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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C43.1

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C43.1: Vingskolnir (part 1)


Alvito was no different when she saw Brunnhilde merge with UNKNOWN.

She ignited the flight unit attached to her back and flew into the sky. Then, holding the “High Frequency Sword Arondite” and “Gallatin” in her hands, she points the “Back Annihilation canon Tristan” worn on her shoulder toward Brunnhilde.

Alvito’s main weapon, [Maiden Armament Britain], is a multi-pack that contains seven weapons, making it a versatile weapon for any battle situation. But currently, only these four weapons are available. Alvito is still in an incomplete state. Even so, her overall specs are higher than Brunnhilde’s. That’s why she can handle herself with such ease.

“I will not be defeated. I am the strongest War Maiden-type android.”

This confidence was born from Alvito’s “heart”. But Alvito, who has emotions close to those of a human being, does not yet know.

“I will now take control of code07 Alvito.”

The true power of Brünnhilde.


Brünnhilde holds the long spear in one hand and removes her hand from the handle of the Vingskolnir.

She is a true warrior maiden, equipping a long spear in her right hand and a round shield in her left while riding a horse.

“Code07 Alvito, disarm and surrender immediately. This is an ultimatum.”

“Haha, even if you ride a horse like that, your overall specs are inferior to mine.”

“I accept your response to my ultimatum.”

Vingskolnir leaps up. This was not a leap, but a complete flight. The feather-like ornaments at the joints acted as a propulsion system, allowing it to fly perfectly.

Alvito pointed her shoulder cannon Tristan and fired a barrage of laser light bullets while flying at super high speed.

“Deploying shield.”

“What……beam shield?”

The shield on Brunnhilde’s left hand deployed, and the golden shield completely defended Brunnhilde’s left side. She moved her Vingskolnir in time with Alvito’s laser light bullets, dodging the light bullets or blocking them with her shield.

“Then this is it!”

[Divine Spear Longminiad deployed]

The two swords of Alvito emit a super vibration and heat, and the tip of the long spear in Brunnhilde’s right hand, the Longminiad, expands.

Brünnhilde dexterously rotated her long spear and swung it out to match Vingskolnir speed. Thanks to this, Alvito was unable to get close to her, and her twin sword attack while weaving in and out of laser light bullets was completely blocked.



The battle in the air becomes heated. Alvito’s bombardment is nullified by the beam shield, and the slashes with the twin swords are blocked due to the cleave of the [Divine Spear Longminiad].

Alvito’s bombardment is ineffective against Brunnhilde, while Brünnhilde has a number of ways to attack.

“Vingskolnir. Commence bombardment.”

“Copy that.”


The turret on Vingskolnir shoulder opened fire, Brünnhilde’s attack pattern increased, and Alvito was finally hit.

“It’s……! You……?”


Brünnhilde did not miss the moment when Alvito, hit by the bullet on the wing, lost her balance in the air.

Alvito was hit by the [Divine Spear Longminiad] and crashed in the ground but Brünnhilde’s pursuit did not stop.

[Divine Spear Longminiad] Shape Change.

To my surprise, the long spear turned into a double-headed spear and aimed at Alvito, who was lying on the ground. Alvito crossed her twin swords to guard against the spear, but she couldn’t keep up with Vingskolnir speed.

I didn’t expect that just riding a horse would change her like this. Is this the power of the [Legacy of the War Maidens]?

“My specs are better than this……horse!”

“No, you’re wrong. The electronic brain of [Vingskolnir] is directly connected to my electronic brain, and the calculation speed has increased to about six times faster than before. My specifications surpass those of code07 Alvito.”

“Don’t be silly……!”

“It’s true.”

Brünnhilde tells her coldly.

Alvito, perhaps unappreciative, took off the broken wings on her back and challenged her to a close combat using only her twin swords.

Perhaps because there was no longer anything in the way, Alvito’s speed was tremendous. She’s fast enough to gouge the ground and create an afterimage, but Brünnhilde uses her double-headed spear and shield to successfully defend the blow aimed at Vingskolnir.

So far, it was overwhelming, but the real surprise began here.


The Iron Horse Vingskolnir, his abilities were to fire light bullets, fly in the air, move at high speed, and perform high-speed calculations. But that wasn’t all.

Brünnhilde ordered Vingskolnir while handling Alvito, who was swinging her twin swords at super high speed.

“Vingskolnir MODE CYCLE Transformation.”

Brünnhilde tucked her spear behind her back and grabbed the neck handle with both hands. Then Vingskolnir legs folded up, his neck transformed, and his folded legs transformed into tires.

“What, a motorcycle?”

The iron horse Vingskolnir transformed into a “motorcycle”. Brünnhilde blows the gas pedal on the handle, and the engine’s distinctive exhaust sound resonates.

As soon as she landed, Brünnhilde did a max turn with a resounding explosion. What’s with her, she’s so cool!

A motorcycle with a silvery-white and golden body and feather-like decorations. What is this?

“[Maiden Divine Sword Excaliburn] First Clothing Form.”

Then Brunnhilde’s double-headed spear and shield were replaced by her usual twin swords. The twin swords were tucked into her waist, and Brunnhilde pushed the gas pedal to full throttle.

“Gu……this! I’m not going to lose!”

“I’m coming.”

Alvito takes her twin swords and heads towards Brunnhilde.

Brünnhilde, on the other hand, blows the gas pedal and intercepts Alvito from the front.

Vingskolnir is covered in a golden light. This is the special move of the “Vingskolnir Mode Cycle” that utilizes laser light. Alvito and Vingskolnir collided head-on…..and Alvito was blown away.

“Disabling code07 Alvito.”

Brünnhilde jumped down from Vingskolnir and leapt to Alvito, who was blown away. With her twin swords at the ready, she severed the limbs of Alvito, who had collapsed.

Brünnhilde spun her body in the air and threw the twin swords in both hands at Alvito. The twin swords pierced Alvito’s throat and abdomen and crashed into a nearby rock……. Alvito, who had lost all four limbs, was crucified on the rock.

“Code 07 Alvito neutralized.”

Thus, the battle between the war maidens ended.

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