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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C92

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C92: Means of Obtaining an Army (1)


Just as our internal affairs were getting back on track, a problem arose. The mountains in front were protecting us, but the coast was completely empty.

It was true that the sea blocked the invasion of the enemy. That’s why we chose this place, but it’s a different story when the surrounding countries have fleets.

“That’s the problem with Bridget.”


“Why are there only four ships?”

“There’s a reason for that, the previous king of Bridget was defeated badly in a naval battle with Estren. After that, they lost control of the sea completely. Speaking of Estren, isn’t it a country with a strong navy since the time of the Ancient Kingdom? During the time of the ancient kingdoms, they built a huge port in Estren and a large fleet that went across the continent. It was the Estren family of the Ancient Kingdom who took the lead in building the large fleet, and since they founded the country, the naval power has been strong for generations.”

That’s what I thought. Estren is a port town, and it’s a naval country. I decided that it would be better to raise an army, and it was the King of Bridget that I killed that made that happen.

“Then we have a rather serious problem. Look at it.”

I pointed to the map.

The route from Estren to Brinhild, Raihein, and Berthaquin is too close. If Estren invaded the sea with a large fleet, it would be troublesome. The front is blocked by mountains, and even if we can somehow defend the sides, we are completely defenseless against an enemy coming from the sea.

If they were to form an alliance with another country and one side invaded from the mountains and the other from the sea, the problem would become serious. No, an invasion from the sea alone would be a problem.

The geographical advantage of being surrounded by mountains makes it difficult to invade. However, if they were to attack from the sea, it would be easier. Besides, they could choose their battlefield.

They would have to come in from the sea and fight on land, but it would be a problem if this land, which had not yet been developed, became a battlefield.

Even if I was confident that I could win, there was still the possibility of serious damage to my well-tended farmland. This land must not become a battlefield for at least a year before it is stabilized. If I go out and fight, and my territory is invaded, the unification of the continent will not be feasible.

If I lied about creating the safest place for them to stay, the people would probably leave. Who would want to live in a place where the fishermen living along the coast are worried that the ships might attack at any moment? It’s like leaving the back door open.

“That’s a big problem…….I looked into the process of occupying the Bridget territory after the king’s death, and it seems that there is a reason why there was no movement in Estren even during such a chaotic time.”

“What reason?”

“The king of Estren is currently avoiding war due to his advanced age. In addition, the king is unable to produce an heir, and there is a fierce dispute among the nobles, who are divided into factions, over who will be the next king.”

The struggle for the throne.

Since no successor has been decided, each faction will try to set up a king who will allow them to take control of the country’s government.

“So it’s unlikely they will start a war. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes, sir.”

Fihatri nodded, but I was considerably more negative. I couldn’t remember the succession issue, but there was one important person in the game that I remembered clearly.

There would soon be a coup d’etat here in Estren. That person seized the royal power and embarked on a war of conquest, where he played a very active role with his superior abilities and his special military unit called the Grand Fleet.

He grows into a man who will fight for the supremacy of the continent in the future. The coup d’etat had occurred after the fall of Lunan, if it hadn’t happened yet, it would soon. Estren would later become a very dangerous nation.

“Most importantly. What if we could make this great fleet of Estren ours?”

“Estren Grand Fleet?”

Fihatri looked at me as if to say, “What are you talking about?” It was a normal reaction, since he was worried about being attacked, but suddenly he said something out of the blue.

“The question is, what would happen if we had this huge fleet? The mountains stop the enemy from getting in, but they also make it inconvenient for us to get out. But with a fleet like this, we can easily travel anywhere on the continent.”

“That’s true. The fleet will definitely increase our war potential.”

So I need to get my hands on that fleet.

“Send a messenger to Estren. I’m sending a delegation to request an alliance.”

Of course, there was no way they were going to enter into this alliance, which was completely unprofitable for them. An alliance was just an excuse.

To completely remove the danger of the empty rear, that was my biggest challenge right now.

