I was sold at the lowest price C299

I was sold at the lowest price C299

I was sold at the lowest price C299: Preparing for War / Ren


The fortress of the Raja Empire fell in one day due to an attack by the Amurian Union. It should not be a very tolerable situation for the Valkyria Empire, but it seems that they see this as an opportunity.

Although still unofficial, an alliance between the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel has been formed. In response, the Radol Company offered several technologies to both countries. One of them is called Nitro Ludia, which is said to explosively increase the Ludia value.

Soon, Nitro Ludia was to be implemented in the military. Since the equipment was not ready for such a large number of riders, it was decided that it would be administered to the elites. Of course, as one of the elite riders, I was also ordered to receive the Nitro Ludia.

“I hope this……won’t do any harm.”

“What are you worried about, Ren? Your Ludia value is going to explode. It’s okay to take a little risk, right?”

One of my friends who was taking Nitro Ludia with me said comfortably.

“No, it doesn’t matter if your Ludia level is high if it makes you unhealthy, does it?”

To which my colleague replied in a dumbfounded manner.

“That’s a very earthly way of thinking. The inhabitants of this world want to increase their Ludia value even if it costs them their lives.”

Indeed, it is not surprising that the inhabitants of this world think so. In a world where status and honor depend on Ludia value, there are many people who think that life is all about that.

The Nitro Ludia took about a week to complete. There was no pain or distress, but I felt strangely tired and had no energy to do anything.

According to the technicians at Nitro Ludia, the fatigue was only temporary and I would recover soon. I was worried that my body might have gone crazy, but hearing that put my mind at ease.

As I was leaving the Nitro Ludia facility, I was reunited with the fellow I had gone in there with. I called out to him, but he didn’t seem to notice me, looking off into the distance with his empty eyes. From time to time, he would let out an ugh……roar, but I could not see his sense of self, as if he were a cripple.

I knew that Nitro Ludia was a dangerous thing and shuddered at the thought that I might have become like him.

But the result was that I was a winner. My Ludia value rose to 120,000, putting me in the top class of the army. With the increase in Ludia value, a new magicraft was prepared. A machine that had been excavated but could not be operated due to its high activation value was upgraded and deployed as a new machine dedicated to Exlanders.

Of the 500 people who participated in the first round of Nitro Ludia, only about 400 returned safely to the army. I was surprised to hear later that the damage was still less than expected. To think that the military knew that some of the riders would be destroyed by the Nitro Ludia made me realize how scary the organization is.

Perhaps wanting to test the military power that had been strengthened with Nitro Ludia, the decision was soon made to launch a retaliatory war against the Amurian Union.

It was the largest military operation ever undertaken, and for the first time, as an ally, the forces of the Kingdom of Lubel would also participate in this operation.

The two armies, with a combined force of over 20,000 magic machines, have gathered in the Raja Empire. However, the Raja Empire, which was a vassal state, is in trouble. It is rumored that half of the national budget has disappeared, as the Raja Empire bears the burden of all supplies for both the Valkyria Empire and Lubel Kingdom armies.

“Ren. It’s an amazing sight.”

A new comrade who had been assigned to work with us on this mission said to me when he saw the large army that had gathered.

“Yeah, I guess so. I couldn’t have imagined that so many magicraft would gather here.”

“That’s true, but not too long ago, I wouldn’t have thought that the Valkyrie Empire’s magicrafts and the Lubel Kingdom’s magicrafts would be standing side by side without a fight.”

It is true that I have fought against the Kingdom of Lubel many times. But while I was aware that they were my enemy, I didn’t hate them. I had changed my mind and thought that they were my friends that I could rely on since we were fighting together like this.

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