder. Explosives are nitroglycerin-like substances that explode on impact. I studied it and tried to make something similar to gunpowder, but failed. The explosion of the shells only spread flames and had little power.

……Then I had an idea. It’s not a good idea to think only in terms of modern science, so I thought, why not use the world’s own energy, Ludia, to create explosive power?

Then I learned that there is a technology called magic shooting. No one seems to know the principle, but I heard that some Ludia cores produce strange powers, such as creating wind or emitting flames.

An attack that uses this is called a magic strike, and magicrafts that have a Ludia core that can do this have a high activation Ludia value without exception. It was said that it could not be used in general, but I took notice of it.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I only needed to use the core to detonate it. So, I came up with the idea of installing a core that would be used only for the gun ports, separate from the Ludia core that runs the magicraft. This would reduce the increase in the activation Ludia value, and it would also eliminate the need to put explosives in the shells.

After repeated trial and error, a gun that could safely fire powerful shells was completed, however, there was one problem. The current shape of the magicrafts was not well balanced with the cannon, making them difficult to move.

So I devised a new magicraft to attach the cannon. Thinking that it didn’t have to be humanoid at all, I boldly tried to make the magicraft look like a quadrupedal beast. This turned out to be a great idea, and the Beast Strike of today was completed.

We would be fighting with powerful cannons against an opponent who was using bows and arrows. I had absolute confidence in myself. The military was also interested in this Beast Strike and established a new unit. However, that unit was completely beaten down by some army.

I need to make a more powerful and longer range cannon……I was thinking about improving the Beast Strike.

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