If I could obtain about 150,000 troops, and if I could at least guarantee the stability of the people and agriculture, then I would finally be able to declare the founding of my country and embark on a full-scale campaign on the continent.

It is impossible to train 150,000 troops in a situation where I do not know when the enemy will invade. If they invade frequently, the number of troops will dwindle.

In order to train 150,000 troops, we also need to increase our population and Estren actually had the solution to that population problem as well.


Mirine was busy meeting farmers who had been farming in the Brinhild area for generations. She was very serious in her approach to the work she was entrusted with.

Yurasia followed Mirine around and the peasants were very cooperative due to her charm level. She was also in charge of training the army, so she had a lot of work to do.

“I’m going to the Estren Kingdom.”

I visited Yurasia and talked to her.

“The Estren Kingdom? What brings you there?”

“To secure the rear…….I think.”

“I’ll be ready.”

Yurasia had planned to go with me, however, this time it was not to be because there were many parts of the system that would not operate properly without her in Brinhild.

All of Brinhild’s internal affairs right now are assisted by her. The training of the army is also more efficient with her, she is like a cheat.

In addition, in order to hide from the public eye, I can’t be accompanied by someone who stands out. Yurasia’s very presence was conspicuous, so she was not suitable to accompany me this time.

“I’ll go alone this time. In the meantime, I need you to train the army and take care of internal affairs. I need you to stay here.”


Yurasia’s cheeks puff up at my words, she didn’t seem to like it. The blonde’s furrowed brow scared me.


The port of Estren was huge. It would be an exaggeration to say that it was like looking at the Suez Canal, but the scenery of the wooden ships was solemn.

The entire port of Estren was filled with warships, there’s too much to gain here in Estren. It would cost a fortune to build a new fleet of that size. Not just money, but time as well.

I’m not even sure if the fleet will be complete by the time the continental conquest is over. The more I looked at the ships in the harbor, the more I wanted them, but there was nothing I could do about it now.

I turned around and headed for the royal palace in Estren. My goal for now was an alliance. Of course, that was never going to happen. Anyway, I sent an envoy to confirm my intentions beforehand, and was given permission to visit, so I came to the royal palace.

The king of Estren was quite old, as I had heard. That meant that the king had no children. The fact that he was childless meant that he had a problem with his lower body, sexual dysfunction or something like that.

The game’s setting is that the nobles were fighting over the next king’s throne because of this, and he was letting his magnificent fleet rot instead of using it. The king of Estren, with his shaggy white hair, stared at me. This king is an ordinary king that you can find anywhere.

The king’s power is not strong, but that doesn’t mean that the nobles have completely taken over the government.

“Are you a vassal from Aintorian?”

“Yes, my lord.”

The king looked at me blankly and opened his mouth.

“Aintorian…….His Majesty has granted you a visit because he thinks you are the heir to the ancient kingdom, but you are now a family with the status of a frontier lord. It’s not like occupying Bridget will make you a nation, so what qualifications did you have to request an audience with His Majesty? Moreover, your master is so cocky to send his vassals instead of coming in person!”

A nobleman who is overtly hostile. It must have already been rumored that I had destroyed Narja’s 160,000-strong army, but I could tell that the reason he emphasized my escape, excluding that part, was to gain diplomatic advantage.

I didn’t feel good about it, but I wasn’t going to show it. Because now I’m not Aintorian Erhin, I’m pretending to be his vassal, Merja Haddin and my goal is not an alliance, but to enter the palace.

Whether I was turned away or insulted, my goal was to come in first.

[Retin Kashak]

[Age: 34]

[Martial Force: 92]

[Intelligence: 81]

[Command: 90]

Moreover, my first objective was this very nobleman who was humiliating me ahead of time, Retin Kashak. His abilities are quite good. He’s even better than Fihatri, who’s all 80+.

He is the one who will stage a coup d’etat to take control of Estren and conquer the continent. If this coup is successful, he will invade Aintorian. He’s the kind of guy who’ll get even more aggressive when he hears about me.

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