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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C79

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C79: Announcement of results


I walked into the crowd of people clumped against the wall of the wide corridor on the first floor and weaved my way through the crowd. I got to the front and watched the bulletin board.

The results of this year’s test were posted on the bulletin board. They were listed with the top thirty names in order of performance, and the results included scores for each subject and the overall score.

I found the names of all the people who had taught me, and my eyes suddenly went blurry. I’ve managed to do it……..

I don’t know whether it’s relief, accomplishment, or a sense of freedom, but my heart is filled with joy.

The time leading up to the midterm exam was truly hell. Alfred, who was always sarcastic, Claire, who wouldn’t let me leave, and Alice, who made me teach all the subjects while being interrupted by people from the royal family.

Just remembering any one of them is too painful, and tears well up in my eyes. Still, that life is over today. Now I can be free.

My blurry vision gradually comes back, and I check the rankings. Kiku and Yusuk were in 10th place, Alice was in 5th place, and Claire was in 2nd place. Mist, by the way, was in 30th place, just barely making it into the top.

I think I deserve a medal for my achievement. The results of the test showed that the history scores of those I didn’t teach were usually between 30 and 40, while the scores of those I did teach were all above 90. This difference had a big impact on the ranking.

I reaffirmed the fact and tears came to my eyes again. It was really good…….I’m really happy…….

“The person at the front of the line is crying a lot, and I’m pretty sure that’s Chris, who’s in first place. How happy is he about being in first place…..?”

The misunderstandings I heard around me didn’t matter because I was too happy. However, I wanted to be overwhelmed by this pleasure for a long time, but the pressure from behind the people who wanted to see the results was getting stronger and stronger, and I realized that I couldn’t be deeply moved forever.

Since I had no choice, I managed to create some space in the small space and took notes on the names of people with high history scores.

As I finished taking notes and broke away from the group, I bumped into Kiku and Yusuk.

“Hey, it’s Chris!”

Yusuk raised his hand lightly and greeted me casually.

“Did you and Kiku come to see the results too?”

I asked them in a casual manner.

The best thing about this midterm test was that I got to know these two people.

Because of his cheerful and light-hearted personality, Yusuk has many friends and is well-informed, and he often tells me small talk about things he has learned through his studies, such as which house is trying to get along with which house.

Kiku seemed to approve of me and asked me to teach him again, which I did. The next day, he asked Alfred for permission for me to come to his salon at any time, and through him, I was able to enter and leave his salon freely. This made it easier for me to find out the factions of the Orrard family.

But it doesn’t mean that I benefited from it, because I can find out about them in other ways without Kiku and Yusuk. It’s not that I was happy that I was able to connect with two high-ranking noble families.

I was just tremendously happy to have made friends.

“That’s right. I haven’t seen the results yet, but I’m looking forward to it since I feel like I’ve got a good handle on the history test because I’ve learned a lot from Chris.”

“Yes, I was also nervous at first when Chris-kun explained the teacher’s paper and tried to make me memorize it, but I was surprised when the test was exactly the same.”

“The only test I could think of that was difficult in history was the thinking skills test.”

I said to Yusuk, who laughed with amusement.

I had to go through a lot of trouble to get that test, but I decided to keep it a secret because I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Yusuk and Kiku complimented me and then said, “Well, we’ll go check the results,” and joined the group. I, on the other hand, walked towards my classroom.

After the announcement of the results, the class will go on a long vacation.

My heart dances at the thought of returning home after a long absence. When I was in the territory, I was afraid of the work in the territory and Yulis, so I thought about going out of the territory many times, but now, out of nostalgia, I even want to see Yulis as soon as possible.

I’ve left most of the work to Yulis, but I hope she’ll be okay. I wonder if anyone is dying from overwork.

As I was walking up the stairs to return to the classroom with these thoughts in my mind, I slipped the note out of my hand and dropped it. The note fluttered down the stairs and disappeared behind the stairs. It’s not something I want to be seen with, but I’ll have to go pick it up.

I went down the stairs I had climbed to get the note, and peeked at the back of the stairs. There, I saw a blonde girl sitting quietly.



I turned on my heel, startled by the presence that was not supposed to be there, and tried to run away immediately. However, the frightened voice of the girl sounded familiar, and I checked to see if it was possible.



I called out to her and she responded, so I was sure she was there. Behind the dusty and dark staircase, the country’s second princess was sitting.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“I don’t want to be here either!”

When I asked her a question, she spoke back in a hushed tone.

Then get out of here……Why are you here……? I kept my cool and said.

“So why don’t you just leave?”

“Because I’m afraid of what people will think if I get a bad grade…….”

Alice makes a weak sound. So that’s why you were hiding in this place. Besides, seeing as how she’s on the first floor, she’s probably wondering about the results.

I walked up to Alice and held out my hand to her.

“What, Chris, could it be……?”

Alice then stretched out her hand toward me, as if asking me to help her up.

But I didn’t take Alice’s hand and picked up the note that had fallen beside her.

“See you later. Alice.”

I said my goodbyes and walked to the classroom.

What the hell is wrong with you? All I did from the beginning was reach for the note. Besides, it doesn’t matter to me what state Alice is in. Now that I’ve been freed, I don’t want to be with her for even a second longer. I don’t want any trouble for the time being.


I went back to the classroom with Alice’s sad voice behind me.

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