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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C46

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C46: Lucia Equipment


Jido town, is a large city located in the middle of the Magicalize, Fauve, and Dizzard Kingdoms, and is also a distribution center.

Therefore, it is a city where the cultures of the three kingdoms are mixed together, and there is also slavery. It seems that this slavery is a common system in the continent, but I didn’t see it in the Magicalize Kingdom……or rather, there were slaves, but I just didn’t see them, and they do exist.

I’ve heard stories like this from Kutone and Lucia.

“First, let’s get Lucia’s equipment and secure an inn. Accommodation with stables is a bit expensive, but we need a place where Stallion can rest and relax.”

“I agree. Stallion is pulling such a heavy cart and us, let’s let her rest and eat a lot of good food.”

“Yeah. But this is a horse with monster blood, it’s strong in cold and heat, and its kick is powerful enough to crush rocks. It’s a rare species, one of only three in the Order.”

“What……you gave me a horse like that?”

“Yes. This one belonged to me.”

As we chatted, we quickly reached the entrance of the town.

We paid the toll at the checkpoint and quickly entered the town.

“There’s a toll to pay?”

“Yes. This is a city that doesn’t belong to any of the three kingdoms, so I guess it’s a necessary expense to maintain the city.”

“Hmmm…….Looks like it’s pretty lively.”

The town was full of people, adventurers, merchants, stallholders selling their wares, and the smell of delicious food wafting through the air. It seemed like they were cooking meat in the stalls. I want to eat and drink, but first I need to buy some equipment for Lucia.

Lucia is wearing one of my spare clothes. I didn’t have a change of clothes since I was still in my old clothes, and my armor and sword were no longer useful, so I buried them in the forest where I met Lucia.

We went to the clothing store first. I sat in the driver seat and said to Brunnhilde, who held the reins.

“Brünnhilde, I need you to head to the clothing store.”

“Yes, sensei.”

Clothes and underwear are important, I’ll buy some too.


There were several clothing stores, but we found a large one and went in. I stayed in the carriage as a lookout, mainly for Lucia’s clothes, while the ladies went into the store with excitement. I have a feeling this is going to take a long time.

“Well, since we’re here, let’s just wait and see.”

” Meow.”

“Oh……okay, let’s get something to eat.”


When I was sitting in the driver’s seat, Silica came out of the cart and sat next to me. When I stroked her throat, she made a cute little noise, and I couldn’t help but indulge her. I took a dried fish fillet from my luggage and gave it to Silica.


I waited for an hour, fighting off sleepiness. As I listened and watched the hustle and bustle around me, I realized something.

“………Could they be slaves?”

There was a boy and a girl dressed in shabby clothes walking slowly behind a well-dressed woman, carrying luggage in both hands. They were wearing collars, and I guessed they were slaves. It may be normal in this world, but I’m from Japan, so I’m not familiar with it. It was not a sight I wanted to see.

That’s not all, there were other unfamiliar sights besides slaves. For example, men and women with cat ears, dog ears, bipedal beasts, women with wings, and men with bat-like wings. Are these beastmen?

Once again, I realized that I was in a different world.

“Sorry to keep you waiting!”

I was suddenly startled by Kutone’s loud voice, looked towards her and saw Lucia in her new outfit.

“How’s it looking, Sage?”

“Oh, yeah…….looks good on you.”

“Thanks for the…….”

It’s kind of……erotic. Long pants that fit snugly on the legs, a leather belt and pouch. On top, she was wearing a light blouse and jacket, with her breasts open to reveal a good view of her cleavage…….Lucia’s body is so erotic. Her hips are also very firm, and her waist is very thin. What can I say, it’s a style that focuses on ease of movement.

“Well, the material is so good that it looks good no matter what you wear. I mean, it’s so erotic!”

“Yeah, eroticism……Kutone, I’d focus on ease of movement.”

“Brünnhilde, Lucia’s body is very erotic, isn’t it!”

“Yes. Lucia’s body is very erotic.”

“What? Brünnhilde, what are you talking about? I can’t believe I’m erotic…….”

“It’s true.”

Hmmm, before I knew it, they were all getting along. They’re all women, so I guess we have something in common.

I feel a little lonely.

“Let’s go to the weapon shop next, Sage!”


Lucia’s blushing face urged me to start the carriage.


The next stop was weapons, and we came to what was said to be the biggest weapons and armor shop in town. Here, I left the carriage to Kutone, and the three of us, me, Lucia, and Brunnhilde, went inside.

“Oh, that’s huge…….”

“Hmm, looks like there’s a lot of variety as well as scale. I can see a lot of exotic weapons as well as magical ones. This looks promising.”


The store was quite spacious, with armor displayed in showcases, axes and large swords hanging on the walls glittering. There were also a number of full-body armors on display against the wall. Wow, they also have a wide range of shields and cloaks.

Lucia walked around the store and came to the area where the gauntlets and greaves were displayed. I followed her.

“……Hmm, I knew this was it.”

“Is that the same one I got?”


The gauntlet in Lucia’s hand is the symbolic weapon of the Assassin Order, with a built-in preparation knife and short bow. It’s surprisingly difficult to use, isn’t it? The short bow has a range of about 20 meters, and the knife is difficult to use.

Lucia picked up the two gauntlets.

“One is equipped with a stocking knife and a short bow, the other with a stocking knife. As far as I’m concerned, it’s better to have a weapon in each hand.”

“……I mean, shouldn’t it be full body armor?”

“Actually, that………appearance is too difficult for many reasons.”


You don’t have to say anything because it’s hard to comment. Or rather, I shouldn’t have said it. It’s a pity that Lucia’s boobs are shoved into her armor.

Next are greaves and without hesitation, Lucia chose a pair and put on the right size.

“You didn’t hesitate, but is that okay?”

“Yeah. This guy is special…….Watch.”

Lucia stood up and clicked her heels, and a knife-like blade popped out of her toe. Oh, come on, it’s another built-in weapon.

“Well, here’s the thing.”

“You like……built-in weapons?”

“No. It’s necessary for my natural fighting style. I couldn’t use such weapons when I was a Knight Commander.”

“Hmm. You’re not a knight, you’re an assassin.”

“Hahahaha, an assassin. That’s what it looks like.”

I bought the gauntlets and greaves with the built-in weapons. Next was a breastplate to guard her magnificent breasts. Lucia chose a breastplate made of mithril, tailored for women, which protects and guards the shape of her breasts. It was pricey, but she had to buy it because it protected the shape of her breasts. Plus, I could still see her cleavage.

Now that the armor was done, the next step was weapons. Of course, Lucia’s main weapon is the sword.


Lucia rummages through the swords stuck in the barrels but the only things there are the cheap stuff. To be frank, it’s the only kind of sword I can afford since I’m on a tight budget. Lucia knows what she’s doing.

“Okay, I’ll take this one.”

What Lucia chose was a standard longsword. The hilt and scabbard are both ordinary, it looks like a practice sword used by knights. Well, if that’s okay with Lucia, I have no complaints. I paid for it and left the weapon shop. Incidentally, Brunnhilde was standing at the entrance from the beginning to the end.

When I returned to the carriage, Kutone, who was playing with Silica, looked at Lucia.

“Oh, that’s so cool, Lucia!”

“Thank you Kutone, I finally got some decent gear. Sage I’ll pay you back for the gold you spent on the equipment. Let’s get moving.”

“You’re very motivated, Lucia.”

“After registering, let’s start accepting requests. I’m hoping to get some requests for goblins, orcs, and bandits.”

“……Hmm, I’m not really into that kind of thing.”

Let’s leave the combative Lucia behind and go to register as an adventurer.

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